Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Just stopping by to let you all know that I was offered a position as a writer with Examiner.com. If you would like to follow my articles there my column web address link is as: http://www.examiner.com/x-40679-Houston-Conservative-Christian-Perspectives-Examiner~y2010m3d15-Christless-Christianity?#comments

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that this will be my final blog post on this blogsite. I will continue to blog at Conservative Moms for America. For the last five months I have tried to maintain both this blog and my writing on Conservative Moms. It takes me at least an hour to write and edit one blog post which does not leave me alot of time to post at my CMFA site. I have really been burden to slim down my activities and focus my passion in one area. I love the vision that God has given me with Conservative Moms for America. I love the members that God has steered to our site. This is where I feel led to focus my gifts and talents and so that is what I will do.

With Krystal being in the 3rd grade I must give her more attention as well. She is taking on more activities that requires my attention and support of her so I must ensure that she has my full support. I have been so blessed to have so many members read my blog. I will not be deleting the blogs that I have posted here for those who would like to come back and read what I have already written. However all my new blogs will be posted at Conservative Moms for America. It has been a blast for the last year blogging with all of you and I pray that you will continue to offer the great insights that you all do.

You can always find me at Conservative Moms or on Facebook or you can listen in to our Blog Talk Radio show every Thursday night at 9:00 pm Central. A link to all my websites are on my main page. May the good hand of the LORD bless your lives abundantly. Thanks also to all who have encouraged me to keep blogging and I will but I must consolidate my time to one area. I intent to be around blogging for some time.

Be Blessed,


Monday, February 15, 2010

Just say no to the GOP and Fox News.

Today as I was driving to pick up my hubby from work, I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio show, and was surprised to hear yet another banishment of candidates within the Tea Party movement or the Tea Party itself. Sean inferred in one of his comments that the Tea Party Movement is becoming a problem for the Republican Party. Recently the anchors of various other Fox News shows have attempted to impact political races across the country, where a Tea Party candidate is going against the establishment incumbent. It appears to me that Fox News is walking in very dangerous territory. But maybe not. Maybe it is we who have sent Fox News the wrong message. All of a sudden Fox News is fearful of the Tea Party Movement and somehow believes it is their role to inform the people how they should be voting.

Media in politics is not a bad thing, we garner great information from these news sources, but that is all they are suppose to be; news sources. They do not vet candidates, or control the campaigns of candidates. There is however, reason for Fox News and the establishment (they seem to be wanting to protect), to fear. Many of the candidates within the Tea Party movement hold to the principles of the Constitution and its focus on States Rights. In a panel discussion on our Conservative Moms Blog Talk radio show on February 4th we talked about what America would look like as a Constitutionally governed nation. As I heard many of the opinions and ideas that came forth, I realized why Fox News, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and other establishment groups would want to do away with the Tea Party movement and their candidates.

This movement consist of ordinary everyday citizens who see that the current political process has failed us. Those who support the ideologies of the Tea Party movement are those who desire to return to a government, by the people, of the people and for the people. Within this movement the people select candidates they believe fit their values, they research them and vet them and then provide support in building up their campaigns. It appears from what I have noticed that somehow the GOP just may be becoming just a little bit irriated with the success of the Tea Party movement. They are becoming like little flies that won't go away.

The Tea Party movement actually has a life of its own and could very well succeed without the GOP. They could provide the American people with candidates who can bring America back to the principles of the founding fathers. They can provide us with candidates who understand the Constitution and state sovereignty and provide us with the means of becoming the republic America was designed to become. I am a member of various tea party groups in the Houston area and I am impressed with the work they have accomplished and the grassroots success they have been able to experience. However, Tea Party members must realize that their goals actually threaten the existence of the big money party machines.

There is a reason that Fox News is beginning to turn on the Tea Party movement and have attempted to scold the Tea Parties instead of get behind them. Those within the Tea Party movement believe in citizen leadership. They are not looking for polished politicans but candidates who will be true to our constitution and principles as conservative leaders. Tea Party members also are not looking at party affiliation, which means that they could eventually consume many voters from both parties, which constitutes another danger to both the Democrat and Republican Party. So when the Tea Parties can not be bullied to fold under the GOP the next move is to attack them.

I hope that leaders within the Tea Party movement remain strong and focused. That they will continue their successful strategy of raising up grassroots candidates who know and understand the Constitution and the role it plays in government. Tomorrow begins early voting for the primaries and I am fully backing a real Tea Party candidate who has received the stamp of approval as a real threat to the establishment. I thought that we had learned from Sarah Palins bid for the Vice Presidency what happens when a candidate who is dangerous comes on the scene. The first sign of a threat is attack and sabatoge. Seeing this happen to Debra Medina has provided solid confidence that she is the candidate to get behind. When the establishment media and GOP attacks a candidate voters should be able to discern that this candidate is a threat and usually the candidate to vote for.

Debra Medina holds all the characteristics that we need in Texas. The Declaration of Independence provides that if we find that our government has become obscured with abuse and corruption that we as the people who establish our government have the right to elect a new one. In order to know when our government becomes corrupt and abusive we can not have our heads in the sand believing that our government is perfect. Our government is run by sinful men and women who do sinful things. Which means that those who run our government are capable of doing any evil thing that may exist. I believe that there are many unanswered questions about 9/11 and just in my calculation of the events that unfolded, some things just do not sit right. We were all left with inconclusive facts about 9/11, some we can not know others have been lost and compromised.

Our candidates must be voted on because of their campaign platform and how it will impact our lives, not by which tv celebrity endorses them. This is why America sits at the verge of being destroyed. As I look at Debra's platform I have concluded that her principles best fit my values as a Christian Conservative. I am surprised at how fast one Christian can turn against another when it comes to politics. Rick Perry has provided no Conservative policies within his tenure as Governor. He mostly give great conservative campaign messages. The roads and highways in Texas are terrible and need major repair. Interstate 10 that runs through Texas has been in construction in one stretch of the highway for 14 years. That does not make any sense to me. Rick Perry signed a Partial Birth abortion bill that allows late term abortion beyond the 7th month of pregnancy, this to me does not reflect a pro-life conservative candidate, when it was in his powers to ban the procedures all together. I can not in good conscience vote for he or Kay.

He is deceptively saying that the Texas Corridor is dead and it is not. Governor Perry embraces socialist big government spending. He is not a grassroots conservative candidate as a governor, but he is as a campaigner. I have looked at the evidence of his job performance and do not see a person that deserves my vote. When I make my choice at the ballot box, that choice will not only impact me, but my fellow Texas citizens. I must use the voting rights I have obtain to ensure a better quality of life not just for me and my family, but for all Texans. I will not allow Fox News to determine who I will vote for, I have the Scriptures that gives me the wisdom and discernment to make the right choice.

I am thankful for the hard work and dedication of so many leaders and organizations within the Tea Party movement that have allowed those with Conservative principles to have a better choice in candidates. We must continue to capitalize on the success made by the Tea Party movement and just say no to the GOP and Fox News, because America deserves better.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glenn Beck exposes himself as a plant for the GOP in interview with Debra Medina

This morning I awoke to a rushed day of early meetings in the morning and a host of other appointments throughout the day. But my hurried scheduled did not diminish the excitement and anticipating of listening to the Glenn Beck show. Glenn had finally agreed to have one of the candidates who is running for Governor of Texas on his radio show.Debra Medina the grassroots conservative candidate in Texas would finally get her opportunity to tell the people of America her vision for the state of Texas. I was surprised that Glenn Beck had all of a sudden changed his mind about interviewing her, but "oh well", it was an opportunity for Debra. I was to be on the road traveling to a meeting at the time the radio interview was supposed to be aired, so the first thing I did as I started my van, was to turn my radio on. The show was in the middle of a commerical so I waited with excitement as we were nearing the top of the hour, when Debra would be on. It was a very wet day here in Houston, and so I was both distracted by the weather, the drivers in the weather, and the soon appearance of Debra Medina on the Glenn Beck Show.

Well after a brief news update, the time had come and sure enough, Glenn Beck starts the segment by talking up candidates who had come from no where. My excitement turned to smiling as I heard Mr. Beck slowly ease into the Texas Governors race what I heard actually surprised me as he was totally denouncing Rick Perry the current Governor of Texas. The stage had been perfectly set for the introduction of Debra Medina the come from behind candidate in our Governors race.

So Mr. Beck introduces Debra and then starts with his first interview question which was "Who is Debra Medina?". I could sense tension in his voice as if he was annoyed or irritated, but I awaited Debra's answer and out came her firm strong response. "Good job", I thought. "You tell him", Debra, was more like it. The next question was the property tax question, and again she sailed through that answer as well. Then all of a sudden came the 9/11 truther question. And I thought, "what's that about?" I really did not know what a "truthers" was but after hearing Glenn Beck explain I was not phased by it or Debra's answer. However, what happened next was totally unexpected.

My very first thought after he rushed her off the phone, and then began ridiculing her was that this was a classic setup. He totally staged everything perfectly and then attempted to destroy her bid for Governor, just by labeling her a truther. I actually laughed at the obvious ploy of this so-called interview and though nothing of it. After hanging up with Debra he and Pat Gray his co-host laughed about how he wanted to french kiss Rick Perry, I was totally surprised by his jollying with this being that he confesses to be a Christian. Insinuating homosexual pleasures is not something I would think that a Christian man would take so haphazardly. But it seemed like child's play for Glenn Beck. When I arrived at my meeting the look on my friends face was like total horror. My first thought was, "what happened? what's wrong?", then they relayed to me the dimise Debra faced with her inteview with Glenn Beck.

Just last night as my family and I were out grocery shopping I saw Rick Perry on the cover of a Texas magazine, showcasing his bid for the 2012 Presidential election. Of course this would be news here but maybe not in New York, or California or in another state where this would not have any relevance. So then I remembered the article, I remembered Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rick Perry, I remembered Glenn Becks sudden disdain for Rick Perry and then his all of sudden admiration for him again. There it was. I knew right then what this was all about and it became as laughable as watching an episode of "Word Girl" with my daughter. Does Glenn Beck think that the people of Texas is that naive and gullible that we would not see through his little ploy today?

After appearing on the Glenn Beck show and deciding not to play by his rules, I too discovered a different side of Mr. Beck. One of the things that came to my mind is the fact that Glenn Beck ridicules Debra Medina, while he holds to beliefs that many of us may deem unusual as well. As a Mormon, there are many doctrines and teachings that those in the Christian faith would deem just as unusual as Glenn Beck finds as to the beliefs of "truthers". First of all Debra Medina is not a truther, yet, he displays that she is a truther on his website at www.glennbeck.com. This is dishonest at best and I am sure Mr. Beck would not appreciate anyone making a claim that he believes something that he does not. However, Glenn Beck showed up today as a plant for the GOP, one who has disdain for those who "question their government with boldness", as he once called the American people to do, and not the so called independent thinker he positions himself to be when he wants to stir up the American people.

Americans should have no more patience for dirty politics and the antics of the party machine that only wishes to use the American voter as pawns for their future careers. I use to think that Glenn Beck was a person for the people. But now when he desires to push on the people of Texas a career politicians who has his eyes not on governing Texas but running for President, I see him as just another plant for the party establishment.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who will Save America? It won't be the Tea Party GOP

Only God can deliver America from her many tyrants and enemies. We are discovering first hand that America has many underlying issues that will not be solved by the change in our political make up. It is not who leads our government but the content of that individuals character and their desire to bring back the God-inspired principles our founding fathers created in establishing this nation. Our current generations have not experience the concept of America designed by our founding fathers. Since the turn of the century America has been hijacked by big-government pundits and the promoters of globalization.

Even within our two party political systems, a Constitutional America is a threat and detriment to the establishments that are. On the one hand, the Constitution of the United States dismantles the big government goals of the Democrat platform and on the other; the Constitution dismantles the path of globalization of the establishment of the GOP. Both sides have everything to lose and so both sides will do whatever they can to totally destroy any movement that threatens their ambitions. The only benefactors of a Constitutional America are the states and the citizens of said states. As Americans have been distracted by the routines of life and the relentless attempts to attain to the American Dream, our political parties have set out to destroy our nation.

The new uprising of candidates who embrace our Constitution, states rights and state sovereignty are no friends to the establishment. We are now seeing the taking over of the once grassroots Tea Party movement by the icons of the GOP. On Thursday a national Tea Party convention was held with national speakers who represented the GOP and in one article it was said that the GOP should absorb what is going on in the Tea Party Movement. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703427704575051242901. however, here in Texas the only grassroots Constitutional activist, Debra Medina has been ignored. First they implore support of grassroots tea party candidates then they at the same time ignore them. Sarah Palin was in Houston this weekend and in viewing a clip of her speech she only gave credence to the two major GOP candidates, the incumbent, Rick Perry and the Washington insider Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. These were the types that the tea partiers were suppose to be banishing from political offices across the country. Ms. Palin made no mention of Debra Medina who is the true grassroots tea party candidate in our Governors race.

So why in one venue the tea party candidates are embellished with praise and in another this same type of candidate is ignored. What is different here is that Debra Medina is not only a tea party candidate but she is also a student of the constitution who embraces states rights and would enforce the constitution in the state of Texas. Mrs. Medina is dangerous and is a threat to the GOP establishment. Most Tea Party candidates are those who desire to stop tax and spend. What is becoming more evident is that there is a new movement that is not a friend to the establishment and threatens the anti-American policies of both parties. At Conservative Moms for America we support candidates who are grassroots in that they desire to bring America back to the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers.

Our candidates are those who support the Constitution of the United States and the enforcing of states rights and state sovereignty. In Nevada, Bill Parson’s is the candidate we have endorsed to replace Harry Reid’s Senate seat, but he has received no coverage from the GOP or so-called “conservative news media”. In Georgia, Michael Frisbee, another Constitutionalist candidate, running for the 13th Congressional District in that state has met with the same disregard. Clayton Thibodeaux of California is looking to replace Barbara Boxer one of the most liberal candidates in the state of California. These are all candidates that hold in common their commitment to governing by the Constitution.
We must now recognize a new division in the uprising of political candidates; the Constitutionalist. We have not heard any of the promoters of the tea party movement talking about bringing America back to her founding principles. These organizations are concerned with being “taxed enough already”, not enforcing the Constitution. In fact, according to an article featured on Fox News.com the main focus of the tea party movement is fiscal responsibility. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/02/06/tea-partiers-urge-unity-rifts-movement/. The Constitution is never even mentioned.

In a panel discussion on our weekly blogtalkradio show we discussed the implication of an America governed by our constitution. Since the early 1900 the Constitution of the United States has be discarded by both parties. Many of the big government programs that foster big bucks for both parties would be abolished by a Constitutional America and the funding of the political campaigns on both sides will seek a distinct decline in campaign contributions. Neither party would be able to continue their underlying goals if power is given to the states. So both parties would do themselves a great disservice to back candidates who wish to bring an end to their big money establishments.

The tea party movement only desires to elect candidates that will stop the big government expansion of the Democrat Party, but who will also continue the globalization of the neocon conservatives. With all the uprising and disdain, discontent and frustrations of America's current government, a viable solution will not be gained through the tea party movement. Rebuilding an America that is governed by the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers will be attained by electing candidates who are committed to the freedoms and liberties of the states forged by the US Constitution. We desire to take America back not put a nice face on the same old GOP.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February is Black History Month, but what happened to the history.

This month America recognizes Black History month and the many contributions that have been made by black Americans throughout the years. As I was surfing the net to find out information about how this celebration began I happened upon some very interesting findings. According to, http://www.biography.com/blackhistory/black-history-month.jsp.

“In 1915, Dr. Carter G. Woodson and Rev. Jesse E. Moorland co-founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH). There goal was to research and bring awareness to the largely ignored, yet crucial role black people played in American and world history. The following year, Woodson published and distributed his findings in The Journal of Negro History. He founded the publication with the hope that it would dispel popular mistruths. He also hoped to educate black people about their cultural background and instill them with a sense of pride in their race. The son of former slaves and the second black person to receive a degree from Harvard University, Carter Woodson understood the value of education. He also felt the importance of preserving one’s heritage and, upon his urgings the fraternity Omega Psi Phi created Negro History and Literature Week in 1920. In 1926, Woodson changed the name of the Negro History week. He selected the month of February for the celebration as a way to honor of the birth of two men whose actions drastically altered the future of black Americans. Abraham Lincoln, the U. S. President who issued the Emancipation Proclamation was born February 12th and Frederick Douglas, one of the nation’s leading abolitionists was born on February 14th.”

We seldom hear anything today about the relationship black Americans once enjoyed with the Republican Party. In an article from www.whitehouse.gov, Abraham Lincoln is credit with building up the Republican Party to become a strong national organization. It was this man that blacks in America during this time believed was due honor for his fight for the freedom of blacks. However something went wrong in the 1960’s that would sever these ties permanently. What happened to the history that detailed the bond that blacks in America once held to the Republican Party? What happened to the welcoming mat President Lincoln laid out to blacks in his abolishing of slavery within the United States? After the death of Carter Wilson in the 1950’s the ASNLH, took on the platform of the Black Power Movement. This celebration that once honored the victories shared by blacks and whites had now changed hands and was transformed into the ideologies of liberal black radicals. It was also during this time that the radical liberal blacks and whites joined forces. The celebration of Black History Month would no longer include the works of Abraham Lincoln and other Republicans who worked so hard to bring equality to the lives of blacks in America.

The fight to enact the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960, gave liberals the upper hand they needed against the Republican Party. When members of the party stood against the use of quotas within the establishment of Affirmative Action, Democrats used this resistance to convince black church leaders who led the fight within the Civil Rights Movements to believe that the Republican Party was no longer a friend to the black community. By this time the Republican Party had experienced some growing pains within their 100% voting average within the black community. That is correct. There was a time when blacks in America voted 100% for the Republican Party. Who knew? However the Democrats saw their time coming and awaited the right time to snatch the black voting block from the Republicans. During one occasion while Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was jailed, President Kennedy called to comfort Coretta Scott King. This left a compassionate impression on Dr. King’s father. In return for President Kennedy’s kindness Dr. King's, father promised to bring votes from the black community and on that promise he made good. Until this day, the 90% voting bloc within the black community has not changed.

Fast forward to 2010, the idea that the Republican Party is a racist party overtaken by Conservative Evangelical Christians of the worst kind has been drilled tightly into the minds of those in the black community. The Presidency of Barack Obama has allowed many blacks to shed their perception of the loyalties of the Democrat Party however. I have also seen the rise of the Tea Party Movement that has re-opened the door to Black Conservatives reuniting them once again to the Republican Party and realigning themselves to the principles and values that this party was built on. Here in Texas, I have been privileged to experience this new attitude of grassroots candidates who are rising up and running for office. One such candidate is Debra Medina who is running for Governor of Texas. Debra’s supporters are those from all walks of life. The diversity that exists within her supporters reflects the type of relationships that may have been present with blacks and white during the Lincoln years. Although some of Debra’s beliefs about government may differ from Lincoln her welcoming and treatment of blacks reminds me of the principles that began the celebration of black history month when whites were appreciated for the sacrifices they made for equality.

In the beginning years of celebrating Black History month it was not about being black it was about being free. It was about being able to have the opportunity to attain a better life through hard work. It was about celebrating those people that fought hard to see that we all could live in peace as a nation. These are the much needed qualities that must be brought back within our government. These are the qualities that moved Carter Woodson to honor President Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. The real history of Blacks and the Republican Party has been destroyed by the liberal left radicals within the Democrat Party who have no interest in empowering blacks. Star Parker, syndicated columnist and founder of CURE, was interviewed on our Conservative Moms radio show this morning, during our discussion Star made a comparison that should be of great concern to the black community. She explained that during the time when the black community aligned themselves with the Christian principles of the Republican Party they enjoyed a better quality of life. She explained that during those times the percentage of two parent families was at approximately 78%, however today approximately 68% of black families are headed by a single parent. That is a vast difference and the impact of such statistics is horrifying.

The statistics expressed by Star are not those that would lead us to celebrate. In fact we should be deeply saddened. However as blacks move from being controlled by the immoral ungodly principles of the liberal left that has only brought forth destruction; to the godly principles of those which are held by grassroots conservatives like Debra Medina, there will arise again in America a reason to celebrate. We will be able to celebrate our great history that binds us together and makes us one nation under God.

For a timeline of historical events concerning blacks and the Republican Party visit this link.http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/republicans-vs-democrats-and-the-civil-rights-history/blog-27537/

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News - Unfair and Unbalanced

I remember during the 2008 Presidential Campaign that Fox News was the leading scoffer of the Government Controlled MSM. They scoffed at the elitist bias that was targeted at Sarah Palin. They ridiculed Obama’s supporters as kool-aide drinkers of the worst kind. They despised the manner in which Obama’s supporters worshipped him like a god. They made fun of Chris Matthews’s “leg tingling” comment and the stories of dismay goes on and on. Fast forward to 2010, and now we find Fox News doing the vary things they scolded the liberal media about.

Since Sarah Palin has become a contributor of Fox News and she has also endorsed Rick Perry in the race for Governor for Texas, Fox News has demonstrated the worst case of media bias and elitism. In the race for Governor of Texas we have three candidates not two. This race is not between Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. It is between Debra Medina, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rick Perry. So is the practice of elitist bias behavior only bad when the liberals do it? All candidates have the right to equal access, regardless of who is or is not backing him or her. Debra Medina is just as much a Christian Conservative as Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson is. Debra Medina is also a Tea Party activist and a student of the Constitution. I guess those qualities are no longer important in a leader?

Debra Medina knows how the government should function and desires to bring our state back to the confines of our country’s Constitution. She embraces the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers. I also thought that this was a good thing as well. I do not think that the average American realizes what our country is supposed to look like under the confines of the Constitution. Although many harp at the Obama Administration’s disdain for our country’s founding documents, Americans seem to have the same attitude when a candidate attempts to move us back into the Republic that we are suppose to be as a nation. Those who do not understand Constitutional governing see Debra Medina’s views as wacko and far out. They totally fear that she will do exactly what the Constitution instructs. For instance, one of the issues that so called conservatives try to attack Mrs. Medina on is her stance on the legalization of marijuana.

Under the Constitution of the United States, the Federal Government has not jurisdiction in this matter. Each state is suppose to be sovereign and should have the authority to set forth laws in the best interest of each individual state. This means that if the people of California chooses to legalize marijuana and the people of Louisiana does not it’s their choice. That is how life looks in a Republic. Let’s take her position of homosexual marriage. Mrs. Medina believes that each state should have the sovereign right to determine this issue. Personally she believes that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, however, she does not have the right to regulate what these individuals do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. However these same individuals do not have the right to force what they have chosen to do on anyone else. Now does this sound like something we should run to the mountains in fear of?

Sean Hannity said on his radio show on Monday, that he could not believe Texans would not want to re-elect one of this countries “most conservative Governors”. Oh really Sean? Maybe Sean Hannity might be speaking not of the type of Constitutional conservative like our founding fathers, but a more neo-con conservative more like that of say, George Bush, who believes that our National Security is for the use of overtaking the world. And we also have forgotten about John McCain’s Rhino ideologies and he too has now become a “true conservative”, man how ones thinking change within a year’s time. I would suggest the readers of this blog to research the word neocon then use Google or any search engine to search for this term adding some of the leading figures of the Republican Party and see what interesting information you will receive.

As this race has come to the forefront of the nation, I am beginning to wonder if the American people really understand what the many faces of Conservatism and what they all mean? Is Fox News the new authority in determining who qualifies as a conservative or what the meaning conservatism is? Not for me. God has given us the opportunity to see the destruction that awaited us from those we consider our opposition. Now He is unveiling the same destruction that exists within. Why are we so apt to believe that a politician is a “conservative” just because he or she claims that they are? I am a Christian Conservative and I weigh politicians and their character on the foundation of Scripture and not on their popularity or celebrity status.

Is it okay for Fox News to dismiss Debra Medina as if she is not even in the race? Is it okay to shun her because she is not part of the Republican Political machine that these same people once banished, or because she is not endorsed by the party politicians? Bias is bias and elitism is elitism. Fox News considers itself the source of news that is fair and balanced. In their reporting of our Governors race in Texas in which Sarah Palin has endorsed Rick Perry, I do not see fair and I definitely do not see balanced. All I see is the same use of mind control by the media, unfair and unbalanced.