Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If at First You don't Succeed....

Cheat until your opponent can never win again. I was watching Bill O’Reilly tonight in one of his segments regarding ACORN and its connection to the Obama Administration during the 2008 campaign. It is evident that this organization is the bloodline for voter fraud and intimidation within the Democratic Party. There are approximately 270 organizations that are linked to ACORN in providing funding and distribution to the campaigns of Democratic politicians. As I think about the depth that such a corrupt organization reaches into the Democratic Party, I wonder, what good is it to even have a voting process any longer? It is apparent that the Democratic Party along with this organization, the MSM, corporations and unions have all joined together to forge a cheat and win strategy that will plague our elections for many years to come. It reminds me of the blog. One of the first horror shows that hit the silver screen back in the 50’s. I was not around then but 15 years later this movie was still bring screams to their viewers.

This blob comes to earth by way of a meteor. There were two young teenagers who witness this meteor as it traveled through the sky. As they heard it crash in the distance they went out in search to find where it had landed. Upon finding the meteor the young man taps it with a stick and this amoeba-like substance began to seep out. It first attaches itself to the stick the young man was holding and then to the young man’s hand. This living organism then becomes larger and larger as it terrorizes the people of this small town. Just as in this episode of the blog, the Democratic Party has found the organism that would morph them into becoming an out-of-control amoeba of voter fraud and election corruption. It is my opinion, that Democrats can not win an election based solely on integrity. I believe that they will cheat and cheat until every part of our governing institutions is filled with the candidates of their choosing.

They will employ every organization they have leeched unto to see their hunger for power come to past. They have control over our youth through the public school and university system. They have control of almost every union that uses employee dues to lobby their political candidate into office. They have great influence in major corporations throughout this country who donate heavily to the Democratic Party. And they have control over the MSM which is influential in forming public opinion. My first exposure to this blob-like expansion of the Democratic Party was in Washington State during the recount and run off election of Senator Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire in 2004. Gregoire was the front runner in this contest and vowed that she would be the winner however the first race resulted in a win for Rossi. In Washington State, as in most states, the vote count did not result in a clear majority so an automatic recount was ordered. Being rather new to politics I did not understand the need for the votes to be recounted when Rossi came out with more votes than his opponent even if this was a very small margin.

After the initial recount Rossi wins again, but this time the count becomes smaller. Another recount was ordered by the Gregoire campaign and this one gave Gregoire the victory she vowed for. I could not believe the manner at which new votes were popping up. It was disheartening at the least to experience such dishonesty at the hands of an elected official. This was my first introduction into the dealings of ACORN. Now the Democratic blob has superseded every opponent that has ran in a race that does not involve a majority of voters that reside in a predominantly Republican precinct. Now eight months later we are learning that there was certainly a connection between ACORN and the Obama Administration. Why is this information coming out now? Maybe their little poster child in the White House is not playing alone with the program. Obama has back tracked on several of the lefts most darling campaign promises and maybe they are sending him a message as well. This link with ACORN and the Obama Administration came to light as a so-called attack by the New York Times against Bill O’Reilly eight months later. Oh, how convenient. There was no national newspaper or news station that would dare hint of negative news about Obama during the last 8 months.

I find it rather incongruous, that the fraudulent and corrupt dealings of ACORN would be linked to the Obama Administration at this time. We all are quiet aware that the political blob known as the Democratic Party has grown in such a way that it has overtaken this country’s entire political process. In a recent poll the affiliation with those of the Democratic Party has increased according to a recent Gallup poll.
( This of course reported by a left-leaning establishment. How will America dismantle the monster that has been created through ACORN and many other groups that has joined forces with the Democratic Party? Is there any hope for the return of an honest two party voting system? What will America look like when this blob has overtaken every fabric of the America principles we all once loved and embraced? And finally what will we learn from this whole debacle? If at first we don’t succeed, cheat until the opponent can never win again? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

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  1. Such a good article here, Mary. I have been hearing disturbing things about Acorn for at least a year and when I heard that they were going to be participating in the census, I was appalled. The census is important for many reasons, both now and in the future. I did not want unscrupulous people to be able to influence the census. Thank God for people like Glenn Beck who will speak out.

    I will be reading your blog daily.