Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News - Unfair and Unbalanced

I remember during the 2008 Presidential Campaign that Fox News was the leading scoffer of the Government Controlled MSM. They scoffed at the elitist bias that was targeted at Sarah Palin. They ridiculed Obama’s supporters as kool-aide drinkers of the worst kind. They despised the manner in which Obama’s supporters worshipped him like a god. They made fun of Chris Matthews’s “leg tingling” comment and the stories of dismay goes on and on. Fast forward to 2010, and now we find Fox News doing the vary things they scolded the liberal media about.

Since Sarah Palin has become a contributor of Fox News and she has also endorsed Rick Perry in the race for Governor for Texas, Fox News has demonstrated the worst case of media bias and elitism. In the race for Governor of Texas we have three candidates not two. This race is not between Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. It is between Debra Medina, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rick Perry. So is the practice of elitist bias behavior only bad when the liberals do it? All candidates have the right to equal access, regardless of who is or is not backing him or her. Debra Medina is just as much a Christian Conservative as Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson is. Debra Medina is also a Tea Party activist and a student of the Constitution. I guess those qualities are no longer important in a leader?

Debra Medina knows how the government should function and desires to bring our state back to the confines of our country’s Constitution. She embraces the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers. I also thought that this was a good thing as well. I do not think that the average American realizes what our country is supposed to look like under the confines of the Constitution. Although many harp at the Obama Administration’s disdain for our country’s founding documents, Americans seem to have the same attitude when a candidate attempts to move us back into the Republic that we are suppose to be as a nation. Those who do not understand Constitutional governing see Debra Medina’s views as wacko and far out. They totally fear that she will do exactly what the Constitution instructs. For instance, one of the issues that so called conservatives try to attack Mrs. Medina on is her stance on the legalization of marijuana.

Under the Constitution of the United States, the Federal Government has not jurisdiction in this matter. Each state is suppose to be sovereign and should have the authority to set forth laws in the best interest of each individual state. This means that if the people of California chooses to legalize marijuana and the people of Louisiana does not it’s their choice. That is how life looks in a Republic. Let’s take her position of homosexual marriage. Mrs. Medina believes that each state should have the sovereign right to determine this issue. Personally she believes that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, however, she does not have the right to regulate what these individuals do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. However these same individuals do not have the right to force what they have chosen to do on anyone else. Now does this sound like something we should run to the mountains in fear of?

Sean Hannity said on his radio show on Monday, that he could not believe Texans would not want to re-elect one of this countries “most conservative Governors”. Oh really Sean? Maybe Sean Hannity might be speaking not of the type of Constitutional conservative like our founding fathers, but a more neo-con conservative more like that of say, George Bush, who believes that our National Security is for the use of overtaking the world. And we also have forgotten about John McCain’s Rhino ideologies and he too has now become a “true conservative”, man how ones thinking change within a year’s time. I would suggest the readers of this blog to research the word neocon then use Google or any search engine to search for this term adding some of the leading figures of the Republican Party and see what interesting information you will receive.

As this race has come to the forefront of the nation, I am beginning to wonder if the American people really understand what the many faces of Conservatism and what they all mean? Is Fox News the new authority in determining who qualifies as a conservative or what the meaning conservatism is? Not for me. God has given us the opportunity to see the destruction that awaited us from those we consider our opposition. Now He is unveiling the same destruction that exists within. Why are we so apt to believe that a politician is a “conservative” just because he or she claims that they are? I am a Christian Conservative and I weigh politicians and their character on the foundation of Scripture and not on their popularity or celebrity status.

Is it okay for Fox News to dismiss Debra Medina as if she is not even in the race? Is it okay to shun her because she is not part of the Republican Political machine that these same people once banished, or because she is not endorsed by the party politicians? Bias is bias and elitism is elitism. Fox News considers itself the source of news that is fair and balanced. In their reporting of our Governors race in Texas in which Sarah Palin has endorsed Rick Perry, I do not see fair and I definitely do not see balanced. All I see is the same use of mind control by the media, unfair and unbalanced.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Sarah Palin won't tell you about her friend Rick Perry, We Texans will.

I once thought that people on the left were the koolaide drinkers who were in a trance and suffering from the Obama leg tingle syndrome. However I have found that there are those on the right whose legs tingle just like those on the left. The blogosphere has been buzzing all week with the shock of Governor Palins announcement to endorse Rick Perry and John McCain. In Romans 12:3, Paul gives us this warning:

"For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith."

What is Sarah Palin really saying by coming out for Rick Perry, and of course John McCain, which is the biggest surprise of all? Could she be saying, "Hey don't worry about it fella's, I got the American people tightly wrapped around my little pinky and when I show up on the stomp for you it's all over." Sike! I look at my city and my state and I see the real issues and I realistically look at the people who are in charge and draw my own conclusions about the effectiveness of their leadership. I have two links for those who are reading this to view. The first one is the first Texas Governors Debate.

After looking at this video please tell me your honest views about this debate as far as leadership is concerned: See how our current governor tries to present facts that are totally false at the core. The citizens of Texas just like our fellow citizens throughout the United States are tired of big government spending, cronism, and the elitist attitude that says, "we are too stupid to really see through these politicans". Judge for yourselves if what you hear from this debate shows that Gov. Perry has been true to his supposed conservative values.


Second I am enclosing links from various sources about what Governor Perry has really done for Texas. I live in Houston, and the roads are terrible, they are unbelievable, yet Perry claims that the state had surplus according to the Dallas Morning News. The roads of Texas could really use some of that surplus. http://dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2009/12/on-rick-perry-a.html.

As a Christian Conservative I do not want the government mandating what I must do. And I definitely take issue when these mandates are politically motivated to pad the pockets of lobbyist friends. Remember how Republicans critized Obama. Well here is a link that explains the exact type of "pad my pocket" political posturing. http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/5546651.html

Let us not forget a problem that is not only one that plagues Texas but the United States as a whole - Texas border security. Like most politicans who now pander for votes, when Gov. Perry ran for re-election four years ago, he promised Texans the sky in securing the Texas border. However, after he was re-elected he quickly reversed his views on Border Security calling the idea of a border fence "preposterous". Well it was not so preposterous when he was begging voters to re-elect him. But in the usual, "suckers", attitude most career politicans have when baiting voters, Rick Perry soon reversed himself. The links that I am posting tonight does not come from Gov. Perry's opponents. They come from people outside of the political circle who give their opinions through the eyes of average Americans. Finally hear are two more links for you to read up on our supposedly true-blue conservative candidate.


Finally what were all the marches around the country for today? Wasn't it to protest the mass murders of millions of United States Citizens. Well in Houston, Texas, we have the second largest abortion clinic in the world. Governor Perry touts his supposedly pro-life guardian. The link below will show you how those who are in bed with politicians deceive their viewing audience. "The title reads "Perry Signs Abortion Marriage bill. http://www.dailytexanonline.com/2.4489/perry-signs-abortion-marriage-bills-1.978675. However, Governor Perry only signed a parental consent bill. During his speech however, he pushed his commitment to pro-life legislation. In Texas we are led to believe that partial birth abortions are banned under the leadership of Governor Perry, however they are not. This link provides more information on the issue. http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/?p=11585. Hence this is how the monstrosity in Houston is able to take the life of babies through Partial Birth abortions. Now remember, Congress gave the right to the state to regulate the strictness of partial birth abortion. A true conservative would have totally banned the practice. Sarah Palin did not share that bit of information as well.

After viewing the various links you would see why Perry must hide behind Sarah Palin, Perry is not concerned about the future of Texans or the state of Texas, he is afraid that his bid for Governor has suddenly been tarnished and desires to have the negative things he has done suddenly wiped away by the magic wink of Gov. Palin. This I see only as political expediency and political posturing. After witnessing the deception imposed on the people of America by those on the left, I would think that most tried and true conservatives would regurgitate such behavior. But I guess the pot does fall far from the kettle.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas

This morning I find myself a little perturbed by the recent news of Sarah Palin choice to campaign for Rick Perry for Governor of Texas. At first I thought, “What?” But quickly I understood how someone who presented themselves as Sarah did can become an endorser of someone like Rick Perry. Now I live in Houston, Texas the largest city in Texas and I know what living in Texas is like. In Houston we have as the monument of Texas the “worlds” second largest abortion super clinic. When I discovered this atrocity was being constructed here, I was at a lost for words. Many see Texas as the stronghold for fundamentalist Baptist teaching and the center of the Bible belt and we have the world’s second largest abortion center? This is the second largest in the entire world. Think about that for a minute.

My question is this. Who are the gatekeepers of Texas? This is not a Houston thing, this is a Texas thing and for our government’s administration and our Senators to allow such funding to enter Texas, someone has not been doing their jobs. The lives of future little Texans hangs in the balance and we must have leaders who truly uphold life and not just do lip service. As a Christian Conservative I believe in upholding Godly principles. And life is a principle that God holds dear. As a voter I choose those who I will support and endorse by the content of a candidates character, not by whether they can bring tears to my eyes in a speech. Our current sitting Governor is a run of the mill GOP good ole boy, the kind Sarah Palin use to work against. Now I know that I am going to make a lot of people mad, but because I am a person of deep conviction and principle, in a nation that is grossly lacking in this type of character, it is expected. From the election of President Obama, I thought that maybe Americans would run from their embracing of “cult politics”, supporting people because of who they are and what they can do to stroke one’s emotions. I was afforded the opportunity to attend the KERA debates in Denton, Texas where Debra Medina, current Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson attended. It was embarrassing to see this man get on national TV and act like a kindergartener, then think that anyone would actually vote for him to be re-elected. And Kay showed the classic case of jumping around the issues.

The Tea Party movement also heavily embraces Rick Perry. The Tea Party groups once identified themselves as the engine behind promoting grassroots candidates who were God-fearing and principled. At the debate Rick Perry would not own up to the fact that Texas has lost over 300,000 jobs. He boasted of creating 150,000 jobs, of which all came from the government sector. The property taxes in Texas have risen by 49% and the border problems here are still a joke. These are real issues that Texans must face and find effective solutions to. The only thing Perry did in the debate is showed that he like other career politicians don’t believe that American’s are paying any attention and could care less about the future of their states or nation.

There was at one point in this debate where a student asked a question about an “in of life” law that was imposed in healthcare practices. Neither Rick Perry nor Kay Bailey Hutchinson knew that this law existed. The only person who had a clue was Debra Medina. When I first met Debra I liked her because she has a genuine personality. I first discovered her through a Tea Party meeting that I attended, I immediately requested that she complete our “Mommy Approved Candidates Survey” and she did. I know Debra personally and thought that she would be the kind of candidate Sarah Palin would stand behind and support. I am deeply disappointed in Sarah Palins decision to endorse Rick Perry, however it is her decision to make. I hold dear our freedom to be able to make whatever choices we desire as Americans and I respect that in Sarah Palin’s case as well. I would hope that Texans reject Rick Perry regardless of what big ticket name puts their support behind him. We Texans and we American’s need to return to the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers, a subject Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchinson appear to know little of. Debra Medina is a student of the constitution and understands the working of the Republic that God inspired to be created through our founding fathers.

Conservative Moms for America endorses Debra Medina as Governor of the State of Texas. Being a mom, I desire someone who understands and embraces the concerns I have. Debra is a registered nurse who understands the problems that exist in our current healthcare system and will allow Texas to become a leader in quality healthcare. She home schooled both her children and for me that speaks volumes. She understands “mom politics” and will be a leader in issues that are of concern to moms and the future of our children in issues pertaining to life, education, healthcare and economics. We can not allow Texas to go down the road of electing status quo politicians. Texans deserve better, and so does America. It will be up to the voters of Texas to follow the examples of the voters of Massachusetts, and reject the status quo and elect a candidate that will bring the leadership and quality representation and send a message that our states will be a government established by “we the people” and the confines of our US Constitution and the Declaration of Independents. It bothers me when any outsider try to ram the status quo down the throats of Texans. Don’t tread on us and please “don’t mess with Texas.