Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Mean Souters was Forced to retire.

Oh come on people, it’s all in the plan

Now we all know that the liberals are always playing dirty. This week Arlen Specter switches party lines, and now a young justice is speaking about retiring. Does that not sound a little bit suspicious to anyone? This is classic liberal protocol. They develop a strategy, they plant their strategy and they deploy their strategy. Obama sees a path to push through his agenda, whatever that may turn out to be, and nothing is going to stop him from accomplishing it. This is just another one of the liberal lefts railroading their way as they always do. They do not understand wait your turn. Wait? No, they will cut in line and take their turn. I don’t know the sweet deal or the not so sweet deal that was propositioned to Justice Souter. But I am sure there is some hand action going on in the background. Remember, just a few days ago, they gave Arlen Specter one of their sweet deals.

One must learn how to read the liberals. When we are all hyped to the way they work, their schemes are no longer news headlines, but just another pull of the hand in their trick bag. The liberals actually doing something the right way, Oh please! Don’t make me fall over from this chair in laughter. Does anyone remember the clip of Obama saying how he wants to change our court system during the election? This nation have elected politicians from the corrupt Chicago political dream team, do you really expect fair play? I am so laughing at everyone who can not see through the schemes of these people. Just a few months ago, former Chicago Governor Rod Blagojevich and his Chicago crooks were cooking up pay for play for a certain Senators seat. I am not going to call any names but his initials are BHO. And he is the president of a nation whose initials are USA.

I don’t put anything pass the liberals who pretend to run our country. The headlines should read the newest scheme of the Obama Administration today is…. Okay, I am not going to go on and on about this. I am sure you all now get the picture. I am sure that there is much more to Souter’s decision to leave the highest court in the nation, and give up such prestige to go into retirement at such a young age. Maybe fishing or knitting is one of his favorite hobbies. Not! I see Obama’s arrogance written all over this and I really hope all of my wonderful conservative comrades can see though this as well. Too funny, please stop.


  1. You might want to check this link;

    There is a Russian News Source, the I think that is citing that Souter is being forced to retire so that a pro martial law Justice can be appointed.

  2. And ya just picked up a follower by the your style.

  3. No way,

    Are you serious? I can not believe how so many people don't see the serious dangers behind the powers of the liberal party. They are turning this country into something it never was intended and soon they will change their names to some labor party. I can just see Obama and his cohort pushing this man out because first of all he was appointed by a republican and they may not believe he has their parties best interest at hand. Thanks for the comment and for the add.