Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News - Unfair and Unbalanced

I remember during the 2008 Presidential Campaign that Fox News was the leading scoffer of the Government Controlled MSM. They scoffed at the elitist bias that was targeted at Sarah Palin. They ridiculed Obama’s supporters as kool-aide drinkers of the worst kind. They despised the manner in which Obama’s supporters worshipped him like a god. They made fun of Chris Matthews’s “leg tingling” comment and the stories of dismay goes on and on. Fast forward to 2010, and now we find Fox News doing the vary things they scolded the liberal media about.

Since Sarah Palin has become a contributor of Fox News and she has also endorsed Rick Perry in the race for Governor for Texas, Fox News has demonstrated the worst case of media bias and elitism. In the race for Governor of Texas we have three candidates not two. This race is not between Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. It is between Debra Medina, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rick Perry. So is the practice of elitist bias behavior only bad when the liberals do it? All candidates have the right to equal access, regardless of who is or is not backing him or her. Debra Medina is just as much a Christian Conservative as Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson is. Debra Medina is also a Tea Party activist and a student of the Constitution. I guess those qualities are no longer important in a leader?

Debra Medina knows how the government should function and desires to bring our state back to the confines of our country’s Constitution. She embraces the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers. I also thought that this was a good thing as well. I do not think that the average American realizes what our country is supposed to look like under the confines of the Constitution. Although many harp at the Obama Administration’s disdain for our country’s founding documents, Americans seem to have the same attitude when a candidate attempts to move us back into the Republic that we are suppose to be as a nation. Those who do not understand Constitutional governing see Debra Medina’s views as wacko and far out. They totally fear that she will do exactly what the Constitution instructs. For instance, one of the issues that so called conservatives try to attack Mrs. Medina on is her stance on the legalization of marijuana.

Under the Constitution of the United States, the Federal Government has not jurisdiction in this matter. Each state is suppose to be sovereign and should have the authority to set forth laws in the best interest of each individual state. This means that if the people of California chooses to legalize marijuana and the people of Louisiana does not it’s their choice. That is how life looks in a Republic. Let’s take her position of homosexual marriage. Mrs. Medina believes that each state should have the sovereign right to determine this issue. Personally she believes that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, however, she does not have the right to regulate what these individuals do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. However these same individuals do not have the right to force what they have chosen to do on anyone else. Now does this sound like something we should run to the mountains in fear of?

Sean Hannity said on his radio show on Monday, that he could not believe Texans would not want to re-elect one of this countries “most conservative Governors”. Oh really Sean? Maybe Sean Hannity might be speaking not of the type of Constitutional conservative like our founding fathers, but a more neo-con conservative more like that of say, George Bush, who believes that our National Security is for the use of overtaking the world. And we also have forgotten about John McCain’s Rhino ideologies and he too has now become a “true conservative”, man how ones thinking change within a year’s time. I would suggest the readers of this blog to research the word neocon then use Google or any search engine to search for this term adding some of the leading figures of the Republican Party and see what interesting information you will receive.

As this race has come to the forefront of the nation, I am beginning to wonder if the American people really understand what the many faces of Conservatism and what they all mean? Is Fox News the new authority in determining who qualifies as a conservative or what the meaning conservatism is? Not for me. God has given us the opportunity to see the destruction that awaited us from those we consider our opposition. Now He is unveiling the same destruction that exists within. Why are we so apt to believe that a politician is a “conservative” just because he or she claims that they are? I am a Christian Conservative and I weigh politicians and their character on the foundation of Scripture and not on their popularity or celebrity status.

Is it okay for Fox News to dismiss Debra Medina as if she is not even in the race? Is it okay to shun her because she is not part of the Republican Political machine that these same people once banished, or because she is not endorsed by the party politicians? Bias is bias and elitism is elitism. Fox News considers itself the source of news that is fair and balanced. In their reporting of our Governors race in Texas in which Sarah Palin has endorsed Rick Perry, I do not see fair and I definitely do not see balanced. All I see is the same use of mind control by the media, unfair and unbalanced.


  1. I agree that we have lost the focus of what the Constitution really calls for. I think that the problem is that we have become so wrapped up in a two party system that we have failed to remember the truth. The question is, after so many years of bipartisan politics, how do we change that? There are still some who take a very non-partisan stance on FoxNews, but it is up to us to send the right message to Fox reminding them that they aren't the Republican channel.

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    There are some like Judge Napolatino who actually supports Debra Medina, but being that they profess to be so fair and balance I came to expect that they would always give everyone a fair chance and definitely not try to silience someone of the same political principles that they say they hold. To answer your question however, the first thing we need to do is educate ourselves on the Constitution of the United States.

    The reason that Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson is going after Debra Medina on her states rights positions is because they have no clue of constitutional government. They have been so engrained in the party machines that they are about the same big government expansion and intrusion that the left seeks. They just cover their message with a mix of being conservative.

    The US Constitution is the directive for governing in this country however, both parties have abandoned it. Things such as the Federal Department of Education should be abolished because each state should have control of the educational systems in their states. These are the kinds of things that must be dismantled. Social Security would have to go because the federal government is controlling the future of every citizen that should be in our hands.

    The government is support to be a "we the people" government. Since we are divided by states then that will differ from place to place and we would be okay with that. There are many more articles within our Constitutiton that has been completely overlooked but as I said, on my first appearance of the Glenn Beck show, we must get back to the God-inspired principles of the founding fathers given to us through our founding documents. Please study your constitution and then you can see what a mess both parties have made of our great country.

  3. Those of us with a liberal bent have always considered FoxNews unfair and unbalanced. :)

  4. I'm glad to finally have the opportunity to check out your blog. I'd been experiencing a severe lag in loading it for sometime. I like what you're saying in this post. And while you assert yourself as a Christian Conservative, it seems you've a certain level of objectivity to identify the distinction between politicians that profess the same while masquerading their liberalism. I've always had a problem with the Pro-Life Christian Conservative politicians that can't seem to understand the fundamental principle that Life AND Liberty are mutually inclusive. This is why I have so many problems with Mike Huckabee as a candidate. He invokes Biblical obligation when discussing policy. This troubles me because there is certainly nothing virtuous about being a defender of Life if your intention is to enslave an individual through higher taxation, etc. to meet "biblical obligations" (i.e., public policy initiatives) that stifle individual liberty. There is indeed a gross lack of objectivity amongst the Republican party faithful (as well as credibility). And lest we forget, they [FOX News] did the exact same thing to Ron Paul during the primaries. I think it is fair to say that we can have honest disagreements within the party but the manner in which they merely waved Ron Paul off as some sort of kook or nutjob was telling to a news organization and political party that professes to be "fair" and defenders of freeminds and freemarkets.

    And, to be certain, Sean Hannity is nothing more than Republican party cheerleader; much more concerned with the elevation of a party than with the progression of an ideal or principle. I've long held he should go back to pounding nails.

  5. I love FoxNews but this is exactly the reason that the quest for knowledge is my responsibility alone. We cannot and must not depend on one news organization or media outlet for all of our information. It my responsibilty to stay informed and on top of the events going on in my country. With the ease of access to such information, there are no excuses to be uniformed or even misinformed! Whether you lean left or right is irrelevant. It's not Chris Matthews', Glenn Beck's, Keith Olberman's, or any other one person job to form my opinion. It is my duty as an American citizen to stay truly informed. We can never go with the masses. We must search diligently for truth, no matter how ugly or unpleasant it may be.

    We also need to remember that God gave us a gift of discernment. If something feels wrong about someone, we should follow our conscience and search out the truth. We cannot just go along with what everyone else thinks or with what we are told. We must know it for ourselves.

  6. I'm with Lisa. Though I do see Fox as more balanced and far than any other Media organization it is certainly not my sole source of information and they are certainly not perfect.

    I'm not up on the Texas campaign but even if Medina wasn't a front runner I believe ALL the candidates should be given equal media time. There is no way we can expect to change things unless each person gets a voice. The people should not base their votes on the ad campaigns that are run, nor the tidbits we hear from this source or that. ALL of them should be included in the debates. Then maybe we could quit having rep's vs dem's and actually get someone that has our core values in common, whatever the party!

  7. Wow guys I just love the dialog. I love having rich conversations. I like what all of you are saying, this is the Americans we need to become. We need to get back to being free thinkers. I guess my greatest disappointment with Fox News is that I never thought I would see them acting the same way in which they scolded the liberal media for acting. That to me is hypocrisy.

    But like both RhondaLue and Lisa has said, these people must not mold our thinking. I am glad I have the ability to think outside of admiration. Many conservatives develop a personal commitment and admiration for these people and if you dare say anything negative about them you will be met with the evil eye. This reminds me of exactly how blacks treat other blacks who can think for themselves and desire independence.

    I am finding that the consensus about being a sellout is that a person who chooses to act independently is one who can be labeled a sellout. This makes me a sell-out of the worst kind. I have sold out on my people, sold out on the bastion of conservative news and the mother of all sellouts was my disagreement with Sarah Palins choice in supporting Rick Perry.

    Just like in the days of Obamamania, I had friends and associates breaking relationships with me because I was utterly opposed to Obama's radical Left agenda, the same cult culture will once again leave me with a few less friends that I had before the Sarah Palin endorsement. But life goes on and we realize as it was well stated, that we all must be held accountable for their own choices. I can not blame Fox News or any other news outlet for my lack of understanding in any situation.

    It is my personal responibility to know the facts. I love Dragnet. Just the facts, I will arrive at my own conclusions. So I hope you all do not mind me answering all of my last comments with this one comment, but I really enjoyed reading the responses, thank you so much.

  8. I too agree with Lisa and RhondaLue about Fox News. We should remember that Hannity, Beck, Van Susteren are all talk show hosts not journalist. Their job is to entertain and hopefully educate. They get to inject their opinion and ideas and strongly oppose others. Neal Boortz says all the time on his radio talk show to "never believe anything he says unless you can confirm it for yourself." That is what I do every day. Go find out for myself.

  9. Okay, Mary, we know you don't like Rick Perry, but that doesn't mean that Fox is unfair or unbalanced. I don't recall them covering the Texas governor's race at all, and I'm an avid watcher of the network. No one on any of the programs that I regularly watch even MENTIONS the governor's race in Texas. To be fair, maybe I missed something somewhere, but before you go lambasting an entire network based on their OPINION based programs, remember that a poll came out today showing that 49% of the country trusts Fox more than any other news channel. They must be doing something right.

  10. Consider this, if FOX News truly aspired to be as fair and balanced as they portend to be, they'd sponsor a debate where Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Socialists, Independents, Green Party, et al. candidates were getting an opportunity on the stage of ideas.

  11. Thanks Crusader,

    But I would like to ditto', what Soapboxgod just said. They totally shut out Ron Paul last election. When I said that they are unfair and unbalanced I am not talking about the things they do say, I am talking about the people they shut out. When they write or talk about the Texas Governors Race they only talk about Kay and Rick.

    They have a tendency to reject candidates who are not apart of their brand of conservatism and highlight on candidates they deem viable. That is wrong. I don't care is the "Stop trying out law pit bull party" if they are running for office they should have ample time as others.

    Have you seen every candidate from every party featured on Fox News. No only either Democrats or Republican's they deem viable. If they don't like them or oppose their message you don't see them.

  12. Hey Ron,

    I did not see your comment. This is exactly what I am saying we can not depend on Fox News to be the voice of our thinking. We must be able to weigh the issues and draw our own conclusions and not be controlled by anyone. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I woke up with this though this morning. This blog post was not intented to say that we need to depend on Fox News. It was created to speak of the bias on Fox News. Many time we can misunderstand the meaning of what an author is trying to communicate. I was thinking about the article and realized somehow there are some that are getting out of it that Fox News must not be held accountable for what others think. Totally not what I was trying to say.

    Fox News has been unfair and unbalanced in many circumstances, I personally have experienced that unfairness myself. Now I see it in how they are reporting the race for Governor of Texas. I don't want to derail what my topic of discussion is by veering off into another path.

    We must all think for ourselves and I if anyone took that I was trying to say that we should somehow depend on Fox, then that is not what I was saying.

    Thanks again for all your commments. However, I still believe that they are very unfair and unbalanced.

  14. I understood completely what you were getting at Mary. What is often forgotten by the FOX apologists/loyalists is that they are a corporation hardly different than NBC, ABC, or any other. They ultimately work towards serving their own interests. Just as NBC can invariably serve the interests of General Electric (i.e., going green so as to promote Wind Panels or CFL lightbulbs or any other such item of which GE might manufacture) so too will FOX news serve, not as some sort of objective media outlet, the interests of its holding company or companies.

  15. Soapbox,

    I just don't believe people see this, a while ago I thought to myself, Fox News is owned by ABC. Now how far with Fox News veer from the status quo without threatening their golden geese. You are so right but you know what I am just glad that I can see things through absolute truth and not what is right when it does not pose a conflict for me.

    If people really believed in absolute truth, then they would measure everyone with the same stick. I don't give Fox News 6 inches by which they will be measured by Truth and CNN 12. They all get the same range. Bias, is always bias no matter who is doing it.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  16. Interesting post. Media bias is a popluar topic and it seems everyone has their own take on it.

    According to a new Public Policy Polling survey  Fox News is the only network that more people say they trust than distrust. These are the trust/don't trust spreads: Fox 49% to 37%, CNN 39% to 41%, NBC 35% to 44%, CBS 32% to 46%, and ABC 31% to 46%.

    But I wonder what exactly are responders rating? Most "news" stations have prime time talk shows that are very biased, Fox to the right, MSNBC, CNN to the left. But both networks also have a less slanted presentation during their hard news programs. I wish the poll could somehow have differentiated. When people on the left think of Fox they think Beck/Hannity and do not trust it. When the right hears MSNBC they think Olberman and have similar feelings of distrust.

    I would guess all news sources are biased, and the more poeple understand this the better choices they will make when reading/viewing. We need to make informed decisions on our own.

  17. Mary

    I enjoy reading your blog to give me another prespective. I've added you to my Blog Roll sometime ago. I wish you would post more often.

    I guess you're a Medina suppoter. I live in New York, so I don't know about what's happening in Texasas you. Bit, I think you're being way too hard on Fox though. There's always other candidates running in races besides the Democrartand the Republican. Here in New York we have Working Family Party, Conservative Party, and a Green Party and nobdoy never knows who these people are until Election Day when you see their names on the ballot.

    This Tea Party thing which I approve of and I'm a Tea Party Patriot can get out of hand IF there's a push for a 3rd party.

    That would be a HUGE mistake and would guareenttee victory for Dems all accors the country. I hope the Tea Party Movement is smarter than that. Hold the GOP to the fire yes. But don't go the 3rd party route and its Obama for 7more years.

    I hope you add me to your Blog list.
    The Last Tradition

  18. The Constitutionalists, and State Rights Republicans. Need to vote-out the Rhinos, Progressive and Moderate Republicans from the party. I agree w/Mr. Gonzalez that a 3rd party is not necessary. We Conservative,State Rights,and Constitutionalist Republicans need to just back candidates that uphold said principles and belief. If we do this-then we will be able to take our country back, and get rid of liberal and progressive policies that have bankrupted this great Republic of ours. Our Constitution starts of with "WE THE PEOPLE". We must remind those that serve us to do the will of the people and not the will of the state. It is the consent of the governed for which these politicians must remember to abide by. Remember "The States created the Federal government the Federal government didn't create the states"... Ronald W. Reagan.

  19. Hey Guys,

    I always welcome all comments and appreciate you taking the time to right. Samuel I have added you to my blogroll. David R. I really don't believe that American's have a clue what our country is suppose to look like. We have not lived under our existing constitution for over 100 years. Just imagine, the majority of us who are alive today have never experienced that America.

    It is actually okay for one state to have a certain set of values and another to have a totally different set of values. Most people would not like us living in a constitutional America. We will be discussing on our Thursday show.

    Steve B. You are so right and again you don't know what it is that causes one side to see the other as bias. I really believe that they are biased and they have their pics and if you don't fit there elitist GOP box they cast you aside. We don't need them to give us opinions we can think for ourselves, well at least people that read my blog do.

    But I really hope that we would be fair in calling bias, what it is. Steve I am really not hard on Fox News, in fact, I get so tired of hearing the same exact thing from Sean Hannity day in and day out. Can't he talk about something else sometimes. I would like to hear what his family do on vacation or something instead of the same thing over and over again. I can not even listen to him that much any more.

    It's entertainment, and it's biased entertainment. At one time I really thought that this was news but it's not. Thanks again brothers for taking the time to post your comments.

  20. Hi Mary, I don't think there is a need for me to add any more to what you shared. I agree.

  21. Hello excuse my last comment, I always read how things are suppose to sound. I should have used the word "write". Sorry about that. Well thinking about my next post for tomorrow. Thank you Lisa for stopping by. You are an incredible blessing to me. I don't like making mistakes like that, but it's God's tool for humility.

  22. Hey Marie, I saw that Star Parker will be on your program Thurs. I'm looking forward to listening!!! Blessings!

  23. Hi Lisa, yes, at 8:00 in the morning my time 9:00 am your time. God is blessing us with many opportunities to have amazing people such as yourself join us. Since your appearing on the show I sense God opening up a something great with Conservative Moms. Thank you so much for your willingness to stand with us for this nation.