Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What part of "New" does the GOP not Understand?

If it were not so sad, I would laugh at how the GOP leaders appear to be scratching their heads at why American’s keep rejecting them. It appears that they have made attempt after attempt to show American’s that they desire a new image, but they don’t seem to be getting it. It appears as though the GOP leadership has been stuck in a different era of America. There was once upon a time when the all white-male mantra was acceptable in American life. But now not only has America changed but the attitudes of American’s have changed as well. One of the things I believe that signals a great day in America is the message that mainstream American is sending to the GOP. This message is one that says; America no longer desires to be a nation of one people, but desire to do what our anthems, and symbols and monuments signify about us. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave, regardless of race, creed, color, age, religious belief, physical limitations or gender.

Every time I see the new brand of the GOP, I still see the same old exclusive idealism of America’s past. The GOP can not just dress up an old and regrettable chapter in American history. The leadership continues to leave a bad taste in the mouth of most American’s because their image says that nothing has really changed. They speak powerful negative overtones when they come out in their one race platform. Where is the Asian representation within the GOP, or the Jewish, or the Hispanic, or the Pacific Islander? America wants to see more than just a couple of token blacks added to the roster, they want to see that the GOP truly does embrace a united and inclusive platform. American’s also desire to see a strong and confident GOP that truly believes in their party’s ideologies. If there is only one set of ideologies then why do we need a two party system? If the GOP is going to blend in with the Democratic Party then we who are conservatives must understand that we do not have representation in the GOP and another party must be formed.

Could it be, that the GOP is only seeing what they believe is new in their view, while totally ignoring what most American’s are longing for? I believe that unless the two parties are divided by ideologies, the GOP will not win again. While most American’s still hold to traditional values of faith, family and country, many also will reject anything that does not truly resemble what they believe America looks like to them. College students are no longer separated by race. Neighborhoods are made up of a variety of families. School children do not only play with their own kind. They are surrounded by a vast variety of different races, ethnicities, beliefs systems, economic classes and age differences. Yet, they have learned that all of these differences make up what they see as the “new” America. It is a total turnoff in today’s society to see any organization that presents a one race, one class, one gender, one faith, or any other exclusive image.

The GOP is presenting the same leadership, the same disconnect with mainstream America, the same unwillingness to adopt their own party message and they think that American’s will accept it? Hello! When I attended the CPAC Convention in February, there were masses of fresh young faces, with passion and fire for the messages they believed in. Where are all those young people now? Where are Michael Steele and Lynn Swann and Condi and


  1. It is the classic definition of insanity..."doing the same thing but expecting a different result." I agree with a lot of this post.

    The GOP could go a long way to changing the views of Blacks by just initiating dialogue about how many of the values of the Right are in line with many of the same values Blacks have. Being honest and to use a Obamaism, transparent, with educating them on how Democrats are the party of divisiveness, the party of racism and the party that continues to promise the world but delivers nothing. Feed them because the other party has been giving them placebo's for years.

    In this era of technology why are they still so slow to adopt it. B-Rock took them to the cleaners in getting his message to the people in 2008. Stand on history. Let people know about what you stand for. But communicate to them how they receive their communication now! Forget the broadcast networks and newspapers. MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC even YouTube (to a degree) all have their agenda and will edit your message. Take it where you can control your content as well as the overall message. Produce it on your own. Broadcast it on your own web sites. But above all communicate and stop whining.

  2. Alrighty then, and when will we be seeing you Mr. Ron on your new internet talk radio show. You really should think about it. Everytime I hear them I just want to put my hands over my ears and yell, lalalalalala. How about this, they are doing the same thing over and over again, and don't really believe anyone see's through them.

    Do they really think that American's are that stupid. No matter how they try to rearrange their speakers, they all still represent the same thing, a one race party with no desire to connect with mainstream America. But you know I was thinking, do we as conservatives, actually have a problem with relating at everyones level.

    I was thinking about black conservatives as well. What message do we send to the average American. Do we really project an "I am better than you" impression. Most of us are educated, have made some success in our lives and I wonder do we actually think that are above the person that is struggling? I think that we should think about that a bit as a whole. And then regroup so that we can send a sincere message to the public and not just a politically persuasive ones that will get us more votes.

    Great response, let me know when you get that talk show okay.