Friday, April 24, 2009

An Oasis in the Wilderness

Today is the 17th day of our relocation to Houston. We have settled in as much as we can right now. My husband is in job search mode and I can finally began doing some of the things that I enjoy doing in my spare time, specifically, writing and surfing to find out what is being talked about in the news each day. It appears as though the left are again conjuring up their new smoke screen to inject their next liberal project into our lives; political prosecution of opponents. At this time the left have gained their perfect setting. President Obama is the left’s obedient poster child, the left controls the media and the minds of the minions in their camp, so those of us watching in the distance can forget about any sparks flying on the left any time soon. They have stacked the deck and now they will play their perfectly designed hand of cards. We in our place of outcast must find our common bond and in a strange way I think we might have done just that.

This morning when I opened my email, I found a note from Dena, (aka,, she informed me that she had written a blog and mentioned my name in it. I thought to myself, “what a nice gesture”. Little did I know, she went far beyond a nice gesture. I was at a lost for words at the kindness and thoughtfulness of this woman. She does not even know me. But she took it on herself to put her own spotlight aside to help someone else. What I have found about blacks in the conservative movement is that the need to put up roadblocks and obtain a one-up on the next person are pleasantly non-existent. Her blog made me think about the many other black conservative that I have had the pleasure of meeting and I find great refreshing in this place of wilderness. I have found an oasis of refreshing intellectuals who can think for themselves and desire to others do well for themselves. I find more of a pay-it-forward, attitude; as I do for you, you do for someone else.

I have usually experienced within relationships with my black brothers and sisters a sense of distrust. There have been many times when relationships appear shallow and distant, always waiting for the bomb to fall. But I sense that as we who are conservative part ways with those who have embraced the brainwashing of the Democratic Party a new sense of commonality and fellowship has emerged. One of the principles in conservatism is that we each have a gift, and that gift that was given to us by God, was given to us to serve Him, through serving each other. That message was very apparent in Dena’s blog today. I believe that as we come together to forge those conservative principles into developing new industries and new alliances we can make a greater path in allowing others to see that there is a an oasis in the wilderness. And it’s waters are flowing sparingly.

Dena has her own social networking site, Check it out and join us, and invite others to join us, as we forge new paths in our place of wilderness that will led to many refreshing oasis for others. John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

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