Thursday, May 7, 2009

The lefts worst Nightmare, is on the Horizon.

In the same week that Christians were focusing on the National Day of Prayer the Pew Research group came out with surprising statistics about Americans changing views about abortion. The article located at shows an 8 point decline in the support of legalized abortion since August. What is so significant about this poll is that is gives credence to the conservative movement in a time when the left has written off the Republican Party. While the Republican Party seems to have lost its identity, conservative values are on the rise. Does this reflect that maybe America is truly desiring something that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party leadership can provide.

Since both parties seem to want to move to the left and Americans are moving to the right, maybe it's time to do away with both antiquated parties. The liberal big government enthusiasts have gone too far, and the lukewarm over spenders in the Republican Party has worn out their welcome as well. It is quiet ironic in such a time as this to find that both party systems are finding themselves outside of the viewpoint of the majority of Americans. Now is the time to bring this information to the public square as no MSM outlet will be broadcasting this information across the airwaves. More surprising, however, is that Fox News made no mention of this poll in their broadcast this week. Our voices can reach just as far as the voices of those who sit in the anchor chairs of America's news broadcast. This is obviously not what the liberal far left wants to hear. Liberals have ridden the waves of the public’s support of abortion and has used this as the mantle of the platform.

We must engage those who are independent and continue to drill home the value of protecting life. When we value life we will prosper as a nation. When we defend those who cannot defend themselves we honor God. This poll also shows that support for gun ownership has increased. Other recent polls found that Americans are in support of a free market economy and small government. More and more American appears to be waking up and once again embracing the traditional values of America. With Perez Hilton's flop with the Miss USA pageant, the Dems may find themselves without a platform come 2010. But how will conservatives turn this into victory at the voting booth? With both the Dems and the Republicans now disconnected from the values of the majority of Americans where can the American voter turn? We can do what the framers of our country fought for us to do, create a new government with leaders who are in touch with those they represent.


  1. Interesting that you wrote about this. I have been thinking recently that maybe there is something to the suggestion that America needs another party. It's something I intend to blog about in the coming days.

  2. Great Andrienne,

    I can not wait to hear what you have to say about it. Something fishy is going on behind the scene. Now I would think that the leaders of the GOP and those who so boldly profess how conservative they are would pounce on this, yet no one has said a word. Can we be bamboozled by our own leadership. I believe we are being played on both sides and this really makes me suspicious.