Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie's Courage; America's fight for Freedom

It was great to see that Donald Trump was not “trumped” by the antics of radical gay rights activist. As I viewed his speech regarding Carrie Prejean, I believe that he was sincere in his support of her, giving no credence to the outlandish actions of Perez Hilton. I am mostly astonished however, that so many Americans took to the airwaves and internet forums to voice their support for her. The response to Hilton’s outrageous demands of Ms. Prejean, during the USA pageant signifies that American’s have not lost their desire to be free. For decades the left has stealthily chipped away at America’s freedoms, bringing us closer and closer to the rule of dictatorship. But this whole incident also shows American’s lack of appreciating in being a free people.

This incident exposes how close America has ventured in the direction of totalitarianism. What Perez Hilton was really saying in his scolding of Carrie Prejean, is that she no longer possess the right to her freedom of expression. If she has no right to freely express her views, she not only has lost her basic right to freedom of expression but freedom of speech as well. The uprising in support of Carrie Prejean says that Americans are not ready to lay down in surrender just yet. America has taken a dangerous path in recent years with the railroading of the politically correct brigade. Once upon a time in America the citizens of this country accepted that “everyone was entitled to their own opinions”. It was healthy and expected that sometimes in the course of public discourse there would be instances when opposing views to different issues would arise. In that same “once upon a time”, era of our nation those with the majority opinion set the public policies of our nation. It was the liberal left that brought us the concept of political correctness and everyone jumped on the band wagon. And how could this happen when in America we are suppose to have a two party system that protects us from such practices of infringing on our rights. Maybe our so called two-party is not really what most of us think that it is.

Think about it. What has the Democrats and the Republicans really given us that suggested a division of ideologies in the last 20 years? Did the Republican stand in opposition of political correctness? Or did they sale it to us as well as if it was best for us as a diverse nation? The lefts political correctness was a stellar attempt to rid Americans of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech I have no doubt about it. Perez Hilton felt very comfortable scolding Ms. Prejean for her opposing views on gay marriage. He also expected that Ms. California would face the same lynching from the American public and that she would be driven from public life for good. Why? Because it is no longer acceptable for anyone to exercise their freedoms to express an opposing view in America. Not so fast Perez. We are not giving up our right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech or any other freedom that so many have shed blood for us to enjoy. It took Carrie Prejean’s courage in expressing her own sincere views about this subject to open our eyes to the fate that we were about to subject ourselves to. Are we really that out of touch with our principles that we would just hand over our freedom to our enemies? Those who hate our ability to express ourselves and speak freely are the true extremist in America. Maybe those in charge at Homeland Security should add liberals and gay right activist to their list of radical extremist as well.

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech is detrimental to imposing liberal policies in this country. In order to attain the fullness of individual liberties, their can not be citizens that prevent other groups from openly enjoying their individual liberties. For instance, in order for anyone to be able to freely have sex with anyone in any manner they choose, they can not have groups expressing disagreement with that mindset, because then there would not be true liberty as guilt will remain. When one desires to engage in behavior that some may feel unacceptable, expressing opposition to that behavior prevents freedom from guilt. Guilt is the prime enemy of attaining the fullness of individual liberties.

Christians who express opposition to the gay and lesbian lifestyle keeps them from being able to practice their acts without feeling guilty. The only way to achieve this is to take away freedom of speech or freedom of expression, or institute a new policy, such as political correctness. It is of the utmost importance that American’s wake up and wake up fast as the liberal left agenda stand above us ready to suffocate us in our sleep. Americans should be very grateful for Carrie Prejean, because it was her courageous act in this era of political correctness that has saved us all from great demise of totalitarianism.


  1. All of this over the right to an opinion. Had this young lady answered the way Perez Hitler wanted then she would have probably been crowned Miss USA but she chose a different route.

    Then suddenly some suggestive photos appeared trying to discredit her in her Christian faith. All have fallen short of the Glory of God. And we do not know when this person came to know Christ. It may have been after the photo shoot but who cares at this point. This was an orchestrated attack to show Christians as hypocrites.

    Shifting gears a little. I watched part of this news conference today and was amazed at the grilling she was given by the press. They were asking more difficult questions than they have ever asked of Obama. Several times they tried to trip her up but amazingly Trump was there with a parachute.

  2. Now I was really stunned by Donald Trumps support of her and yes the pictures were a last dish effort by the left to discredit her but most of all turn Christians against her. The one thing they never intended to happen was that we rally behind her. They bet on us being self rigtheous and legalistic and for once we showed them a different side of Christianity.

    I was hoping please don't let people abandoned her because of these pictures, I knew it was just another ploy by the left. Conservatives are so quick to abandon people because of a bad mark in their lives. We all have them and that is why we come to Christ so that He can wipe out all of those imperfections from our lives. You are so right, who knows when she came to faith.

    But you know what, I am standing behind her because I know that the left would just have a field day if we played it any other way. As well as the fact that she is my sister and I must stand with her and defend her. We all have had those life lessons and I will markt his one as something God is showing her and increasing her character and faith through.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I hadn't read your post today before writing mine tonight, so when I did, it was cool to see we're on the same page today--standing on faith and courage. I appreciate when Christians choose to stand behind one another. My pastor allows talks about "believing the best in one another." He says that no matter what accusations someone would bring against a brother and sister, he's going to continue to believe the best and go to that person with that kind of spirit. But again, until confronting that person, he will choose to believe the absolute best. We must stand behind each other and pray for one another. I was praying for Prejean this morning. I said to God, "Whether it's Your will that she should keep or lose the crown, so be it. Let Your will be done." So I'm going to believe God was in the midst of this victory today. "No weapon formed against you shall prosper."

  4. You are so right. It is time we look deeper into what our relationship with Christ really means. It's not just about Christ and I, its about all my brothers and sisters that exist in this world with me. I was just so glad to see that Christians as a family of believers did not abandoned her. Like you said, we must believe the best in each other, like Ron said, we don't even know when those photos were taken.

    It just really makes my day to see Christians taking a united stance for a change. I really feel that a new day is beginning in the faith in how we relate to each other and how we treat each other. Thanks for the comment. I too was glad to read that we were on the same page.

  5. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in a library working on my graduate admissions essay while two gay college age males sat down at a table across from me and were so unbelievably disruptive and rude I stared at them in sheer amazement. There were two books on their table, one was titled "Gay Rights" and the other one was
    "How to live with HIV", as a believer in the notion that everything in life happens for a God determined purpose I couldn't help but ponder the reason for that particular experience. Because I am not a confrontational human being by nature I simply got up and moved as far away from them as possible because lets face it, they were disrupting the hell out of me and the worst part about is that they didn't seem to give a f***. It seemed to me that they already felt a sense of false entitlement or what not, now that they have finally been widely accepted and supported on a worldly stage. First of all, let me express that I will never consider them as anything but deeply confused, spiritually weak minded, and disturbed, as that is the will of God for them. The fact of the matter is that you cannot reason with them or any liberal for that matter because their eyes have been blinded and they are unable to see the TRUTH even if they wanted to.

    That's my two cents and I hope you all have a blessed day.

  6. Thank you Anonymous for your comments. We have for too long allowed the government to tell us what was okay or not okay with out even making a whimper. Now we are mostly a communist nation as I see states legislative body after legislative body disenfranchising the voters of their state. Maine seems the only state to have a recourse to their arrogant politicians. These politicians know that taking this issue to the people will result in opposition. This is the American way, our voting privileges give us the right to set policy. It is like the scales have fallen of the eyes of many. They have always been rude and distasteful, it just hit the American people because it was done on national tv. But God has a way of waking us up.