Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Arlen Spector, Glad your're gone, sorry you stayed so long.

When I turned on FoxNews this morning, Arlen Spector was addressing the reporters at a news conference regarding his decision to switch to the Democratic Party. His comments were sickening, but we who are conservatives all know that this man was no friend of the Republican Party, and I just wondered what took him so long? Today, we find out, that his main reason for swtiching parties was that he felt that he could not get re-elected in 2010. It was not that, he truly aligned himself with the Democratic Party, but he can use the influence of those in the Democratic party to promote his political ambitions. I say, cheerio, to Arlen Spector. Please go, and let the back door hit you, where.... What this means to me as conservative, is that it is time now for us to get to work and build up the message of conservatism. It also reveals to me a new path in the American Party system. The term democrat or republican can mean different things to different people. But the terms liberal and conservative speaks of a more concrete and specific set of ideologies.

That is why for the conservative, building our platform can mean many victories in the future as American's are still committed to the traditional principles of our country. In Rassmussen daily tracking poll for Tuesday, April 28th, the poll found that only 36% of American's strongly approve of how the President is doing, while 31 % strongly disagree. (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll). The poll further stated that for those unaffilated with either party there is no consensus. These polls do not show that the majority of American's have been sold on the ideologies of liberalism, their socialist politicies, and its anti-American, anti-Christian sentiments. What this does say is that there is room for the conservative message to be embraced.

In this same poll it was found that 77% of Americans prefer a free market. This is not something that shows that American's are ready for the radical leftist policies that the Democratic party has adopted as well. I would hope that many more Arlen Spectors would defect from the party so that we can determine who is with us as we forge a new path for the American conservative. Mark 9:40 says, "For he who is not against us is for us", we don't need Rhino's, we need true men and women who will represent our deepest held conservative principles, and stand for us. I liked what Senator Lindsey Graham had to say on Fox News today. He is committed to the principles of conservatism and will not jump ship just because his political career is in jeapordy. But what will you who are conservatives do? This a ripe time of harvest for building and gathering in the sheaves for the conservative message.

American's do not want big government, they appreciate the opportunity that exist in this country to work hard reap the benefits. They don't want big government laying on huge deficits on the backs of their grandchildren and great grandchildren, they don't want a weak military and a useless border. Many don't even desire nationalized healthcare. So what are we waiting for. We should have our torch ready to search deep and long for those who are not committed to the conservative message and show them the door as well. This is the time for conservative bloggers to take their message to the masses. We must show that conservatives are energized and ready to take back this country. The recent tea parties should show evidence of this, as well. Still recent polls shows that the mindset of American's are still center right, not center left. Don't be stooged by the lefts schemes to brand conservatives as a thing of the past, as Senator Specter did in his news conference today. Obama's liberal brand has just taken off and already many American's are rejecting it. When Senator Spector finds himself ousted in 2010, will he come crawling back in hopes to retain his political glout with conservatives. You can bet he will. Again to Mr. Spector and those like him, I say, "Glad you're gone, sorry you stayed so long.

Have a great day.


  1. All Specter did was delay the inevitable. His career is over in PA. He was going to lose to his chief rival next year and he did not want to lose his power. Blaming the Republican party for becoming to extreme on the right. What a knucklehead. Being a centrist is the same as being a little bit pregnant.
    You would think that by now states would enact rules or laws that if you switch party affiliations that you must immediately resign your seat as the voters placed you there because of your affiliation and beliefs. I wonder if the voters of PA can sue him for fraud. I agree with you, "glad you're gone, sorry you stayed so long."

  2. Now that's a great idea, if he is going to accept the office on the premise that Republicans voted him in that office, he needs to fulfill his term in representation of them. He is like every other politician that has rooted themselves in DC. It's about the power now. They all need a vacation and come 2010, I hope they all get one. He is almost 80 years old and is still thinking about being re-elected. Man talking about power hungry.