Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clueless in Lefti-land

Clueless in Lefti-land

April 15, 2009, brought forth a new excitement in mainstream America. As I watched the coverage of the Tea Parties on Fox News, I was so encouraged by the passion many showed as they rallied for a new vision for politics in America. Then I witnessed “the unbelievable”, as the left began to commentate on the Tea Parties. Most striking was political leaders that passed off the Tea Parties as if they did not take place. That to me was the most unbelievable scene of the whole day. I was stunned as the left acted as if nothing happened that day. In their world, there were no tea parties. No one protested their incompetent and ineffective handling of our tax dollars and the future of America. But what should we, who are concerned about the future of America, expect from the left. They exemplified the most stellar display of cluelessness on Tax Day.

Whenever 200,000+ people come out to protest anything it is a huge message that something has gone wrong. Maybe the politicians and main stream media on the left believes that if they ignore the protest of the masses they will just crawl back into their little holes and die. Well what is actually going to happen is that come 2012, their disconnection with the average American will bring them to a new place in their lives; the unemployment line. Just as many American’s sent a message to their political leaders across America, the political leaders sent at staunch message back. “We don’t care about what you don’t like, we won, remember.” That is the message that I received as I watched clip after clip of the media and the politicians on the left bash the efforts of the Tea Parties.

Rest assured the Tea Party enthusiast will have many other opportunities to reiterate their messages to their prospective leaders, but the greatest message of all will not come until these same politicians find themselves without a seat in their State and Federal governing bodies. The only thing that I have learned that politicians understand is that votes count. If they are losing they will beg, plead and cry for a chance to prove that they can do better. And if they win, it is not long, before they forget how they won. Even President Obama, dismissed the efforts of the Tea Party participants, forgetting that some of these very people elected him into office. But votes speak volumes to politicians and to political parties. Some are pushing for the creation of a third party, but a third party will only bring more frustration if the problem of voting for clueless and disconnected politicians is not resolved.

As I looked at the various news clips of the Tea Parties, I did not see a movement that was party related. These people were brought together because of the decline in the respect for the foundational principles of America. But the politicians and media elite on the left is clueless to what that means. They have no regard for the foundational principles of America. In fact, they believe that these principles are the causes of many problems that exist between America and many other nations. They will do all they can do in these years of being in power to destroy the foundational principles of this country. These Tea Parties must go further and must become focused and precise as to what they really intend to accomplish. The message must reach deeper and wider into American households.

The left has indoctrinated the citizens of America to believe that the foundational principles on which America was built are bad, so there is much work to be done in reversing the mindset in this country. In this situation being clueless on the left may not be a bad thing. As many open their eyes to the rejection of their political leaders the message of the Tea Parties will gain ground. I guess there is something to appreciate about those who are clueless in lefti-land.

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