Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Will Perez Hilton, become the poster child for Hate Crime Prosecutions?

I am so excited about the new legislation that the liberals are pushing on the horizon. The new hate crimes law. And I was thinking it was perfect timing for such legislation to become law. We also have our first candidate for prosecution under this very liberal self destructing bomb; Perez Hilton. The law claims that those who attack anyone because of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation could be prosecuted. Well, what happened at the Miss USA pageant was definitely an attack against Ms. Prejean because of her deeply held Christian views. Instead of the usual cry baby responses that comes from the gay activist and their supporter on the left, Ms. Prejean took the high road.

Instead of running to the first courthouse to file a law-suit against Perez Hilton for his apparent act of religious discrimination and hatred, she return a sincere desire to forgive him. Before the liberals begin licking their lips, they better understand that their own could very well be cited for hate crimes and become the brunt of religious hate crimes. A hate crime is a hate crime, and what Perez Hilton did was truly hateful. He should be a little nervous as he may be the first candidate to be used as an example of what happens when people really act hatefully towards others. Not like in the fabricated views that most gays have against Christians, who disagree with their lifestyle. Maybe one day the left will become intelligent enough to understand that it's not hateful to disagree with another person's "choice", but to attack an individual like Hilton attacked Ms. Prejean, that is a classic hate crime.


  1. Personally I have a strong disdain for any hate crime legislation. It is nothing more than "thought" punishment. You would have to get into the mind of someone to determine if he was thinking, of the criteria, during the commission of his crime and would be too broadly prosecuted. If someone white killed a black person while robbing a liquor store, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would use their influence to have them prosecuted under the hate crime legislation instead of being just prosecuted for the crime of murder.

    Fortunately if passed it probably would backfire on the very one's that want it passed.

    I am also tired of the Gay agenda. They consistently play the victim role when it comes to anything that is not to their liking including picking on a beauty pageant contestant. Being gay does not entitled a person to any special privileges that are not already guaranteed by the Constitution.

  2. My sentiments as well, however, your words ring true of what the gay community has actually done, attained special privileges for themselves. And you know what, they won't stop until they bring down the whole democratic party with them. I think from this episode with Carrie Prejean, Americans will now see their true motives. I hope every state will now enact a constitional amendment to their states. They don't need special rights they need serious mental health treatment.