Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can a Lakers win save California from Bankruptcy?

I was thinking about my brothers and sisters over on the west coast who are facing a very turbulent time in their economy. It must be pretty despairing to think that in a short while one’s entire state could actually go bankrupt. In a state like California, that can have a far reaching impact throughout the entire nation. Another Rhino bits the dust. As Schwarzenegger engaged in the destructive policies of tax and spend the citizens of California are suffering. When will American’s learn that the ultimate victims in a tax and spend government are the tax payers? If California’s government is over-reaching in out-of- control spending, and they look to tax revenues to pay up their debt, where will this money come from? Oh yeah, the money trees that grows in the California orchards? Not.

This is just not happening in California, New York and Detroit are also seeing the demise of liberal economics. The end result of tax and spend will always be a shrinking of ones personal income. This cycle is vicious, as the American household budget shrinks; the government thinks that it can be the sugar daddy that comes to the rescue. As the government spends more to rescue hurting households, it taxes more of the entities that these households depend on to obtain income. As consumers, this means that when personal income shrinks households must cutback. If consumers are not spending, businesses do not make as much money. When business profits decrease, they must readjust for their bottom line. When this happens the first cut is always in labor cost and overhead, resulting usually in a reduction of the workforce. This is madness and a vicious cycle that American’s should have learned from in 1929.

But in California there may be help on the way. If the Lakers Basketball franchise continues to prevail against their opponents they can eventually play in the NBA Finals. Having this opportunity the state will profit on the much needed sales revenue. I noticed that in the final game of the Lakers playoff against Houston, Kobe and his team mates seemed greatly uneasy as the Rockets held on to keep the series going until the seventh game. Another win tonight brings them closer and closer to being a catalyst in the mess made by their big spending government.

And when will Republicans learn that the economics of conservatism is a good thing. I wonder if Kobe was playing with the burden of having to rescue his state from the financial ruins of irresponsible liberal economics. He seemed pretty flustered as the Rockets hung on to a seven game series. Without the influx of revenue from the continued run of the Lakers in the playoffs the state of California would be in need of a series monetary transfusion. Here in Texas, a win against the Lakers in game seven would have been a joy to our city, but we did not need them to rescue the state from the irresponsible actions of an out-of-control tax and spend government. The steaks will still sizzle and the economy will continue on and I am hopeful that Governor Perry and his administration will continue to run this state with from sound conservative principles.

However if the Lakers winning in the NBA playoffs and finals will do the state some good, then I wish them well. Beyond the team competitions, Californians are still my brothers and sisters and if they fail, we all fail. However, Rockets 2010 all the way!

If at First You don't Succeed....

Cheat until your opponent can never win again. I was watching Bill O’Reilly tonight in one of his segments regarding ACORN and its connection to the Obama Administration during the 2008 campaign. It is evident that this organization is the bloodline for voter fraud and intimidation within the Democratic Party. There are approximately 270 organizations that are linked to ACORN in providing funding and distribution to the campaigns of Democratic politicians. As I think about the depth that such a corrupt organization reaches into the Democratic Party, I wonder, what good is it to even have a voting process any longer? It is apparent that the Democratic Party along with this organization, the MSM, corporations and unions have all joined together to forge a cheat and win strategy that will plague our elections for many years to come. It reminds me of the blog. One of the first horror shows that hit the silver screen back in the 50’s. I was not around then but 15 years later this movie was still bring screams to their viewers.

This blob comes to earth by way of a meteor. There were two young teenagers who witness this meteor as it traveled through the sky. As they heard it crash in the distance they went out in search to find where it had landed. Upon finding the meteor the young man taps it with a stick and this amoeba-like substance began to seep out. It first attaches itself to the stick the young man was holding and then to the young man’s hand. This living organism then becomes larger and larger as it terrorizes the people of this small town. Just as in this episode of the blog, the Democratic Party has found the organism that would morph them into becoming an out-of-control amoeba of voter fraud and election corruption. It is my opinion, that Democrats can not win an election based solely on integrity. I believe that they will cheat and cheat until every part of our governing institutions is filled with the candidates of their choosing.

They will employ every organization they have leeched unto to see their hunger for power come to past. They have control over our youth through the public school and university system. They have control of almost every union that uses employee dues to lobby their political candidate into office. They have great influence in major corporations throughout this country who donate heavily to the Democratic Party. And they have control over the MSM which is influential in forming public opinion. My first exposure to this blob-like expansion of the Democratic Party was in Washington State during the recount and run off election of Senator Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire in 2004. Gregoire was the front runner in this contest and vowed that she would be the winner however the first race resulted in a win for Rossi. In Washington State, as in most states, the vote count did not result in a clear majority so an automatic recount was ordered. Being rather new to politics I did not understand the need for the votes to be recounted when Rossi came out with more votes than his opponent even if this was a very small margin.

After the initial recount Rossi wins again, but this time the count becomes smaller. Another recount was ordered by the Gregoire campaign and this one gave Gregoire the victory she vowed for. I could not believe the manner at which new votes were popping up. It was disheartening at the least to experience such dishonesty at the hands of an elected official. This was my first introduction into the dealings of ACORN. Now the Democratic blob has superseded every opponent that has ran in a race that does not involve a majority of voters that reside in a predominantly Republican precinct. Now eight months later we are learning that there was certainly a connection between ACORN and the Obama Administration. Why is this information coming out now? Maybe their little poster child in the White House is not playing alone with the program. Obama has back tracked on several of the lefts most darling campaign promises and maybe they are sending him a message as well. This link with ACORN and the Obama Administration came to light as a so-called attack by the New York Times against Bill O’Reilly eight months later. Oh, how convenient. There was no national newspaper or news station that would dare hint of negative news about Obama during the last 8 months.

I find it rather incongruous, that the fraudulent and corrupt dealings of ACORN would be linked to the Obama Administration at this time. We all are quiet aware that the political blob known as the Democratic Party has grown in such a way that it has overtaken this country’s entire political process. In a recent poll the affiliation with those of the Democratic Party has increased according to a recent Gallup poll.
( This of course reported by a left-leaning establishment. How will America dismantle the monster that has been created through ACORN and many other groups that has joined forces with the Democratic Party? Is there any hope for the return of an honest two party voting system? What will America look like when this blob has overtaken every fabric of the America principles we all once loved and embraced? And finally what will we learn from this whole debacle? If at first we don’t succeed, cheat until the opponent can never win again? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Shout Out

I love the Houston Rockets! Great job team! I watched game seven to the last second of playing time, always hoping that my team would pull off the upset of the season. The Lakers home court advantage and their double team efforts on Brooks, kept the Rockets at bay, but I commend the Team for a spectacular 7 game series. Go Rockets! No one likes fair weathered friends or fans; those that are only cheer and patt you on the back as long as you are winning. Like the saying goes, “that’s not how I roll”. While each member of my family slowly began to find other things to do, feeling that victory had slipped by for the Rocket’s for this season, I was determined to remain until the last second, cheering, shouting, screaming at the top of my lungs, and that I did.

I am fairly new to the venue of blogging. But as I embark on this new adventure, I am constantly impressed at the talent that accompanies me in this new world in cyberspace. As a black conservative, I thought that I would be a lone voice in this genre. I am however, particularly impressed with the black men who blog from the conservative prospective. These men present bold fresh coverage of the hot button topics of the day with very well thought out and detailed content. In the world of black female and male relationships, the practice of black females encouraging, exhorting or even acknowledging the positive contributions of black men is not a common practice. So today, I am going to take the opportunity to do just that. There are several wonderful blogs that I follow or visit on a regular basis and it would take an extensive blog to give kudos to all of them so these are just a few that I would encourage my readers to check out.

What’s the Word - Ron Bolling brings a very intellectual prospective on all things conservative. When visiting his blog, make sure you have your thinking hat on. Ron always provides a challenging prospective to ponder.

Another Black Conservative - - Clifton B. is a “no holds barred” kind of writer. He just tells it like it is. If you don’t have a lot of nerve, visiting this site will definitely provide you with some definite nerve power.

Wordsmith - - This young black conservative writes with extraordinary wisdom and intellect as well. He speaks with an independent and courageous prospective.

Black and Red - - J. Thomas Hunter provides a massive amount of informative content on issues of the day. Strictly Conservative, in depth and provocative this site also provides great content and intellectual dialogue to engage the inquiring mind.

The Black Sphere - – Kevin Johnson is an established blogger on the blogosphere. His site projects professional talent and invigorating content on varying topics of the day.

These intelligent, aspiring, professional and talented black men provide fresh prospective to the topics of the day. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share the blogosphere alongside these men. I believe that one of the greatest tragedies of the black community is the distrust of black women and the bitterness that exist within the heart of our black men because of this. Just in reading the blogs of these men, I find something more than men trying to get over, or provide meaningless pick up talk or whatever else is the usual stereotype. These men provide purpose and meaning to the conservative message in the world of blogging and they do a great job. May you all have great success in your endeavors and may you be richly blessed in whatever it is God has called you all to do. Keep up the great work.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Liar, Liar, Congress on Fire!

It is time to get out the Orville Redenbacher’s movie butter popcorn and an ice cold sprite. Nancy Pelosi in her first stand up comic gig would but Jerry Seinfeld to utter shame. Now I can understand the deep heartfelt sighs of the Obama crowds as he laid hold of victory on election night. I just never thought I would see the day, when the Democrats would actually be imploding. This is just such a special day for me. I think I will need to get more tissue now. I am sure liberals everywhere are looking for a bag to cover their heads with. It’s just so touching to see Nancy Pelosi squirming, Obama, dismissing gays from the military, Biden, with his foot still in his mouth, gays being exposed for their own hateful and bigoted behavior towards Christians. The Rocket’s tied in the NBA playoff. This has been one entertaining and interesting week of events.

When I was watching Nancy Pelosi at her press conference, it was like watching a live performance of the “I Love Lucy Show.” It was embarrassing to be an America citizen, knowing that people around the world are watching this woman make a laughing stock of us all. Although, we who are conservatives may be taking aim at the apparent incompetence of our current administration, we should really be concerned with the path that our leadership on Capitol Hill has been taking. Is everyone in Washington just a bunch of lying crooks, trying to protect their power and prestige and caring less about representing the American people? There is no one out there pushing back against this corrupt regime we use to think was the United States government. And really, where are Obama and Harry? I definitely thought that Trek would be riding in to rescue Fiona by now. Oh that’s right Obama racking up on honorary degrees right now. I do not believe we can get much out of him anyway, as commencement exercises are in full swing. He will be back by July just in time to railroad his healthcare reform bill through Congress.

Nancy Pelosi has lied and twisted her story so much that she now has to read what she said about what she said. The media still will not call this woman on her misuse of her position as Speaker of the House. Ms. Pelosi only mis-spoke about the details of the CIA briefing, she really did not lie the MSM so gullibly believes. The word mis-spoke is the liberals new politically correct term for lying. I took the liberty of looking up the definition of liar and lie just in case anyone has forgotten the term as it has been redefined in the flood of political correctness.

A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

an inaccurate or false statement.

the charge or accusation of lying: He flung the lie back at his accusers.
A person who tells lies. A falsifier, perjurer, prevaricator.

Now the children on the play ground would be saying to Ms. Pelosi right now, “liar, liar, pants on fire”, there are so many liars that now occupy the Congress that the who building would go up in flames. I am optimistic that the American people are now ready to clean house come 2010, if we have a “house” to clean. Do you believe that Nancy Pelosi is lying or did she just forget the briefings that are documented by the CIA ready to sink her boat at any minute? Liar, Liar…hum, Nancy Pelosi and fire… not going there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

APA declares No "Gay" Gene

I am sure that this is a cat that gay activist definitely would not want to get out of the bag. According to a new revised pamphlet released by the American Psychological Association (APA) titled, “"Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality", there is no longer a supposed “gay” gene. I believe that what the APA really wanted to accomplish by making this claim in the first place, is to create sympathy for those who claim to be gay. Of course, no one is going to fault a person for their actions if they were born in such a manner, but when it is a choice then maybe society will not be so accepting.

How did the APA become a pawn in the hands of the gay movement after all? America’s dependence on the medical community to form public opinion should now come to a screeching halt. In so many instances the American public has depended on opinions formed by this and other medical claims. The country was told that it was in the best interest of a mother, when faced with a critical situation in her pregnancy, that a mother be allowed to abort her baby. This medical opinion also stripped fathers of their right in having a claim in considering the life of their own child and everyone fell for it. I thought it took “two to tangle”. I have always felt that fathers have been severely mistreated in this country for decades. Then the medical community told us that the best and most humane thing that a love one could do for their dying relative was to allow that individual to die in dignity. So suffering pain is living without dignity. We will face pain in many instances of our lives. And by what catalyst have these ideologies been placed on the backs of Americans? It has been liberals in positions of influence that have pushed these claims and garnered their acceptances.

The medical community insisted that a parent should not spank their child and instead use reasoning and praise to help them better behave. We all have witnessed the crumbling of the public school system in recent decades. I don’t remember school shootings happening back in the day, when I was child. During those times it was respect for authority and the consequences of bad behavior that drove how one behaved in public. So now out of nowhere the medical community decides there is no “gay” gene. There were many of us who always knew that there was never a gay gene to begin with, but a well plan agenda by gay activist and liberal politicians promoted and protected their lifestyle and redefine the morals of our country. The report claims that there are a variety of factors that play a role in ones sexual orientation. It can be ones environment, social and societal influences and biological factors, but it’s not that they are born that way. They may have been conditioned with certain ways of life that influences homosexual tendencies but the choice at the end of the day is still theirs to make.

I don’t believe that gays and lesbians should be discriminated against, mistreated or harmed in anyway because of the choices they have made about their lifestyle. They are people and deserve to be respected like everyone else. But what this does allow is for gays and lesbians to take responsibility for their own actions and realize that some people may not find their actions acceptable. Gays and lesbians can no longer sing the sad song of hopelessness. My hope is that the medical community will provide for those who suffer from same-sex attraction the mental, emotional, and psychological help that is needed. I also hope that the church and it's much needed guidence can provide an avenue for healing and restoring lives that have been so adversely impacted through these types of lifestyle choices. And that the medical community will stay out of forming public opinion. What do you think? I would love to hear what others have to say.

The Deception of Freedom

Two Hundred and Thirty Three years ago, our founding fathers developed and signed the declaration of American independence and freedom that would secure the freedom of America’s future children that would come after them. They envisioned an America sovereign in her own right, aided by the establishment of the Constitution of the United States and the Amendments and Bill of Rights that accompanied it. These documents underscored our founding father’s understanding of the importance of freedom by ensuring that those born in this country would be protected in life, in their freedom and in the pursuit finding joy in life. And so these documents were signed, sealed and delivered into the hands of the government establishment never to be questioned again. I wonder if our founding fathers ever considered the deception of the freedom they worked so hard to provide for us.

Just as there is a “thin line between love and hate”, there is also a thin line between freedom and slavery. The great leaders of our past forged many victories in the fight for freedom, and many others have come to snatch that freedom right from under us. I was thinking about my last post regarding the freedoms that we are seeing threatened and decided to write another installment to that topic. In many other areas of American life all of our freedoms are just a pen signing away from being a thing of the past. One of the greatest deceptions of freedom is that the freedom of one group can quickly become enslavement for another group. Our founding documents were supposed to provide a balance that would help us arrive at a best case scenario for all citizens involved. That scenario was called majority rule. Anyone remembers that concept? I am sure no one noticed that America is no longer under a majority rule concept of government. Today, minorities rule, courts rule, legislative bodies rule, but the majority of the consensus of people of this country no longer rules. Now who took away that freedom when no one was looking?

Upon our nations horizon is nationalized health care, which means that our healthcare system will be fully controlled by the government of the United States. Healthcare is one our most essential needs for a good quality of life. Under a nationalized government owned healthcare system, our citizens will not longer have the “freedom” to choose whatever health care provider one desires. Having nationalized healthcare strips all citizens of the three principles of the American constitution; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One no longer has free reign of their own lives because the government will decide whose lives are important and whose lives are not. How will we sustain such a catastrophic expense on the backs of the American tax payer? Remember the Alamo! Remember the Civil Way? Remember the American Revolution? Do you remember anything that would jolt the American people’s mind into the value of our freedom? Our lackadaisical regard for freedom is soon becoming our path to enslavement. Remember the USSR?

In the last several weeks five states have enacted same-sex marriage, when 55 percent of the American public believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. It appears as though the legislative bodies of these states no longer trust the rights of their citizens to vote on such issues in a manner that they deem satisfactory. When did the government take away a persons right to vote? Definitely did not see that coming. A minority of people who desires to have sex in their own manner have been able to take away the freedom of the majority rule. I believe that a new criterion for the American people should be; do you believe in the constitution of the United States? Another very important preamble of our country’s founding document is our need for God. The freedom to worship God was central to the building of a moral and just society. We will not soon forget what happened to Governor Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean. Both women held to Christian beliefs and were viciously attacked by the MSM and the liberal left for those convictions. What? I thought we were free to express our religious convictions in this country, even when others may disagree? I am sure the fairness doctrine will take care of the rest of our Christian freedoms once it is enacted by our new radical left administration. This doctrine would silence anyone who put forth an opinion that was unacceptable to the liberal left and their protected class of gays and lesbians. Too late, the hate crimes bill will accomplish that.

This is an issue the conservative movement must adopt as a central part of its platform message. Americans must understand the sharp contrast of the Democratic Party and its radical left agenda which are quickly dissolving our freedoms and another party that will fight to keep Americans free. I believe that most American’s love being a free nation. Many who live here have come from places where freedom was not a way of life, but a luxury to those who were held wealth and power. Freedom should exist for everyone, from the smallest person in the womb to the eldest person at the fullness of life. It should not be something that the government controls and provides for those they deem worthy. It may be that we have all been deceived.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie's Courage; America's fight for Freedom

It was great to see that Donald Trump was not “trumped” by the antics of radical gay rights activist. As I viewed his speech regarding Carrie Prejean, I believe that he was sincere in his support of her, giving no credence to the outlandish actions of Perez Hilton. I am mostly astonished however, that so many Americans took to the airwaves and internet forums to voice their support for her. The response to Hilton’s outrageous demands of Ms. Prejean, during the USA pageant signifies that American’s have not lost their desire to be free. For decades the left has stealthily chipped away at America’s freedoms, bringing us closer and closer to the rule of dictatorship. But this whole incident also shows American’s lack of appreciating in being a free people.

This incident exposes how close America has ventured in the direction of totalitarianism. What Perez Hilton was really saying in his scolding of Carrie Prejean, is that she no longer possess the right to her freedom of expression. If she has no right to freely express her views, she not only has lost her basic right to freedom of expression but freedom of speech as well. The uprising in support of Carrie Prejean says that Americans are not ready to lay down in surrender just yet. America has taken a dangerous path in recent years with the railroading of the politically correct brigade. Once upon a time in America the citizens of this country accepted that “everyone was entitled to their own opinions”. It was healthy and expected that sometimes in the course of public discourse there would be instances when opposing views to different issues would arise. In that same “once upon a time”, era of our nation those with the majority opinion set the public policies of our nation. It was the liberal left that brought us the concept of political correctness and everyone jumped on the band wagon. And how could this happen when in America we are suppose to have a two party system that protects us from such practices of infringing on our rights. Maybe our so called two-party is not really what most of us think that it is.

Think about it. What has the Democrats and the Republicans really given us that suggested a division of ideologies in the last 20 years? Did the Republican stand in opposition of political correctness? Or did they sale it to us as well as if it was best for us as a diverse nation? The lefts political correctness was a stellar attempt to rid Americans of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech I have no doubt about it. Perez Hilton felt very comfortable scolding Ms. Prejean for her opposing views on gay marriage. He also expected that Ms. California would face the same lynching from the American public and that she would be driven from public life for good. Why? Because it is no longer acceptable for anyone to exercise their freedoms to express an opposing view in America. Not so fast Perez. We are not giving up our right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech or any other freedom that so many have shed blood for us to enjoy. It took Carrie Prejean’s courage in expressing her own sincere views about this subject to open our eyes to the fate that we were about to subject ourselves to. Are we really that out of touch with our principles that we would just hand over our freedom to our enemies? Those who hate our ability to express ourselves and speak freely are the true extremist in America. Maybe those in charge at Homeland Security should add liberals and gay right activist to their list of radical extremist as well.

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech is detrimental to imposing liberal policies in this country. In order to attain the fullness of individual liberties, their can not be citizens that prevent other groups from openly enjoying their individual liberties. For instance, in order for anyone to be able to freely have sex with anyone in any manner they choose, they can not have groups expressing disagreement with that mindset, because then there would not be true liberty as guilt will remain. When one desires to engage in behavior that some may feel unacceptable, expressing opposition to that behavior prevents freedom from guilt. Guilt is the prime enemy of attaining the fullness of individual liberties.

Christians who express opposition to the gay and lesbian lifestyle keeps them from being able to practice their acts without feeling guilty. The only way to achieve this is to take away freedom of speech or freedom of expression, or institute a new policy, such as political correctness. It is of the utmost importance that American’s wake up and wake up fast as the liberal left agenda stand above us ready to suffocate us in our sleep. Americans should be very grateful for Carrie Prejean, because it was her courageous act in this era of political correctness that has saved us all from great demise of totalitarianism.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Oops, they did it again! Today, the Houston Rockets did the unthinkable again, (well at least to their naysayers). Watching the Rockets tie their playoff series was a wonderful Mother’s Day treat for me. It’s like I had 12 sons and they all brought me over a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Okay, mirage is over. But I do see the Rocket’s pulling off an upset like the Lakers could not have ever imagined. I am sure the Lakers did not see themselves battling to stay alive at this point in the playoffs, but they are and Houston, even without Ya Ming, is giving the Lakers a Texas style lassoing. Yee Haa! All of my real wonderful sons remembered me and I am so thankful to be able to serve in that special calling of motherhood over their lives.

As I was thinking about how special it felt for me to have my favorite team win on Mother’s Day, I was also thinking about how special motherhood is to the health of any people and the success of future generations. I think about America and how it has changed and the most adverse things that have impacted this country. What I see as America’s worst mistake is the devaluation and redefining of the role that motherhood plays in our society. One of things that American’s must realize is that corruption will destroy a people if it is not brought under control. America’s corruption continues to go untouched and uncontrolled and will one day reach its dreadful end. In our country today, there exists a system of corruption which is rooted in the immoral principles this nation has embraced. Jeremiah 15:20-21 tells us how this came about in America:

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

To me this describes the attitude of the concept of modern day liberalism. Immorality is immorality and God has instituted the consequence of immorality that no man can change. No matter what our government says is right, or what a group of people says is right or even our leaders say is right, if God says it is wrong, it is wrong. My Pastor today, gave a very good presentation on how the devil has been able to deceive many in this nation. He described the role of motherhood as being the vessel in which God would bless His creation, through the love, care, nurturing of godly mothers, building godly principles into the hearts of their children. But something went wrong. There were deceived women that began speaking adversely about motherhood, how it was becoming a burden and disadvantage to women, thus, bringing about the rise for the need of birth control in our nation. No one challenged these women regarding their assertions and they began to build a momentum that would set forth a change in the concept of motherhood forever. When the women’s groups saw that the path was open for embracing their redefining of the role and meaning of motherhood, they decided to go a step farther and purported the killing of babies to make life more feasible for women. Whenever a concept arises that opposes the Word of God, the church should be quick to defeat it. Instead, the weak and confused church systems in America did nothing. With the acceptance of the devaluation of motherhood, America began her quick track to depravity.

Another great point that my pastor made was how the deterioration of the Christian family has brought about the demise of America. One of the fastest growing religions in our world is Islam. Their families average 8 children per family. There parents faithfully instill the principles of Islam into their children and they grow up to embrace Islam as well. However, in America, the average Christian family has 2.6 children. With statistics like these what would be the natural procession for the Christian faith? God needs man to bring about the spreading of his message, if our families are decreasing while families in other religions are increasing, what would the end result be? Worst than that, if Christians don’t have a clue about the value of life, why should any one else? America is superseded only by Russia for the most abortions performed. The irony of this is how America, whose principles were built on Biblical principles, can be deceived so easily to embrace a concept that opposes the will of God. The reason that abortion sits as America’s must horrid evil is that it sanctions the destruction of innocent life. Those killed through abortion, did nothing to warrant such a cruel end to their life. I am speaking from my own experience of deception as well. There was a time in my life where liberal policies were those I embrace and promoted. As a young, scared and uneducated young woman, I too fell for the lies of the enemy.

Today, having an understanding of life and the role of motherhood God intended I am able to defend the sanctity of life and the role of motherhood instead of sanction the undeserved ending of innocent life. The role of motherhood was to be used as an avenue to bring forth men and women of integrity, character and purpose. Today as you observe the manners, attitudes and expressions of our culture, many would ask. Were did we go wrong? When we as a country sanctioned stripping away the value of innocent life we went dreadfully wrong. America’s did not stop with abortion, and introduced many other ungodly or immoral behaviors into public life as acceptable. Today our president is being pressured to consider an openly gay woman to sit as judge in the highest court in our nation. Some don’t see the problem with this choice and that is understandable because of what was mentioned by the prophet Isaiah. What’s wrong with an openly gay person sitting as judge or any role of leadership?

Immorality breeds corruption and the acts of homosexuality, are wrong and immoral. If a person will choose to reject God in their own life, do you not think that they will reject God’s will when it has to do with judging the actions of others? It’s like saying there is an honest, adulterer, who can counsel a married couple. No one can see this not even our highest holders of office because even they have brought into the lies of immorality. As long as our nation accepts immorality in any instance, it will bring about an immoral result in the end and God will judge accordingly. I am always taken by the hypocritical stance that many will assert when they want to justify immoral actions. Many have spew out how the Bible is written by men and therefore can not be accepted as a dependable resource for other men to live by. However, men tell the news, and who ignores the news because it is broadcast by man. Oh and how about the weather? Who goes outside with shorts and a halter on when the weather “man” says it’s going to be 25 degrees outside? Isn’t these things told and written by men?

So why is it okay to accept the weather “man” who tells us about what will impact our life, but not the Bible, that tells us about what things will impact our lives? Who writes newspapers, tabloids, textbooks, medical reports and the likes? Is it not man? In the same manner, it is God who created women and men and it is He who has given men the inspiration to write what He desires for them to write. Just as it is He who gives man the intelligence, talents, skills and abilities to do all the other things they do that impact our lives. It is God who has created motherhood, and it is He who will judge us all for what we do with it. It is man who has destroyed the plan of God for mothers, either by redefining it’s meaning or devaluing it.

I am honored and privilege to have experienced the great calling of motherhood. My desire is to see my children live God-fearing lives, built on the principles that were laid for them by their father and I. I pray that all the mothers and future mother’s that will read this blog will understand the unique and important roles they will play in building up the next generation of Americans. And I pray that these mother’s will embrace the plan God has for them in becoming His hands in building great men and women for our future. And finally, I pray you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Go Rockets.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The lefts worst Nightmare, is on the Horizon.

In the same week that Christians were focusing on the National Day of Prayer the Pew Research group came out with surprising statistics about Americans changing views about abortion. The article located at shows an 8 point decline in the support of legalized abortion since August. What is so significant about this poll is that is gives credence to the conservative movement in a time when the left has written off the Republican Party. While the Republican Party seems to have lost its identity, conservative values are on the rise. Does this reflect that maybe America is truly desiring something that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party leadership can provide.

Since both parties seem to want to move to the left and Americans are moving to the right, maybe it's time to do away with both antiquated parties. The liberal big government enthusiasts have gone too far, and the lukewarm over spenders in the Republican Party has worn out their welcome as well. It is quiet ironic in such a time as this to find that both party systems are finding themselves outside of the viewpoint of the majority of Americans. Now is the time to bring this information to the public square as no MSM outlet will be broadcasting this information across the airwaves. More surprising, however, is that Fox News made no mention of this poll in their broadcast this week. Our voices can reach just as far as the voices of those who sit in the anchor chairs of America's news broadcast. This is obviously not what the liberal far left wants to hear. Liberals have ridden the waves of the public’s support of abortion and has used this as the mantle of the platform.

We must engage those who are independent and continue to drill home the value of protecting life. When we value life we will prosper as a nation. When we defend those who cannot defend themselves we honor God. This poll also shows that support for gun ownership has increased. Other recent polls found that Americans are in support of a free market economy and small government. More and more American appears to be waking up and once again embracing the traditional values of America. With Perez Hilton's flop with the Miss USA pageant, the Dems may find themselves without a platform come 2010. But how will conservatives turn this into victory at the voting booth? With both the Dems and the Republicans now disconnected from the values of the majority of Americans where can the American voter turn? We can do what the framers of our country fought for us to do, create a new government with leaders who are in touch with those they represent.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If Obama prayed for the National Day of Prayer what would he say?

I have been reading through the many blogs and articles of Christians upset that Obama will not be taking part in the National Day of Prayer Observance and find it quiet odd that many are upset by his decision. Why would President Obama have any interest in praying to God? Everything that God holds dear Obama holds in contempt. So I thought what, would he say anyway? How would he pray for God to bless and protect this nation when in from of the world he totally rejected God? In an excerpt taking from an article on the Huffington Post, Obama said this about America:
"One of the great strengths of the United States," the President said, "is ... we have a very large Christian population -- we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."
I can now respectfully say that this President does not represent me. As a Christian I pray regularly for God to reign over this nation and that He is the LORD over the place I occupy in this nation. Now if Obama would have said, “as the leader of this nation, I can not endorse a creed or religion nor can the government establish a religion, as there are other faiths that people hold to, but as for me, I am a follower of Christ and He will be Savior over my role in this nation, that would be quiet different. I can not imagine him praying for God to protect our nation and bless us with His grace and mercy, when in order to do so he would have to confess to be a follower of Christ. A follower of Christ would never say that the nation in which He lives and governs is not a Christian nation, a nation that trusts in the atoning sacrifices of Jesus. A leader can lead his people by the principles of his or her faith without forcing those he leads to embrace said faith. So if he does not follow Jesus, he definitely can not follow God, because Jesus says, in John 14:6;

“Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

As the nations leader and chief representative, he has removed this nation from receiving the blessings of Psalms 33:12 which says,

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.”

Would anyone believe that this man is the same person that Rick Warren was so cozy with and who many Christians including high profile people such as TD Jakes and Tyler Perry endorse. What I see in those so-called Christian leaders who supported Obama is that they have shown a very fatal lack of wisdom. The Scriptures tell us when the blind lead the blind they both fall into a ditch. There are many Christians who are stumbling over the many bodies that lie with them in the ditch they have dug for themselves as they blindly follow Obama.

Would Obama pray for God to bless the nation with peace and prosperity? Please refer back to Psalms 33:12. Why would he pray for prosperity when he believes that the government supplies for the needs of their citizens. Oh I know, so that he can take their prosperity and redistributed it to the poor. One would think that giving to the poor is not a bad idea. Again, more signs of Obama and his liberal lefts understanding of Biblical principles.

Another case of Obama not really being one to lead this nation on such an important day as the National Day of Prayer. Paul wrote Scripture about it. Wanna see it, here ya go!

“But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. 8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”

The Scriptures say that “God loves a cheerful giver” and that we “should not grudgingly” give or give out of “necessity”. How would Obama reconcile the principles of the socialist model of income redistribution, which is the government deciding from whom and by how much one should give? I for one, can definitely understand President Obama taking a sabbatical from the National Day of prayer. I actually think that is a great idea. How would he pray about the moral condition of our country when he believes that the most precious part of God’s creation is a punishment? He would have to get around Psalms 127:3-5 which says,

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; they will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.”

God says that Children are a blessing. Obama said that having a baby in ones youth is punishment. So would he pray that he and God can agree to disagree? Seems to me that this is not looking really good for President Obama or for us as the nation in which he leads. There are those of us who follow Christ that will step in to pray for the hope of this nation on the National Day of Prayer. And God will still hear and provide for us, as he does provide for those who love Him, even in spite of our leadership. It would behoove the left, however, to rethink their passion to rid the public of the presence of God and then attempt to portray themselves as faithful prayer warriors. To truly pray and have answered prayer one must have faith in Christ.
“If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. “If you love Me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—“”
So before my Christian brothers and sisters gets all bent out of shape about Obama’s decision to not partake in the National Day of Prayer, I say to you, as Samuel said in 2 Samuel 10:12,
“Be of good courage, and let us be strong for our people and for the cities of our God. And may the LORD do what is good in His sight.”
Then again, President Obama could read a prayer from his teleprompter. Not!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What part of "New" does the GOP not Understand?

If it were not so sad, I would laugh at how the GOP leaders appear to be scratching their heads at why American’s keep rejecting them. It appears that they have made attempt after attempt to show American’s that they desire a new image, but they don’t seem to be getting it. It appears as though the GOP leadership has been stuck in a different era of America. There was once upon a time when the all white-male mantra was acceptable in American life. But now not only has America changed but the attitudes of American’s have changed as well. One of the things I believe that signals a great day in America is the message that mainstream American is sending to the GOP. This message is one that says; America no longer desires to be a nation of one people, but desire to do what our anthems, and symbols and monuments signify about us. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave, regardless of race, creed, color, age, religious belief, physical limitations or gender.

Every time I see the new brand of the GOP, I still see the same old exclusive idealism of America’s past. The GOP can not just dress up an old and regrettable chapter in American history. The leadership continues to leave a bad taste in the mouth of most American’s because their image says that nothing has really changed. They speak powerful negative overtones when they come out in their one race platform. Where is the Asian representation within the GOP, or the Jewish, or the Hispanic, or the Pacific Islander? America wants to see more than just a couple of token blacks added to the roster, they want to see that the GOP truly does embrace a united and inclusive platform. American’s also desire to see a strong and confident GOP that truly believes in their party’s ideologies. If there is only one set of ideologies then why do we need a two party system? If the GOP is going to blend in with the Democratic Party then we who are conservatives must understand that we do not have representation in the GOP and another party must be formed.

Could it be, that the GOP is only seeing what they believe is new in their view, while totally ignoring what most American’s are longing for? I believe that unless the two parties are divided by ideologies, the GOP will not win again. While most American’s still hold to traditional values of faith, family and country, many also will reject anything that does not truly resemble what they believe America looks like to them. College students are no longer separated by race. Neighborhoods are made up of a variety of families. School children do not only play with their own kind. They are surrounded by a vast variety of different races, ethnicities, beliefs systems, economic classes and age differences. Yet, they have learned that all of these differences make up what they see as the “new” America. It is a total turnoff in today’s society to see any organization that presents a one race, one class, one gender, one faith, or any other exclusive image.

The GOP is presenting the same leadership, the same disconnect with mainstream America, the same unwillingness to adopt their own party message and they think that American’s will accept it? Hello! When I attended the CPAC Convention in February, there were masses of fresh young faces, with passion and fire for the messages they believed in. Where are all those young people now? Where are Michael Steele and Lynn Swann and Condi and

Sunday, May 3, 2009

...And Special Rights for All

Does anyone recall the words to that wonder anthem we all recite during certain public events known to us as the “Pledge of Allegiance”, or even know the words to the “Declaration of Independence” or the “United States Constitution”. Back in the day, when I was a child in school, these preambles of the American way were regularly recited and embraced as the American Way. The opening words of the Declaration of Independence were written for the future generations to adhere to for a purpose. In the event that those reading this blog, may have forgotten what was the intent of our fore fathers this is what it says,When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, …

The Pledge of Allegiance also hold to these same truth, that in America there is liberty and justice for all, not for a certain group of people who desire to create their own world. Gays, Lesbians, minorities, aliens all have been created with certain rights that must be recognized because they were given by God and not by man. When our government exalts itself to a position above that of our God and creator, our Declaration of Independence tells us it is time to create a new government. In the last 30 years our courts and political representatives have strive to do just that. More and more Gays and Lesbians are demanding special rights. The Scriptures tells us that woman was created for the man and the man for the women. We have a number of Scriptures that warns us about participating in relationships that defy the natural laws God intended, yet those on the radical liberal left has vowed to do just that.

Gay men and women already possess the right to marry. They can marry anyone who is of their opposite sex. Same sex marriage gives gays and lesbians special rights. They have decided they no longer want to be married in the manner of the natural law and desire new laws just to be created to cater to their sexual choices. Where does any of the documents of the American way, provide for the creation of special rights for sexual pleasures? For minorities our fights have only been for equal rights. I only desired the rights that have been given to me by my Creator, nothing more and nothing less. When Americans allowed government to begin creating rights for her citizens this began the road to destruction and corruption, as men decided what rights the citizens of this country should have. And faith in God was replaced by the empowerment of the state.

It is not all lost as the Declaration declares that it is the people, those who are governed, that have the power to create a new government. That’s right! The people of America can fire every liberal politician and bring back order, morality and decency to our country. It’s as simple as that. But I am greatly disturbed at how white Americans have allowed this to happen in the first place. Liberalism in America has come by way of European and other foreign citizens who have crept into positions of power in our nation. These people have always held feelings of resentment against America and have carefully embedded this nation with their anti-American policies. They are the real domestic terrorist that can do the most damage to our way of life. I think that the one thing the election of President Obama has taught us is that Americans real enemies are the ones who run her government. We have seen the intolerance and hate-filled tantrums of gays and lesbians. They are the poster children of liberalism in America. We understand that the liberal concept of free speech is speech that always agrees with what they believe.

The liberal agenda is one that glorifies death instead of life. Our medical industry has been turned upside down by their radical death ridden policies. From hospice to end of life suicides to abortion, it is all focused on death instead of embrace a regard for the quality of ones life. It is not the conservative movement that needs to change in this country it is the move to unbridled radical liberalism that must change. It can with the strike of a voting ballot. With the mainstream media being taken over by liberal giants the American mind is being deceived by what liberals want American’s to believe. For instance, within the reporting of the mainstream media, many are told that most American’s favor gay rights. But a new poll by taken by CBS found that this is not true. (
We must return to the place where Americans are electing politicians who support their beliefs and principles. We should not be the path by which politicians map out their political careers. Even if congress does not enact term limits for congressmen and women, the people of the United States can. Those who see politics as a career should only get one opportunity to mess up. But my hope is that all of us who still believe in the God fearing, independence loving, freedom fighting principles of this country, would rise up to take back this country from shackles of liberals insanity. We have learned many lessons within the past years that can help rebuild an even greater America but we have to start fighting back with our voices and with our votes.

We must vote out every liberal republican and democrat, because it is not the party affiliation that has destroyed our country, it is the party ideology. Liberalism is domestic terrorism at its finest, because it attempts to destroy the America that we all love and have has pride in. America fore fathers desired for that each person have full use of the rights God created them to have. However, special rights for a few were never the intent. When we open the “Pandora’s Box” of special rights, it will be like opening up the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to cover the lands of America.

When it’s all over, the America we once knew, will be gone; wiped away under the floods of special rights. My black forefathers did not ask the government to treat us special but to treat us equally. Women’s rights activist never asked for women to have special rights, just equal rights and equal treatment under the law as their male counterparts. Now comes homosexuals and they want to be treated special. They have become the untouchables within our nation. So what’s next, the murder’s, the pedophiles, the thieves all wanting special rights because they can not control their desires toward their abnormal behaviors The framers of this country believes in liberty and justice for all, but special rights for all will only destroy us. Stop the madness.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Victory, Texas heads to the left Coast

The Rockets advance to the next round of the NBA Playoffs and I am loving it. This is an awesome welcoming gift as we return back to Houston. My family and I just arrived in April and to see the Rockets win and advance to the next round is just too amazing. They were not expected to go beyond the first game, but that’s what happens when you are depending on the expectations of others to carry you through. Just like Texas, always doing the unexpected. I first lived in Houston from 1983 to 1989 and it has always been the city that I have loved. After moving from Houston in 1989, we moved to El Paso, another great city. Then after finishing my degree at UTEP, go miners, we moved to the Seattle area. Well it’s nothing like Texas in the Northwest. All of its glistening bodies of waters, majestic Mountain ranges, and outdoor beauty could not replace the love I received in Texas. As a sports fan, I would cheer for the Sonics only when they did not play the Rockets.

There was a time when I never thought we would move back to the south, but I guess I was just destined to be a Texan. But as the Rockets head to the left coast to play the Los Angeles Lakers, I thought about the stalk difference these two states represent about the ideologies of America. The conservative Texans meet the liberal Californians. Well not so fast, California just defeated same-sex marriage, and Ms. California in no way appeared as a poster child for liberalism. Could it be that California is seeing the cost of liberalism and its destructive policies, of political correctness, high taxes, catastrophic real estate conditions, a deteriorating public school system and continuous problems with crimes caused by illegal immigrants? These two powerhouses may become more and more alike as Californians rid themselves of liberalism.

Hollywood and San Francisco are the two strongholds of liberalism in the state and it appears that their influence is becoming more and more disdained as the citizens of California become more and more politically engaged. I am hoping that a Rocket’s win in California would also mean a win for conservatism in the state as the Staple Center gets a whiff of Texas independence at its finest. It’s what makes Texas so different than any other state. To me, Texas reminds me of what America use to be like, when Americans embraced a love for God, for family and for country. When we appreciated and held proud the joys of being a free and independent people. I know that Texas is not a liberal free state, although I really wish that it was, but the one thing that I love about being here is that I am free to love being a Christian. When I visit different places there is Christian music playing, the people talk openly about God. I was at the bank today, getting some business done and there was this man joking about it being the end of the world. I asked him if he was prepared if it was the end. He replied, “I got Jesus, and that’s all I need”. Yes, music to my ears.

When we went to transfer our vehicle information from Washington to Texas there was a clerk that had a banner relating to prayer. She displayed it proudly where everyone can see it and you know what, I did not hear anyone standing in the extremely long line say one thing about it. Even the television commercials have businesses proudly hailing their Christian faith. It’s just amazing. I look forward to seeing the fans of Texas leave some of their American pride in California, as they take them to the hoop. I am looking for a seven game series with the Lakers where Houston will upset Coby and his highly overrated teammates and go on to win the NBA Championship title. More than that I am looking to the day that California learns from Texas and once again become a state that represents the good principles of the nation that it represents. I credit this to the political leadership of the state, for as the leadership goes, there also goes the character of those they lead. Just as the Rockets overcame a challenge they were not expect to overcome, California can do the same. Go Rockets. NBA 2009 Champions.