Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brainwashed! Christianity 059

I was awaken with lots of ammo this morning to fight the day’s battle. As I slept the Spirit of God was bringing forth incredible revelation and wisdom. I awaken to the words for this blog. My friend Karen Harden has a must read blog post today. In processing all that God has placed on my heart today, one of the defining terms I received was, "stealth attack". Karen and I had no collaborations on what we have written, but the messages are quiet clear. In all of our preparing for battle, charging to turn this country around, ridding our government of corrupt politicians, we must be aware that the enemy sits and watches to see whom it is he may devour.

I was having a couple of bumpy days, and I know there will be more, but God will always use our adversities to mold and shape us. One of the things I have realized from the events of the past two days is that the liberal left has been very effective in launching a stealth plan to brainwash the citizens of America. They have been successful in moving God out of America by changing the attitudes of American concerning things that relate to Christians. Many people have been brainwashed and don't even realize it. That is a scary thing.

When someone can deceptively take over ones mind without them having any fight against the individual, that individual holds a very frightening and dangerous ability. One of the areas where the left has been the most effective is in silencing the voice of Christians. It is like they have individually hog-tied the mouth of Christians without even touching them. That is amazing. I have been amazed at how Christians think about themselves as a result of the raping of their identity by the left. It is as if this hypnotic trance happens once the Christian engages outside of their boundaries. Psalms 24: 8 says, "Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle." Now for the most part during Sunday sermon, or within the confinement of the home, most Christians can shout that boldly. However, place those same Christians in the room with a room full of fierce opponents of the faith, and they would most probably stand shivering.

What happened to "Who is the King of Glory?” The majority of Christians have been conditioned to fear those with no authority over them. Jesus said this in Matthew 28:18-20, "And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Who has all authority? Jesus does. Yet Christians will crumble before any opposition of their faith. It is as if they need a remedial course in Christianity to teach them to stand on the faith they profess. It was said that this site is too Christian, it could be offensive and seem exclusive to those who do not believe. Wait! Excuse me; there is nothing offensive on this site. What is offensive? Are their signs anywhere condemning and judging the faith of others, No? Does it say that only Christians are welcome here? No. Do we have a giant "no trespassing" signs saying no unbelievers allowed? No. The Left has now become accustomed to seeing Christians bow down by using their magic words: "You are offending me". Seeing a half naked girl on the front page of a magazine at the grocery check where my 8 year old daughter can view it is offensive to me, but do you think those who support the immoral ideologies of the left care? No! I can be offended until pigs fly but no one will remove those magazines because a Christian who holds to a different set of values is offended.

Christians have existed as if God has no power and the devil has authority over all things during the last 50 years and it shows. I use to watch horror movies back in the day and I was reminded of what would happen when a vampire would see the reflection of a cross. This was so painful that the vampire would squirm at its sight. It is the power of God that has such an impact on darkness. Acts 19:15-17, gives an account on a rather comical scene that shows the effect and the authority of the Power of God,

"And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”16 Then the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, overpowered[a] them, and prevailed against them,[b] so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. 17 This became known both to all Jews and Greeks dwelling in Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

Now the Left no longer has to have their minions silence Christians, they have brainwashed Christians into silencing themselves. It may have the makings of a Hollywood comedy but it’s true. The enemy has stealthily moved Christians into being a contributor to his work. Every time we remove the message of Christ from the presence of an unbeliever, because they deem it offensive, we give them a free pass into farther darkness. It is up to the power of God's word to illuminate ones heart; we should not be working as Christians to stifle that. When we allow the message of Christ to illuminate and expose the issues of darkness the more likely it will be that He will work through them. Every time a Christian runs and hides the power of God because it is offensive to the unbeliever, the more they work in concert with the devil to keep that persons heart in bondage. Removing the message of the Gospel, removes the power of conviction, which is needed to bring the rebellious heart into submission. Our response should be to allow God to deal with the issues that keep the unbelievers heart in bondage. Deal with it.

Doubt is more what exist within the heart of most Christians. If we believe that Christ truly is the King of Glory and has authority of everything that is in heaven and earth, and then darkness would not be able to banish us into silence, instead the power of God would transform the rebellious heart into submission. Think about it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9/12 Moms Tea Parties

Good Evening blogosphere,

It's early in the morning here but I needed to get this posted before I forget.  Our new site launched this week.  We have been having a very interesting time in our first week.  Our site is distinctfully different than what you may think a mom's network site would consist of.  We have a variety of blogs and forums, touching on both the spiritual and political issues in our nation.  I believe that America's demise reaches much deeper than surface politics and cleaning out our congress.  What has happened in our country over the last 50 years is a complete hijacking of the mind.  The liberal left has created ideologies, policies and viewpoints that has destroy the individual which in turn has destroy our moral fabric.  In order for us to have a true transformation in this country we must deal with the issue of ones heart.  Our site has many resources that does just that. 

I believe that if we only change the political makeup of our congress and heads of states, and do nothing to change the condition of how Americans think, we will find ourselves back in the very place we are right now and things will only get worst.  The second principle of the 9/12 project happens to be the first and foremost for me, it says that "I believe in God and He is the center of my life."  This concept is what will move God back to the center as we refocus our hearts, souls, and mind spiritually.  Then real change will come.  This however takes work.  It is said that our site is too Christian, and therefore we will not receive the kind of membership support seen by more inclusive sites.  My response to that, is if all we are is another networking site that looks to show off our membership then we have missed the opportunity to make a lasting and impactful change for the future of our children. 

When I heard this I discovered one of the most critical problems that exist in our country.  The conditioning by the left to cause people of faith to hide their faith in order that the non-believer is not offended.  Christianity is offensive, because it illuminates the darkness of ones heart. I am a Christian and I have a right to be.   I sense this almost mechanical reflects to run from the non-believer by most Christians.  We have lost our freedom of religion already, if every Christian reference must come down at the presence of a non-believer.  I must respect the non-believer, and by the same token the non-believer must also respect me.   One of our goals is to build a spirit of conviction and confidence within the minds of our moms.  They must value their roles and be able to boldy embrace the role of a mother.

We have a great work in process but we have come up with some rather creative ways to meet our goals. One that is most dearest to me, is the tea party.  The tea party protest mimicked the Boston Tea Party, but our mom's will be having traditional set down tea parties to begin conversations in reconstructing the role of moms and in bringing back God as our center.  These tea parties may be very lavish to very simple but they will have an impact within our circles of influence.  On December 12, 2009 we are asking mom's everywhere to host or sponsor a 9/12 Moms Old Fashion Tea Party.  You can visit our site to get more tips in how to conduct a tea party in your area.  Come by and check us out at  I hope that all of my followers will join with us on 12/12 to embark on changing our country and bringing God back as her center. Have a great day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moms in Action - The 9/12 Moms Network

After two weeks of contemplating what will be the best avenue to move the message of the 9/12 project from being a nice set of values to becoming values that the American family is centered on, I have found resolve and my calling. On Monday, the 9/12 Moms Network will be ready to move the message of the 9/12 project from being just a set of principles that sound nice to those being the values that families are built on. I am more of a person who does than a person who talks about things that I would like to do. I do believe sincerely that the role that I have been moved into playing is a role that God has purposed for me. The root of the problems in our nation is that God has been removed from center stage. As I think about the many third world countries and how different things have turned out for America, I am seeing one very pronounced difference; the role in which God has played in building the success of America.

Our founding fathers purposely put as the center of what America would be the acknowledgement and dependence on The Creator. There is but one Creator and He is God the Father. This God has a Son, Jesus who was sent forth to redeem the world. He left for us His power through the Holy Spirit to guide and show us the way to redemption. This is something I believe the founding fathers believed as well. From reading the various founding documents of this nation, the intent of the fathers was not to confine the worship of God but to ensure that those who would come to this country would be free to worship. The work of organizations like the ACLU would seem rather unconstitutional as it continues to try and restrict the practice of worship rather than allow believers to worship and express their convictions freely.

The first Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It is appalling to see the different laws that have been enacted within the last 40 years that has "prohibited the free exercise" in the expressing of ones’ religion in this country. A child can not wear a shirt that expresses faith in Christ in a public school. Prayer is no longer allowed in school. A Christmas tree can no longer be displayed in schools. Department stores are restricted from saying "Merry Christmas", during the "Christmas" season which is just a fraction of the many was Christians have been prohibited from their right to free expression. I believe that these restrictions of our expressions of faith totally go against what has been established within the United States Constitution. But how has the ACLU been able to garner so many of these restrictions through the courts that was establish to enforce not dismantle the directives of our founding fathers? I believe that this has happened because so many Americans do not have a clue as to the importance of adhering to our constitution nor does many care.

Within the last 40 years their has been a deliberate attempt by the forces that are, to keep the average American preoccupied to the point that such things as our liberties and freedoms, were the farthest things on list of things to be concerned about. Those who are in power in various faucets of American life understand that the one thing that would be a key to destroying the America envisioned by our founding fathers would be to condition Americans to be indulged with self. The issues of our society for the last 40 years have all been ideologies and policies centered on what is best for ones self and not America as a whole. Creating a fractionalized America is the best way to destroy it. If we were truly a united people then the issues of our lives would focus on how we live in unity as a group instead of individually. Liberals and libertarians both focus on individual rights. At the surface this may seem reasonable but I am reminded by Scripture how this has been the catalyst for creating the problems we have experienced in America today. Roman’s 14 gives a detail account on what happens to us when we are only concerned with what is important to ourselves as individual. We must be our brother’s keeper in a sense.

Starting with America's first mistake, removing prayer from school, this was done solely by the complaint of one individual. That person felt that their individual right to not have to be subjected to hearing prayers recited in schools was more important than the whole of the school population, and so for the one, many became restricted in expressing prayer in schools. Second, the sexual revolution, said that one should be free to express themselves freely without regard to the objections of the whole, ones personal morals outweighed the morals of the society. We can see the corruption in the morals of this nation that has resulted from this type of thinking. Every film, sitcom, commercial advertisement, billboard, department store, school and music video is filled with the over reaching negative impacts of the sexual revolution.

The woman's liberation movement, another "me" concept through which the practice of killing children became a legal process in this country shows this same pattern of “me” first. True motherhood requires the "my child is first", attitude. The very name provides evidence of what role is to be played when a woman becomes a mother. However the "me" first attitude promoted through the woman’s liberation movement implies that a woman is first concerned about her own best interest not the interest of anyone else. Abortion has also impacted the way men look at fatherhood. Many men now look to abortion as a way out of their parental responsibility. Through this today’s fathers are promoting the negative impacts of the "me" first liberal left.

As we look back upon the last 40 years of the cancerous "me" mentality we can see that it is time to reverse our way of thinking. There has not been any quantifiable progress by the implementation of the liberal progressive practices forced upon us. The so-called forward thinking concepts of the liberal left and their un-American experiment has failed miserably. I believe however, that God is not as quick to abandon America as she has been to abandon Him. The task of turning our nation around is not an easy one and it is not one that can be accomplished with the faint of heart. Just as it has taken us 50 years to get to this place it will take many years to get back. But I am confident that we can get back to that place where God is the center of American life again. Just say no, to everything liberal, with a fierce and purposeful force. Are would you like to see just how bad things can really get? The same kind of force that was used to dismantle America is the same type of force we will need to take it back. On Monday, the 9/12 Moms Network, will become a part of the process to do just that.

Moms are still the leaders of their households and we believe that it is through equipping moms to rebuild their families through the principles of the 9/12 project that our nation will begin to turnaround. You can visit our new site at You may not be a mom, but if you are someone who believe in the principles this great nation was founded on you are invited to join us. I hope that you will get involved and that you will invite everyone you know who cares, to become an active part of turning this country around. May we all take our positions on the row as we steer this country back.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Black like them, worshipping the god of Blackness

"If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." This verse has been a very powerful verse in the formation of my attitude toward following and serving the LORD. I use it as the basis for my attitude toward others I come in contact with. For me that verse says, there are many gods out there that man has created to serve. Everyone must decide for themselves what god they will follow and serve. But as Joshua said in the verse above, for Mary Baker I and those who live in my household will serve the LORD. When choosing who it is one will follow, that person must make the choice to follow and serve wholeheartedly. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus says this, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other You cannot serve God and wealth.”

In this verse Jesus specifically refers to money, but the context of the verse can be used in any situation where a person is serving or giving of themselves. In this passage, we see that there are some who place money as their god, they worship it and their lifestyle is centered on and driven by it. We all know someone whose lifestyle reflect exactly what these Scriptures describe. I have discovered recently that there are many other objects of ones affection that can become ones god. For instance, I have been very intrigued by the manner in which blacks have reacted to the election of President Obama. In most cases, many do not hold to any of the same ideologies he holds to, but they are committed to a certain aspect of him, through which many have found their own empowerment and identity. Regardless of what he does or does not do these people are faithfully committed to a certain thing about President Obama. For a long time, I wondered, why is it that so many blacks are devoted to this man?

I think about my own beliefs and values and find that President Obama and I have nothing in common. So what is different about me and other blacks that do oppose him, and the majority of blacks who are solely devoted to him? I have been totally baffled until today, when the LORD gave me wisdom to see the difference. For those blacks who worship Obama, they follow him because he is black. That’s it, they don’t have to believe anything he believes or have anything in common with him he is just “black like them”. Obama’s blackness is the god that they worship. Then it all began to make sense. I think about the ideologies Barack Obama holds to and the convictions of those in the black community and I see this so crystal clear. For many blacks, the blackness that they worship means more to them than the God that created them black.

Many blacks attend church on a regular basis but their doctrine is one built on the religion of blackness. Social Justice is something that has long been fought through the leadership of the black church. They believe that social justice means that equality in all areas can only be attained by the government. Their views about poverty are evident as many inner cities have been trampled upon waiting for those they elect in government to come through and wipe all of their struggles away. Jesus says however, in John 12:7-8, these words, “7Therefore Jesus said, "Let her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of My burial. 8"For you always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me." Jesus never gave us command to make the poor equal, we were warned to not take advantage of the poor, or not to mistreat them, or oppress them, but never to make them equal through the distribution of what someone else owns.

If we really look into the true motives of liberals and the left, we can see by the living conditions of many inner city communities, that there is a lot of mistreatment going on, and a lot of taking advantage, any many do not really care about the poor they are only using them for their own advantage. But again in the religion of blackness the concept of social justice has been embraced and instilled in the minds of those who worship at its altar. Although they may sing songs with great passion about how good God is their true deliverer is their government officials. That is what they hoped for in electing President Obama. The highest person in office would be the embodiment of their blackness and finally deliverance would come.

In the area of gay rights, many blacks are totally against gay rights, yet the President and his liberal pundits are fierce supporters of the gay rights agenda. God’s Word however tells us to flee all sexual immorality. It does not matter what it is; we should have nothing to do with supporting, condoning or promoting sexually immoral behaviors. In the religion of blackness sexual immorality is the centerpiece of ones lifestyle. There seem to be no boundaries or accountability whether in the church setting or any other setting where men and women are held to any moral standard. Sexual immorality is glorified in the music, movies, art, publications, and churches, of those who embrace the religion of blackness.

Another Scripture that has formulated my life as a Christian is 2 Corinthians 5:17, which says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” This concept of newness is foreign to those who worship at the altar of blackness. What I have witnessed especially from the clips of preachers of those like Jeremiah Wright is that there is no forgiveness, or redemption. The sins of the past should always be pressed upon the backs of the children of their fathers, fathers to infinite generations. I at one time worshipped there as well. I was led to believe by those in the black leadership that I was better because I was black, and that my enemy was mainly those who were white Evangelical Christians. That in itself shows that those who worship the god of blackness worship a very different god. That is why blacks can follow Obama to the grave, just as I would follow Christ, regardless of what others may say in opposition of him.

I understand why many can have very different convictions and values than Obama, but remain devoted to him. The god of blackness has been taken life form through Obama. Many blacks view him as everything they have ever hoped for in a deliverer. Some see themselves when they look at him in his color and that alone. They have seen their blackness exalted as President Obama holds the highest office in our land. They don’t see a President that represents the people of America they see someone who represents what their blackness is all about.

For me, there is nothing more precious to me than the forgiveness and redemption Christ has afforded me. The person I use to be I will never be again, because I am a new person in Christ. The manner in which many blacks view President Obama, is the same way I feel about Jesus, people can say whatever they want about Him but as for me and my house we shall serve the LORD.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Endeavor

I am always impressed with my American sisters and brothers.  They always seem to show their greatest character under pressure. Americans are amazing people.  We are compassionate in times when compassion is needed.  We unite when a call for uniting is amongst us. We share when our fellow citizens are faced with a crisis and goes without.  I did not think I can be prouder to be an American, but today I stand corrected.  I can not count the number of responses that have come into my email, my blogspot, my facebook page, and over the blogosphere in support of my article and appearance on the Glenn Beck show.  One would think that inspite of the constant racial intimidation by the left that many whites in this country would be just worn out and tired of having anything to do with another black person.  If anything, many have truly shown their insistence on tearing down the racial tensions that divide us.

In the midst of all of this there has been minimal negative comments.  The good in this case greatly overweighs the bad.  I hear over and over the cries of agreement in seeing our country return to the principles of our founding fathers.  The Left has truly forged a clever and well thought out plan to "fundamentally change America".  But it did not just happen upon us in November 2008, the left's desire to change the construct of what we know as America started more than 100 years ago when Franklin Roosevelt injected the first social structure of progressivism through his "New Deal".  Now we see that it was really a bad deal for America.  What we are witnessing as Americans today is the crowning of the epitomy of liberal progressivism in this country.

It is as if Frankenstiens monster has received the long awaited jolt of life.  As you all may have realized by now, I love comedy.  So I am going to use the reference to the movie "Young Frankenstien". In this film the young Dr. Frankenstien, endeavored in an experiment to create his own form of humanity.  His intent was to masterfully create a superhuman with strength and intelligence like no other.  However in sending out his wacky assistant Igor to retreive a brain for his creation, something went wrong.  Igor retrieved the brain of an abnormal person and presented it to Dr. Frankenstien to be transplanted in his monster.  The end result was a rather challenged monster instead of a superhuman.  In witnessing the current state of our elected officials in Washington, it certainly reflects that there are alot of "Abbie Normals", in DC.  But Americans are not content with allowing this experiment gone bad to destroy what is left of our nation.

I was honored to be among the moms who voiced their concerns about the future of our country. After the second interview I began thinking that God has a certain work for me to do in this as well.  My blogpage is just my opinion about the various issues that we are facing as a nation.  Although it makes for interesting reading, I am personally not contributing to helping other mom's develop their place in this fight to take back our nation.  Lori at, saw the need to create a site so that those women who want to voice their concerns can be heard and she has done a great job.  I believe that my role in this was not just to keep moms hyped up but to build a presence among moms in this country to help us reach our goals of changing this country.  In speaking to Barbara Curtis of who is also personally involved in the life of moms throughout this country, I have decided to do something more.

Many women have emailed me and encouraged me to take a more active role in this effort so that is what I am going to do.  On October 19th, a new website to forge the work of the 9/12 Moms will be launched.  There have been a team of moms that have come together to work with me in building the site so that we can effective reach our goals of helping moms impact the nation.  My role in the lives of women have always taken a mentor type role.  The site that has been develop will provide many resources and tools to mentor moms in rethinking their roles as mothers.  We will provide Biblical topics and inspirational and challenging blogs, groups and forums.  We will also have state groups where moms can form meetup groups in their churches, towns and schools. As a mom of a disable adult, as a mom who once held a career outside the home, as a single mom and as a mom who has experienced domestic violence, I believe my life experiences can help impact the lives of moms in a positive manner.  I hope that you will encourage the moms you know to join us as we will have a very comprehensive site for the moms to participate in and become active in their communities.

The Left now has full reign on forging their progressive ideologies and Americans are now waking up to see that this is a monster of mass destruction that we can not afford to run rampant.  I believe that we have our work cut out for us but we can put this beast to rest once and for all if we all play our parts.  I hope you will all join in with the moms in support of our efforts to impact our nation.  I will be moving my blog to the new site.  On Sunday, October 18th, I will be announcing the link to the new site as it is currently not ready to be launched.  I thank you all who have linked to my blogspot and I pray that the LORD's blessings will fill your life.  Please be praying for us as we do our part to change our world through moms.

God's blessings be upon all of you,