Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Liberal Blacks Maybe the days of Slavery wasn't so bad after all.

As I was preparing breakfast for my family, I began to think about Glen Becks comments from the show he aired on yesterday. In that program, Mr. Beck was speaking about the racist views held by those within the progressive movement. They were those who believed that their race was the superior race and there were those other peoples amongst them who were a threat to their superior existence. One of those individuals was Margaret Sanger. Today, there is much information about Margaret Sanger that should turn the stomach of any minority or person in poverty. She believed strongly in racial purity and the viewpoints of the KKK. She held totally elitist and narcissistic views. She and her comrades were very specific in how they would accomplish their plan of ridding the world of those that threatened them in order to become a fit, healthy, and beautiful society of people.

They would carefully appoint ministers in these communities that would resolve any conflict that would arise regarding their plan. This from an excerpt from a letter she wrote to Clarence Gamble a partner in this plan of genocide. "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." (taken from, those ministers are still at work in minority communities deploying the mission of Margaret Sanger and the rest of her Klansman.

In fact, in November 2008, the minority community elected one of their most staunch followers. So I thought, why did so many good people give their lives for the cause of freedom, when these same people,, seems as though they would enjoy their lives in slavery. Why was there so much hoopla over lynching, when today, it is blacks who hold the titled for the population that seeks the most abortions? I wonder, if one were to be given the choice, what would be more horrific, being hung by the hands of an ignorant and heartless stranger, or having your life sucked away at the decision of ones own mother and father? I think that the most heartless thing is to have one's own parent take the life of their child. And why did we need Brown vs, The Board of Education. Those young people could have stayed in their own dilapidated schools and instead began the march to socialism. Today, most minorities still think that big government entitlements and socialism is the way to go.

Brown verses the Board of Education means nothing to many minorities. Most do not even possess the understanding to appreciate what this precedent provided for them. Why fight for the right to equal access to educational opportunities if that same population of people desires to live off the government all their lives? And what will the government do with there lazy little cohorts. Build more ghettos, throw their followers within the gates, lock them up, and turn them out during election season. It's about what is taking place within minority communities anyway. Why do we even need a Civil Rights Act? Many minorities could care less about the blood, sweat and tears, those like Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington and Dr. King, provided for us. In my view, in light of the obvious lack of regard for these tenants of freedom, there work now seems to be in vain.

Shame on all of you who now spit in the face of our great leaders who fought for our freedom. These minorities, (because I as a minority person, appreciate the hard work of our past champions of freedom) send them back to those days of slavery. All they need is socialism and its entitlements anyway. Many minorities think that the core beliefs of racism, serves them well. It is these people that organizations such as Planned Parenthood were targeted to destroy in the first place. Send them back to the slave blocs. I am sure that there are many Obama's and Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons, ministers of their own destruction, who would find them a nice plantation to live on. As long as they shut up and do what they are told all will be well. Those in minority communities that shot themselves in the head long ago, shows well the condition of their minds.

Who was it that said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"? No it is not; minorities find many opportunities to waste their minds. Just visit any inner city neighborhood and you will see a lot of great minds being wasted. So maybe to this group of people, the days of slavery were not as bad as many thought it was, as they are blazing a path right back to the disdained slave bloc. Galatians 5:1 says this, "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery." It was for freedom that God sent so many fighters to fight for the freedom of those who were held in the bondage and inhumane treatments of slavery. However, many minorities seem utterly shameless, marching right back into their slave order.


  1. There were some of the Children of Israel once freed from Pharaoh and with his army advancing wished that Moses had left them to serve the Egyptians. Instead of believing in God and knowing that he would deliver them as promised and fight for them. (read Exodus 14:10-14)

    Blacks today are just like the Children of Israel. Often succumbing to any and all leaders that seek to satisfy their flesh and oppose the laws of God. God's favored children were often exiled and held captive yet he continued to love and deliver them.

    We have to let loose of some things. As you wrote in an earlier post many blacks have conservative views on many things. But I see them as still being held captive by Pharaoh (Democrat Party).

    Let My People Go!

  2. Oh my goodness, Mary! You said it! You have captured my heart in this. You are speaking the truth. This is the kind of writing that angers the snot out of people who don't want to face facts, but speak on anyway. I don't know if you ever read Angela McGowan's book, "Bamboozled: How Amerians are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda," but you've got to read it.

    God bless you, sister.

  3. bless you sister... I hate to see "our people" paraded so readily back into slavery by the same democratic party that fought so hard to keep them there in the first place

  4. Thanks guys,

    We must continue to speak up and speakout about this. There are many people including myself who were once following blindly behind the deception of our Massah's but thanks be to God, He showed us grace and mercy. Like Ron B said, they are those who can not see the good hand of God. What else can God do to show these people His love for Him. Just like the children of Israel blacks especially seem to love the shackles of their slave induced minds. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Keep them coming and keep writing. Just like, I came out of it and some of you have too, there are others who we can reach with our message. Like Horton, says, keep shouting until are words burst through to their eyes. We are here, we are here, we are here.

  5. Wow, Mary you set it off. It is beyond sad to watch so many of our people throw away all their freedom for what? A false sense of security with the high price tag of freedom.

    What is even more depressing is their absolutle refusal to learn from the mistake!