Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now do you Believe?

In three months our nations has seen the most unbridled showing of radical left liberalism in her entire history. It was not enough to be warned by every screaming mad broadcaster on FoxNews, American's just had to find out for themselves. And so here we are. Now do you believe that President Obama is as far left as one can get. His liberal agents are having a field day driving this nation to the ground. And what do I see first thing this morning when I access MSN to check my email? Former Secretary of State Condelezza Rice is now the target of directives to use torture on "terrorist". Can someone inform the left what a terrorist is? No wait, don't bother, they could care less if America's haters desires to blow up every person in this nation, including them.

Could he really do it? Do you believe that Obama would bring Mrs. Rice up for torture charges, because she was acting on behalf of the best interest of this country. You better believe he would. What does he care about Mrs. Rice? I would not be surprise if his sneaky little plan is to bring charges against President Bush and Vice President Dick Chaney as well. But oh well, we brought this treason upon ourselves. It is only a matter of time before we read the dreadful headlines of the prosecution of all those who kept us safe for the last 8 years. The left are closed-minded, anti-God, anti-American, tyrants who can care less about this nation.

The want to rid the world of everything American, even our freedom of speech. We will soon be sanctioned to saying only what they feel is acceptable to them, and we saw a glimpse of it this week in the Miss USA pageant. Carrie Prejean was penalized for giving her opinion. Let me repeat myself here, she was sanctioned for giving "her opinion". So now we don't have the freedom to have an opinion, well we do, as long as our opinion does not oppose the ideologies of the liberal left. This should not be happening in America. But I am convinced that the events that have been taking place in this country at the hands of the radical leftwinged liberals of late, will now awaken many American's from their drunken stupor. No one believed that President Obama held to such radical liberal views. So now do you believe?


  1. Hey Mary B!
    I am not surprised that they are targeting Condi Rice. You know and I know, just how much extra scorn the left have for blacks who dare not drink the Kool Aid. What we must be watchful for during these Dog and Pony treason trials, is what laws Nancy and Harry will try to ram through. I noticed a little story about them trying to "fast track" (i.e. no debate or discussion)Obama's heath care reforms.

  2. This is unbelievable Clifton. You know that they are going to do exactly that. Obama has no control what so ever over Nancy and Harry and you know what they also told him, he best bring his "you-know-what", out and campaign for their other buddy, Chris Dodd. It's unbelieve, just totally unbelievable.

  3. Condeleeza will have to keep her wits about her as this thing unfolds. President Bush has been silent on Obama and doing so with respect for the office. Even though his predecessors (Clinton and Carter) were highly critical of everything he did. I think it may be time for Mr. Bush to do some sabre rattling with Big "O". Let him know how naive and stupid he is. The Presidents first job is to protect the American people and defend the Constitution. I cannot believe this man graduated from law school yet was a constitutional professor at University of Chicago. What Constitution did he read or study? Our Freedoms are under attack. Next will be our Liberties. Be careful Black Folk, people with our thoughts will be next. We got off the Plantation without Massah's permission.

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  5. Ron B.

    My thinking as well, we are so headed right back to the slave bloc, led by our very own just like the African leaders did before. Oh wait, why does this sound so familiar. Obama is African, his schemers are those that want to use him for their own ambitions, he's too blind to see, and hands over his own people. I tink us need to start digging a tunnel fo Massah Bama come get us.