Saturday, April 18, 2009

How the Democratic Party deceives minority into embracing liberalism

It appears that the conservative party may be getting its grove back, since the dems have taken control of all branches of powers on capitol hill. The dems weaknesses has been exposed to the those who once thought that it was the conservatives that had lost their way. It now appears both parties had lost their ways but the party in power is always the one on whom the light most brightly shines. The dems have been successful in pinning down a very loyal faction of their party and that is minorities. Conservative must not stop at just winning back their base but winning all who would embrace their priniciples. There are many factions of the conservative movement where those who may not have traditionally associated themselves with the conservatism can find commonality.

With all of these factions within the conservative movement there should be a place for a wide variety of people, especially minorities. As a result of Obama’s candidacy many blacks now label themselves as liberals, because the Dems have now packaged their ideology in a way that causes minorities to believe that liberalism and socialism are mutually inclusive. However, they are not. The ideologies focus on two different set of viewpoints. I am by no means embracing socialism, but understand that those in minority populations believe that conservative have no compassion for their plight. This is totally not the case.

Conservatism is good for our country. Its ideologies promote faith, empowerment, integrity, character, hard work, charity and prosperity. These attributes are good for mankind and can move America to become an even greater country.For many years the black community and other minority communities have treated the conservative message with disdain and suspicion. However, there is a place in the conservative movement for all minorities when the message is presented correctly. The Democratic Party under the premise of liberalism has used the ideology of socialism to foster an expectation of entitlement, in minority communities. The conservative movement and the Republican Party can repackage the ideology of social conservatism to foster economic empowerment. The key to bridging the divide between minorities and the Republican Party is exposing the deception of the Democratic Party in making minorities believe that liberalism and socialism are mutually inclusive.Within these communities lies the church which, like in the conservative movement is very essential.

All Christian churches teach a very specific set of beliefs, life is sacred, marriage is sacred, morality is key to the success of any nation; we must care for the sick, poor and the widow and treat our neighbors as ourselves. Black churches, Asian churches, Hispanic churches, all teach these same principles, yet, many of these same people voted for a Presidential candidate that in no way, shape or form shares their values of faith, life and morality. Because of the message of socialism that has been packaged by Dems within the confines of socialism, most minorities believe that they can not have social justice without being liberal. The Republican Party within the confines of conservatism must communicate that it is in fact possible to achieve social justice without embracing the destructive principles of liberalism.Most minorities are traditionalist as in they embrace the traditional foundations on which America was built. They embrace the concept of family and the sanctity of life. They also embrace the concept of the neoconservatives in their commitment to adhering to our countries constitution. Most minorities hold strong religious beliefs and have many things in common with the Religious Right faction of the Republican Party.

They are committed to the ideologies of social conservatives, national security and to being fiscally responsible. The problem lies in their thinking that embracing liberalism is the only manner of achieving social justice and actually liberalism and socialism are two very different concepts.The principles of liberalism must be exposed for its, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-constitutional, anti-national defense, anti everything that has to do with the foundations of our American values. Rick Santorin in this speech on Friday morning at CPAC, made a very profound statement of how liberalism exploits the establishment clause within our constitution. I will attempt to paraphrase what he said, but it was to the effect that the constitution was not intended to protect the government from religions but to protect religions from the government.

At the heart of liberalism is the desire to create the government as the sole source of authority. The government is not to create rights that are in opposition to what God has given us but to uphold those rights and to exist within the confines of those rights. We must communicate to minorities that in embracing the Dems socialist policies they are also embracing their anti-Christian policies that are in direct opposition of what they profess to believe.This is the message that must begin to be communicated to our church and civic leaders in minority communities. These leaders must understand how socialism and liberalism are actually exclusive of each other. They must understand the destructive principles of liberalism and the commonality that is shared within the faction of social conservatism within the Republican Party and minority communities. Within the book, “The Future of Conservatism”, a discussion of the socialism of the two Bush Administrations was discussed. I never thought that socialism could exist with conservatism.

I have been one to believe as many in minority communities do, that socialism was solely owned by liberals. We know now the huge spending that began within the first Bush Administration and the huge spending bills that continued within Bush II. The positive principles of social conservatism to minority communities must be emphasized while the negative principles of socialism are exposed. However we can not stop there, we must have solutions in place that will send a definite message to minority communities. I realized that within the conservative faction of the Republican Party, that there is definitely a place for the many minorities who need the resources that social conservatism can provide.


  1. HI: I enjoy your blog. Martin Luther King's grand niece said the same thing that you are saying. Obama wants to keep the minorities down by keeping them in entitlement programs and their population down thru abortion. She said that 75% of abortions are in the black community.

    How do we get this message out to the black/Hispanic and other minority groups. There is room for all of us to prosper. No one has to be left behind or held down. No lives have to be destroyed.

    I look at all of the tax payer money that Obama is spending for abortions world-wide. That money could be spent on the space program...I know this may sound weird, but we are capable of many things and one is colonizing planets. I think many people would be interested in this and what fabulous employment opportunities to many people.

    This is a conversation that I find very interesting but I would like to see more people involved that are affected by these policies of suppression thru abortion and entitlements.

    Thank you for sharing your blog.

  2. You are welcome. It just amazes me how parallelized many minorities are to the democratic party, and that is not their only option. I was talking with some family members who I believe mostly vote democrat, however in talking about immigration, they strongly held to the same beliefs I hold that illegal immigration is not something that America should be tolerating. I was suprised at how conservative they were in their views. But because the dems have led them to believe that they sympathize with the social justices of the past they seem convinced that the dems are on their side.

    There is room for everyone to prosper under the umbrella of conservativism. I really believe also that the dems desire to bring us back to a place where slavery exist again. We need to talk openly about what the conservative movement is all about. We need to confront minority on the myths they believe about the democratic party. In cities ran by dems, crime is high, proverty is high, taxes are high, and yet people think they are on the side of the average American. Keep talking and reaching beyond your comfort zones.

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