Thursday, May 14, 2009

APA declares No "Gay" Gene

I am sure that this is a cat that gay activist definitely would not want to get out of the bag. According to a new revised pamphlet released by the American Psychological Association (APA) titled, “"Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality", there is no longer a supposed “gay” gene. I believe that what the APA really wanted to accomplish by making this claim in the first place, is to create sympathy for those who claim to be gay. Of course, no one is going to fault a person for their actions if they were born in such a manner, but when it is a choice then maybe society will not be so accepting.

How did the APA become a pawn in the hands of the gay movement after all? America’s dependence on the medical community to form public opinion should now come to a screeching halt. In so many instances the American public has depended on opinions formed by this and other medical claims. The country was told that it was in the best interest of a mother, when faced with a critical situation in her pregnancy, that a mother be allowed to abort her baby. This medical opinion also stripped fathers of their right in having a claim in considering the life of their own child and everyone fell for it. I thought it took “two to tangle”. I have always felt that fathers have been severely mistreated in this country for decades. Then the medical community told us that the best and most humane thing that a love one could do for their dying relative was to allow that individual to die in dignity. So suffering pain is living without dignity. We will face pain in many instances of our lives. And by what catalyst have these ideologies been placed on the backs of Americans? It has been liberals in positions of influence that have pushed these claims and garnered their acceptances.

The medical community insisted that a parent should not spank their child and instead use reasoning and praise to help them better behave. We all have witnessed the crumbling of the public school system in recent decades. I don’t remember school shootings happening back in the day, when I was child. During those times it was respect for authority and the consequences of bad behavior that drove how one behaved in public. So now out of nowhere the medical community decides there is no “gay” gene. There were many of us who always knew that there was never a gay gene to begin with, but a well plan agenda by gay activist and liberal politicians promoted and protected their lifestyle and redefine the morals of our country. The report claims that there are a variety of factors that play a role in ones sexual orientation. It can be ones environment, social and societal influences and biological factors, but it’s not that they are born that way. They may have been conditioned with certain ways of life that influences homosexual tendencies but the choice at the end of the day is still theirs to make.

I don’t believe that gays and lesbians should be discriminated against, mistreated or harmed in anyway because of the choices they have made about their lifestyle. They are people and deserve to be respected like everyone else. But what this does allow is for gays and lesbians to take responsibility for their own actions and realize that some people may not find their actions acceptable. Gays and lesbians can no longer sing the sad song of hopelessness. My hope is that the medical community will provide for those who suffer from same-sex attraction the mental, emotional, and psychological help that is needed. I also hope that the church and it's much needed guidence can provide an avenue for healing and restoring lives that have been so adversely impacted through these types of lifestyle choices. And that the medical community will stay out of forming public opinion. What do you think? I would love to hear what others have to say.


  1. So good that you can criticize the behavior and values without dumping on those with problems.

    You omitted that fact that the APA policy on alcoholism collapsed (in about 1985) when an unruly group of demonstrators stormed a conference and scared the conferees into changing their definition of alcoholism from an addiction to a disease. Now personal responsibility for drug addictions has evaporated too.

  2. Well said and thank you for taking a stand. We should do everything to stop these lies that are crippling families and eroding our societies.