Monday, August 31, 2009

So you don't like Chocolate Ice Cream, you must be a racist..

If you think that sounds totally idiotic, how stupid do you think it is to relate not supporting Obama’s death care to being racist? Maybe I napped too long, or I had taken too long of a vacation one year and missed the day America went back to the horrors of the 1960’s. Diane Watson’s blaming racism for the reasoning behind one’s rejection of Obamacare is social intimidation at its wackiest point ever. The protestors at the town hall meetings being called Nazi’s and mobsters are another display of their use of social intimidation. There only manner of dealing with opposition is social intimidation. The only way the left knows how to keep opposition at bay is through social intimidation.

It is sad to see that for the last 4 decades this same type of social intimidation has kept blacks clinging to the Democratic Party. Blacks in the inner city have been brainwashed to believe that their source of government welfare will vanish at the hands of conservatives and Republicans if they dared to vote in their favor. Regardless of whether the liberal happens to be black or white social intimidation is their famed attack dog. Parting ways with welfare entitlements is the best thing a person can do for themselves. These services were meant as a short term, very short term aid and not a generational crush. The habit of living on government entitlement destroys innovation and ones ability to strive for a higher standard of living.

Diane Watson had no shame in expressing her feelings toward the opposition. I am sure if she would have thought that they held any type of absurdity she would have refrained from making them. Her use of social intimidation in the form of racism was not even a second thought. As I look back on the events from November 4, 2008, when the world supposed that America was finally putting to rest her dark and racially divided past, I am appalled and disgusted at the behaviors of Ms. Watson, Professor Gates and Nancy Pelosi. I don’t like chocolate ice cream, my favorite is French Vanilla and because I choose to make my own decision as to what I prefer, does not make me a racist. There was a time in America where we had the right to stand against whatever we desired. This tendency to silence opposition through intimidation is just another revelation at the radical dictator-like actions of the left.

In thinking about these events, it brought to my mind a scene from the 1980’s comedy, “I’m Gonna Get you Sucka”, when Huggybear is released from jail and begins to walk about in platform shoes, with a fish tank at the bottom. As he walks the city street everyone begins to take note of his out of date attire, many bursting to utter laughter. It’s the same for those of us who have come out of those turbulent times wiser and more appreciative of the knowledge we have gained from the racial tensions of the past. It is an obscurity to us, of the conservative mindset who follow the practice of judging others by the content of ones character and not by the color of their skin, to think of things through the lens of racism. But to the conservative this is not the least bit funny.

The radical left liberals both black and white are the only ones who are still battling the hate filled days of the past. Every policy and program they have ever engineered takes us back instead of forward. Their hi-jacking of almost every sector of industry and its derailment thereof, is only hurting our great nation. My question is this. Why has the government even become involved in the Health Care business in the first place? Health Care is a business liability that should be accounted for in the business model. Our dilapidated business model, brought to its destruction at the hands of liberal corporate executives is just what the left has ordered. The supposed healthcare crisis is of no surprise to liberals, who intentionally targeted the many sectors of our industry to insure that they would have the opportunity to bring about socialism to this country through healthcare.
Healthcare is something we all need at some point in our lives. If the liberals who control our governing authorities can take possession of it then they can also take possession of many other areas of our lives. When we are healthy we perform better, when we perform better, we work harder, when we work harder we increase productivity, when we increase productivity profits rise, and when profits rise employers should be able to provide for their employees a competitive package of benefits. Today’s business model does not seek profit as businesses once sort in the past. They seek to control the social environments in which we all live. Warren Buffet was definitely not desiring that John McCain win the 2008 Presidential election, nor was George Soro’s, both these men have built their empires through the business sector but their desire is to promote liberal socialist policies through the contributions they provide for the candidate they choose to fund. The left have always sort to steam role the public through social intimidation of the rich and powerful.

We all know that it is absurd to contribute racism to rejecting Obamacare, just as it is absurd to claim that one would be racist for not liking chocolate ice cream. However, this social intimidation regardless of its absurdity is meant to silence the opponent and bring for the will of the left, just as in the radical days of the 60’s. The election of President Obama should have been the final nail in the coffin of racism between blacks and whites in this country, instead his administration only attempts to use racism as a means of social intimidation to silence those who disagree.

We as American’s do not need universal health care. We need to turn our voices to the corporations to whom we provide profit. We spend our money on products and services provided through the business sector, and we expect these companies to use our monies wisely. In fact, we should be holding these companies accountable through attending the stock meetings to inquire as to what they are doing with the profits they secure. Are they too busy stuffing the bank accounts and contribution funds of liberal executives and politicians? Or is it their funding of liberal social policies that see the bulk of company profits that could be used to provide affordable healthcare package.
It is my belief, that with the help of these corporations that healthcare reform bills such as Obamacare has been pushed upon the American people. As a nation we have become too comfortable in trusting that those who are in control of our dollars will do the right thing. I am sure we all see that those who should have our best interest don’t. Whether it is Obamacare, taxation, border issues, or what type of ice cream one likes or dislike, as American’s we have to come back to the practice of holding our leaders accountable. And don’t be intimidated by the social intimidations of the liberal left in the process. Speak up and speak boldly, say it loud, “We’re American and proud!”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I am no longer an African American

Good morning Blogosphere,

I am posting an article I submitted to the American Thinker this week. After gathering thoughts about this topic, many other questions arose that I felt would inspire others to think about the roles those who supposedly represent us play in making decisions for the whole that may not represent the whole. It is time we learn to speak and think for ourselves. No one, two or three persons should be able to represent an individual. This practice of allowing those such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and others represent the idealogies of all blacks have become a fatal mistake. In looking at the viewpoints and attitudes of those who came out of the radical days of the civilrights movements of the 1960's, I find myself a stranger. So I would like to hear the opinions of others who may have had similiar thought or who may began to think differently after reading my article. Here is the entire article submitted to the American Thinker:
Why I am no longer an African American

After observing the attitudes of African Americans and obtaining an understanding of the distinction of that title, I must now say that I can no longer identify myself as an African American. The classification of African American for the black population in America came as a result of the civil rights movement in the 1960. This reclassification held several proclamations and principles to which I can no longer identify with as a citizen of this country. The term African American was created to signify the black American’s love for Africa, the once held motherland for which we were all suppose to long to return too. This title holds anti-American sentiments to which I can not embrace. Thinking honestly about this I can very well say that I have never once “longed” to return to Africa. In fact, I do not think about Africa or even what it would be like to live there, as I have always been content living in the country of my birth. Africa is a beautiful country and it has a rich diversity of wonderful people. However, the classification of African America says that although I live in America my loyalties and allegiance is to the country of Africa. My loyalties and my allegiance are first to Jesus Christ who is the LORD and Savior of my life.

It is my faith that drives everything about what I believe and hold as dear. The founders of this country envisioned a nation that would secure the God-given rights of its citizens. The desired that every citizen born in this country would not suffer the oppression they endured under England’s rule, set as the backdrop for guaranteeing freedom for all Americans. They especially desired that our nation would be one ruled and protected by our Creator God. Many beg to differ but the founder’s insistence that God guide the ways of this nation is apparent in their acknowledgement of His hand in the creation of life, the rights of life and the prosperity of life. It is these principles of the American way that make me proud to just be an American. So therefore I will begin to select for my identity the title of American. The radical ideologies of blacks involved in the civil rights movements that brought forth this reclassification came through the influence of those liken to Professor Gates, the Harvard professor who became livid because he was questioned of his identity by a white police officer.

Those who embrace Professor Gates sentiments are those who today still believe that America owes the black population for the horrors of slavery. They are those that continue to stoke the fires of racial hatred toward other races and promote the continued attitude of pity within the black community. They also hold to the teachings of black liberation theology a school of thought that I never knew existed until the presidential campaign of then Senator Barak Obama. The teachings of black liberation theology run counterproductive to the American way. They also run counterproductive to the love I hold for my country. The ideologies of the African American classification are not ideologies I ever held to. In fact the term has nothing to do with people of African ancestry. My parents never taught us to hold to any allegiance to Africa. When my mother did express her feelings of pride regarding her heritage it was to the tribe of the Cherokee Indians. I began to think about how we all get to be categorized in the first place. I have not noticed on any forms that the category of American is an option to be selected. Is this division amongst us perpetrated by our very own government?

Would a white South African be classified as an African American upon obtaining American citizenship? Would a person who is white by color, and was born in any part of Africa be considered an African American after gaining citizenship in this country? They would truly be African Americans. It is obvious that the classification of African American has nothing to do with those born of African descent. It is a radical group of black American who hold to the anti-American views of those shared by Jeremiah Wright, Professor Gates, Jesse Jackson, President Obama and many more who have come out of the radical civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Because of these things I now part ways with the classification of African American because I hold no allegiance to Africa. I do not desire to return there. I hold to the rich tenants of faith that many of the founders of this country hold too. I embrace the quality of freedom to worship, freedom to have my own opinion, freedom to express my views, freedom to achieve whatever it is God has created me to achieve. That is why when the next US Census occurs I will be making a new category just for me, the classification of being an American.

I am hoping that I will find others like me as well who are willing to break ties with the things that divide us and embrace the timeless principles that has made this country the greatest nation on earth.