Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Crisis on the Horizon, here comes Nationalized Health Care.

Now wasn't it not so long ago, that I said another crisis was brewing? Today we learned yet another crisis is on the horizon, as many are frantically trying to escape the new swine flu pandemic. The liberal left and their minions in the MSM, just dont' stop. They are wringing their hands, waiting for the time to announce that the antidote for the swine flu virus has run out and the only people that can gain access to the flu shots are those with health care insurance? The the liberal left congress will make a mad dash to the printing machine to write a 1000 page case for National health care which none in congress will read and thrush it on the backs of our grand children yet again. I was totally shocked that President Obama did not have the world in utter panic, as the cases of the swine flu became frontline stories in most media outlets today. I was looking at Niel Cavuto, when he actually said what I thought, when the reports of the swine flu outbreak began to be broadcast. You can bet that the Liberal left is not going to waste this crisis.

What will it cost our nation this time? I am a little perturbed at how Americans are becoming so fickled about such things as catching the flu. We get sick, we rest and get well, simple as that. The left seems to have an aversion to everything, to rich people, although most of them are wealthy themselves, to illegal immigration, to being sick, to paying peoples mortgages, to capitalism, to Christianity, to sending people to college even though they might not desire to go, to protecting homosexuals, even thought they are the ones who are hateful and intolerant, to freedom of speech, to national security, to punishing our enemies, and so on and so forth. Before printing up the quarantine signs, however, I hope they would share some more detailed information and educate the nation on this flu strain. We do not need to have a national debate on nationalized health care because 40 people out of 275 million have been diagnosed with the swine flu. This is a minuscule fraction of the American population and the media is playing this as if it is already an epidemic. But it's definitely a smoke screen for the libearl left to conjure up another one of their socialist projects.

We must take care of our bodies, as God has given them to us to sustain our lives, however, we can not run around frantically at every little sickness that may befall us. Our bodies were created to sustain sickness and can naturally heal itself if we take the correct precautions. But is is it really a cause for concern when 40 people out of a population of 275 million comes into contact with a disease? Certainly not. They are being as geniune as they always are, working on the fears of the population to bring about their own liberal agenda's. It will not be long before the topic of nationalize health care is front and center. It is not the governments responsibility to provide every need of it's citizen. Today's polls showed that 77% of American's desires a free market economy, nationalized health care will devastate the free market and bind us to the liberal agenda of socialism. Stop the madness.


  1. I agree that the Left will use this crisis as a springboard for immediate health care reform but
    I see the swine flu as a national security issue. Although the regular flu kills thousands of Americans each year here is a strain that has mutated with avian, swine and human dna. Could this be a more sinister plot by a terrorist group? And yes only 40 people have been diagnosed and treated for this new version of swine flu it does ask a bigger question....Where did it come from and why did it only begin in Mexico. A nation that has a porous border with us.

  2. Yeah, I ask that same question, it's all a setup. I can not believe that so many American's were so blind to elect Obama and his American hating clan. Where will we find ourselves as Americans in four years?

  3. The real reason for the epsidemics and pandemics are over use of anti-biotics. Our bodies have a natural defense against these types of viruses if the doctors, drug makers, and salesmen will just let it happen. But again, we go back to the root of the problem: greed. The three mentioned above are all in bed together to make a profit off of those who are sick.

  4. PS- sorry I'm late commenting... I'm trying to read your blogs from the beginning as I sit at the kitchen table home-schooling our youngest child.