Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Oops, they did it again! Today, the Houston Rockets did the unthinkable again, (well at least to their naysayers). Watching the Rockets tie their playoff series was a wonderful Mother’s Day treat for me. It’s like I had 12 sons and they all brought me over a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Okay, mirage is over. But I do see the Rocket’s pulling off an upset like the Lakers could not have ever imagined. I am sure the Lakers did not see themselves battling to stay alive at this point in the playoffs, but they are and Houston, even without Ya Ming, is giving the Lakers a Texas style lassoing. Yee Haa! All of my real wonderful sons remembered me and I am so thankful to be able to serve in that special calling of motherhood over their lives.

As I was thinking about how special it felt for me to have my favorite team win on Mother’s Day, I was also thinking about how special motherhood is to the health of any people and the success of future generations. I think about America and how it has changed and the most adverse things that have impacted this country. What I see as America’s worst mistake is the devaluation and redefining of the role that motherhood plays in our society. One of things that American’s must realize is that corruption will destroy a people if it is not brought under control. America’s corruption continues to go untouched and uncontrolled and will one day reach its dreadful end. In our country today, there exists a system of corruption which is rooted in the immoral principles this nation has embraced. Jeremiah 15:20-21 tells us how this came about in America:

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

To me this describes the attitude of the concept of modern day liberalism. Immorality is immorality and God has instituted the consequence of immorality that no man can change. No matter what our government says is right, or what a group of people says is right or even our leaders say is right, if God says it is wrong, it is wrong. My Pastor today, gave a very good presentation on how the devil has been able to deceive many in this nation. He described the role of motherhood as being the vessel in which God would bless His creation, through the love, care, nurturing of godly mothers, building godly principles into the hearts of their children. But something went wrong. There were deceived women that began speaking adversely about motherhood, how it was becoming a burden and disadvantage to women, thus, bringing about the rise for the need of birth control in our nation. No one challenged these women regarding their assertions and they began to build a momentum that would set forth a change in the concept of motherhood forever. When the women’s groups saw that the path was open for embracing their redefining of the role and meaning of motherhood, they decided to go a step farther and purported the killing of babies to make life more feasible for women. Whenever a concept arises that opposes the Word of God, the church should be quick to defeat it. Instead, the weak and confused church systems in America did nothing. With the acceptance of the devaluation of motherhood, America began her quick track to depravity.

Another great point that my pastor made was how the deterioration of the Christian family has brought about the demise of America. One of the fastest growing religions in our world is Islam. Their families average 8 children per family. There parents faithfully instill the principles of Islam into their children and they grow up to embrace Islam as well. However, in America, the average Christian family has 2.6 children. With statistics like these what would be the natural procession for the Christian faith? God needs man to bring about the spreading of his message, if our families are decreasing while families in other religions are increasing, what would the end result be? Worst than that, if Christians don’t have a clue about the value of life, why should any one else? America is superseded only by Russia for the most abortions performed. The irony of this is how America, whose principles were built on Biblical principles, can be deceived so easily to embrace a concept that opposes the will of God. The reason that abortion sits as America’s must horrid evil is that it sanctions the destruction of innocent life. Those killed through abortion, did nothing to warrant such a cruel end to their life. I am speaking from my own experience of deception as well. There was a time in my life where liberal policies were those I embrace and promoted. As a young, scared and uneducated young woman, I too fell for the lies of the enemy.

Today, having an understanding of life and the role of motherhood God intended I am able to defend the sanctity of life and the role of motherhood instead of sanction the undeserved ending of innocent life. The role of motherhood was to be used as an avenue to bring forth men and women of integrity, character and purpose. Today as you observe the manners, attitudes and expressions of our culture, many would ask. Were did we go wrong? When we as a country sanctioned stripping away the value of innocent life we went dreadfully wrong. America’s did not stop with abortion, and introduced many other ungodly or immoral behaviors into public life as acceptable. Today our president is being pressured to consider an openly gay woman to sit as judge in the highest court in our nation. Some don’t see the problem with this choice and that is understandable because of what was mentioned by the prophet Isaiah. What’s wrong with an openly gay person sitting as judge or any role of leadership?

Immorality breeds corruption and the acts of homosexuality, are wrong and immoral. If a person will choose to reject God in their own life, do you not think that they will reject God’s will when it has to do with judging the actions of others? It’s like saying there is an honest, adulterer, who can counsel a married couple. No one can see this not even our highest holders of office because even they have brought into the lies of immorality. As long as our nation accepts immorality in any instance, it will bring about an immoral result in the end and God will judge accordingly. I am always taken by the hypocritical stance that many will assert when they want to justify immoral actions. Many have spew out how the Bible is written by men and therefore can not be accepted as a dependable resource for other men to live by. However, men tell the news, and who ignores the news because it is broadcast by man. Oh and how about the weather? Who goes outside with shorts and a halter on when the weather “man” says it’s going to be 25 degrees outside? Isn’t these things told and written by men?

So why is it okay to accept the weather “man” who tells us about what will impact our life, but not the Bible, that tells us about what things will impact our lives? Who writes newspapers, tabloids, textbooks, medical reports and the likes? Is it not man? In the same manner, it is God who created women and men and it is He who has given men the inspiration to write what He desires for them to write. Just as it is He who gives man the intelligence, talents, skills and abilities to do all the other things they do that impact our lives. It is God who has created motherhood, and it is He who will judge us all for what we do with it. It is man who has destroyed the plan of God for mothers, either by redefining it’s meaning or devaluing it.

I am honored and privilege to have experienced the great calling of motherhood. My desire is to see my children live God-fearing lives, built on the principles that were laid for them by their father and I. I pray that all the mothers and future mother’s that will read this blog will understand the unique and important roles they will play in building up the next generation of Americans. And I pray that these mother’s will embrace the plan God has for them in becoming His hands in building great men and women for our future. And finally, I pray you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Go Rockets.

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