Monday, February 15, 2010

Just say no to the GOP and Fox News.

Today as I was driving to pick up my hubby from work, I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio show, and was surprised to hear yet another banishment of candidates within the Tea Party movement or the Tea Party itself. Sean inferred in one of his comments that the Tea Party Movement is becoming a problem for the Republican Party. Recently the anchors of various other Fox News shows have attempted to impact political races across the country, where a Tea Party candidate is going against the establishment incumbent. It appears to me that Fox News is walking in very dangerous territory. But maybe not. Maybe it is we who have sent Fox News the wrong message. All of a sudden Fox News is fearful of the Tea Party Movement and somehow believes it is their role to inform the people how they should be voting.

Media in politics is not a bad thing, we garner great information from these news sources, but that is all they are suppose to be; news sources. They do not vet candidates, or control the campaigns of candidates. There is however, reason for Fox News and the establishment (they seem to be wanting to protect), to fear. Many of the candidates within the Tea Party movement hold to the principles of the Constitution and its focus on States Rights. In a panel discussion on our Conservative Moms Blog Talk radio show on February 4th we talked about what America would look like as a Constitutionally governed nation. As I heard many of the opinions and ideas that came forth, I realized why Fox News, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and other establishment groups would want to do away with the Tea Party movement and their candidates.

This movement consist of ordinary everyday citizens who see that the current political process has failed us. Those who support the ideologies of the Tea Party movement are those who desire to return to a government, by the people, of the people and for the people. Within this movement the people select candidates they believe fit their values, they research them and vet them and then provide support in building up their campaigns. It appears from what I have noticed that somehow the GOP just may be becoming just a little bit irriated with the success of the Tea Party movement. They are becoming like little flies that won't go away.

The Tea Party movement actually has a life of its own and could very well succeed without the GOP. They could provide the American people with candidates who can bring America back to the principles of the founding fathers. They can provide us with candidates who understand the Constitution and state sovereignty and provide us with the means of becoming the republic America was designed to become. I am a member of various tea party groups in the Houston area and I am impressed with the work they have accomplished and the grassroots success they have been able to experience. However, Tea Party members must realize that their goals actually threaten the existence of the big money party machines.

There is a reason that Fox News is beginning to turn on the Tea Party movement and have attempted to scold the Tea Parties instead of get behind them. Those within the Tea Party movement believe in citizen leadership. They are not looking for polished politicans but candidates who will be true to our constitution and principles as conservative leaders. Tea Party members also are not looking at party affiliation, which means that they could eventually consume many voters from both parties, which constitutes another danger to both the Democrat and Republican Party. So when the Tea Parties can not be bullied to fold under the GOP the next move is to attack them.

I hope that leaders within the Tea Party movement remain strong and focused. That they will continue their successful strategy of raising up grassroots candidates who know and understand the Constitution and the role it plays in government. Tomorrow begins early voting for the primaries and I am fully backing a real Tea Party candidate who has received the stamp of approval as a real threat to the establishment. I thought that we had learned from Sarah Palins bid for the Vice Presidency what happens when a candidate who is dangerous comes on the scene. The first sign of a threat is attack and sabatoge. Seeing this happen to Debra Medina has provided solid confidence that she is the candidate to get behind. When the establishment media and GOP attacks a candidate voters should be able to discern that this candidate is a threat and usually the candidate to vote for.

Debra Medina holds all the characteristics that we need in Texas. The Declaration of Independence provides that if we find that our government has become obscured with abuse and corruption that we as the people who establish our government have the right to elect a new one. In order to know when our government becomes corrupt and abusive we can not have our heads in the sand believing that our government is perfect. Our government is run by sinful men and women who do sinful things. Which means that those who run our government are capable of doing any evil thing that may exist. I believe that there are many unanswered questions about 9/11 and just in my calculation of the events that unfolded, some things just do not sit right. We were all left with inconclusive facts about 9/11, some we can not know others have been lost and compromised.

Our candidates must be voted on because of their campaign platform and how it will impact our lives, not by which tv celebrity endorses them. This is why America sits at the verge of being destroyed. As I look at Debra's platform I have concluded that her principles best fit my values as a Christian Conservative. I am surprised at how fast one Christian can turn against another when it comes to politics. Rick Perry has provided no Conservative policies within his tenure as Governor. He mostly give great conservative campaign messages. The roads and highways in Texas are terrible and need major repair. Interstate 10 that runs through Texas has been in construction in one stretch of the highway for 14 years. That does not make any sense to me. Rick Perry signed a Partial Birth abortion bill that allows late term abortion beyond the 7th month of pregnancy, this to me does not reflect a pro-life conservative candidate, when it was in his powers to ban the procedures all together. I can not in good conscience vote for he or Kay.

He is deceptively saying that the Texas Corridor is dead and it is not. Governor Perry embraces socialist big government spending. He is not a grassroots conservative candidate as a governor, but he is as a campaigner. I have looked at the evidence of his job performance and do not see a person that deserves my vote. When I make my choice at the ballot box, that choice will not only impact me, but my fellow Texas citizens. I must use the voting rights I have obtain to ensure a better quality of life not just for me and my family, but for all Texans. I will not allow Fox News to determine who I will vote for, I have the Scriptures that gives me the wisdom and discernment to make the right choice.

I am thankful for the hard work and dedication of so many leaders and organizations within the Tea Party movement that have allowed those with Conservative principles to have a better choice in candidates. We must continue to capitalize on the success made by the Tea Party movement and just say no to the GOP and Fox News, because America deserves better.


  1. Beck, Hannity, and O'Reily all support Sarah Palin and all are what i term, Tea Cons. A tea con is a Neo Con which presents themselves as leaders of the Tea Party Movement. Their goal is not to bring around true conservative Constitutional government, their goal is direct the tea party movement in the direction of the reputiated and war mongering Neo con agenda.
    the sooner the people involved in the Tea Party movement realize this, the better they will be. As more in the Tea Party movement recognize these Tea Cons for what they are, these tea cons will more and more discredit and distance themselves from true leaders of the Tea Party movement.

  2. Dear God, I HOPE that we're a problem for the GOP!!!!!

  3. Another very good post Mary. The arguments you're likely to hear are that "a third party can't win" and blah blah blah....

    Don't be dismayed. What these individuals do not realize is that the party is merely a conduit; a container by which we carry a message. What's more, third parties have won. Lincoln was a third party candidate. Jessie Ventura was a third party candidate as well.

    And lastly, the comment by Anonymous is spot on. This is exactly what is happening and unfortunately, the masses aren't quick enough on the uptake to realize this. Why everyone just looooves good old Sarah. It's time to separate the men from the boys (figure of speech ya know) and move this country in the direction for which it was established.

  4. Thanks to you all. Our right to vote has been totally consumed by party politics. The Tea Party Movement has brought about what we have needed all the while. In one of my former post it may have appeared that I was somehow against the Tea Party, but I am not, I am against them allowing themselves to be overtaken by the political establishment of the GOP.

    It appears that the GOP is attempting to get them to water down their platform by being a movement that only cares about economic conservatism and not the whole gambit of issues that encompasses the concept of Conservatism. It is great to read that you all understand the importance of these Candidates being versed on our Constitution and are willing to governor and lead from the tenants of our founding documents.

    This is very important. I have not heard either Rick Perry or Kay speak about the Constitution. I don't see them governoring or enforcing the Constitution. These things only seem important in their campaign statements. We definitely need a new political process and we can not be immobilized by the fear tactics of those who are beneficiaries of party politics.

    The restoration of American depends on us living by our Constitution and for many of us we have never experienced that and for those who understand what this entails will fight tooth and nail to prohibit us from attaining this, because it hurts the establishment the most. I am learning new things everyday, and I am constantly shocked by the underminding of those in these parties that desire to control the American voter. We have lost our freedom in so many ways and can not even see it.

  5. Anonymous,

    I am already seeing how the establishment and those who are driven by the establishment within both parties are now turning against the Tea Party Movement. I think everything would have been okay, if the Constitution would not have become a vibrant part of the movements platform. Without the Constitution as our driving force we just become another flavor of the GOP with no real answers for America.

  6. Great post and wonderful blog! You have a new follower here. Please feel free to check us out anytime, and follow if you feel like it...

  7. Mary, thanks for your frank and honest analysis. My wife and I have come to the same conclusion, that Fox doesn't have our best interest in mind any more than the other "mainstream media" outlets. While we may still look to them for the factual news, we as Americans need to make our own analysis using the God-given gray matter between our two ears. Looking forward to your next post...

  8. Thank you so much Hack and One Man. We have a very dangerous situation in America right now and if it would not have been for the situation with Debra Medina and Glenn Beck, I would not have seen it myself. It appears that many of Glenn Becks followers only see the good he does. These good deeds now gives him a free pass to do whatever evil he desires. This is also true for others that are the subject of cult idolizing. I only see one person as being above reproach and totally perfect and that is Jesus Christ. Every human is capable of gross sin and when a pattern of evil begins in that person's life I am not going to bury my head in the sand. I will attempt to sound the alarm, no one may heed it but I will attempt to crack the trance. I am seeing on the right how easy it is to be led astray by ones admiration for another person. The Scriptures tell us that there will come a time when the Anti-Christ will deceive many, and I see exactly why this is absolutely correct. Every person of influence is capable of being an agent for deception. The lesson for me in this is that from now on, no one is above reproach. I too was influenced by this personality following, but not anymore, that is dangerous, I am glad that God has given me the grace and revelation to be set free in this area.

    Thank you for stopping by and providing your point of view on this topic.

  9. Hi Mary, I ventured here by invitation in your Medina prayer Warriors post. I have thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and blogs.

    I found it interesting that you said in your profile that you choose to blog to put out there some conservative Christian commentary amidst so much liberal inundation. I had always thought that I would never blog simply because there is just too much out there to begin with and no one would want to know what I think anyway. After reading your simple yet profound reasoning...who knows, I might just reconsider.

    I am a mother of 2 young boys and I've worked my career in the world of public education, most recently earning my MEd and principal certification.

    It was during this most recent season of my life, both back in school and making a location change, that I started to wake up to the world around me in all aspects as I watched what God is doing. He is working in my personal life just as much as He is at work in the state, nation and world. Amazingly, I find connections to all of them.

    During my time in school, I did some research into the founding fathers and particularly their reason for public education. It was in this discovery that I noticed how progressive the standard republicans seem in comparison. I don't really use these terms in their recent definition, but more like what they actually mean to me. I began at that point to gather information, from everywhere, comparing notes to what others are saying. I'm not an expert on anything by any means, but at the same time, I learned not to take any one opinion and cast my vote. (This is why I was fairly unswayed by Beck's interview, as well as subsequent articles written...)

    I've boiled down some primal things that are at the heart of what I believe about our "representative" gov't.

    1. It was intended that we the people be educated so that we could make informed decisions about the way our representatives would lead us. This requires communication and transparency so that we can hold all the facts and participate.

    2. Over time, I believe that life got in the way for most people and they told their representatives that because they were elected, they were trusted to represent the people in their absence. What at problem when down the road, this philosophy became unchecked, unaccountable and abused over the years.

    3. Trust is what most people say they need, but in a way, that has been lost and must be earned, but for me it will be earned in a new way. I desire transparency in the form of educating the constiuents and allowing the people to exercize more voice. I don't know that I will ever really see that day, and I'm sure at first glance, it seems too burdensome for most to buy into, but if the "old way" is fired and the "new way" is hired, we are much more likely to see something similar to what I've described.

    In the these past few years, I've not only read, but voiced my opinions and consulted tracking reports to watch closely how my representatives have voted. My eyes have been opened.

    No longer am I swayed with just one voice on a subject. Having said all that, you can be assured that I longed for a candidate with standards in that range and was thrilled to find Medina in that spectrum already. What a treasure.

    God is interested in some mighty things at such a time as this, and I turn to Him most for direction and support. Ultimately, His will shall be carried out in the earth. As we walk through this life, He uses all things to draw men unto himself..whether good times or bad. I've found that people more likely turn to him in bad than good, don't you think? It was true for the Children of Israel for sure. We are no different. We as a nation haven't suffered much in gross comparison to ancient nations. For this we are blessed.

    Well, sorry to be all over the map, but I just wanted to introduce myself.

    ~Shannan Reid

  10. Hey Shannan,

    Sounds like the writings of a future blogger to me. Let me know when you put your excellent writings into a blog of your own and I will join you. Thank you so much for the comments I appreciate it. Debra Medina, is dangerous to the establishment and I am a little suspicious of the sudden quietness of the primary. We have heard nothing not one thing. I am so confident that Texas will pull off a victory by the people. I once took these reporters at their words thinking that they were our friends, but a shocking revelations now exist that says the contrary. I hope to hear much more from you and appreciate your comments.

  11. I listened to an interesting interview with Sarah Palin about a month ago and I noticed a moment of unguarded conversation. What a relief. She said something so profound and simple that puts some perspective on why our nation is in the state we find it today. What she said that day aligns with what I'm about to write:

    Most would believe that man is basically good, but I contend that according the the Word of God, man, when left to his own demise, is basically "bad."

    Let me define "bad." My dad used to teach potential drop out kids with criminal records in a Houston area school district for years and years. He described our basic nature as wanting things: PAIN-FREE, EASY, FAST, and CHEAP.

    I can still hear him saying it in that order, too. The kids understood it and agreed. There is no doubt that we are selfish creatures and want the easiest road to the most gain without paying the price.

    I applied this understanding to my years of teaching. It made a world of difference in my classroom experiences compared to those who ended up "disappointed" when their students didn't do right. I just didn't pretend that they would want to do right in the first place. So I established my classroom to reflect high expectations and accountability to ensure the outcomes I desired for them. When under the pressure cooker, they COULD perform at the required expecation, but without my accountability, a rare few were self-motivated.

    Now multiply this times 500 and fast forward a few years after they graduated and moved into careers or more appropraitely...public office. Well, now you can see if no one held a yard stick to their performances all along, they would continue in the practices of "getting away with the least possible work and greatest reward." Not a combination I desire in a public servant.

    I'm saddened at friends and collegues who contiue to pronounce their mantra about politics as "I don't really have time to get into that politics stuff." That is such a dangerous position to take anymore. I'm sure it was never a good position, but alas, I've been there as well, so I can not judge, only educate.

    Our present system has served as a national wake up call. An eye-opener, but as the Bible tells us, it is only for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. If they choose to keep their heads in the sand, and continue with life as we've lived it these past so many years, there's not much hope for change.

    If you want to see some of my dug up research on education, I started a Youtube channel with a few good movies. I love to make them. of course, there are personal ones there as well, but you are welcome to check out my educational digs. Who knows, I might just make a few political movies in the near future.

    Youtube channel: carmom98


  12. I don't think it's FOX News Channel that is turning against the TEA Party, since Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are not journalists for Fox News and they do not report the news. I know both men are conservatives and that Glenn Beck is an independent (meaning he does NOT support either party) but I am not sure if Hannity is a Republican or an Independent.

    I have not been pleased with the Republican Party for the last ten years and I've been very vocal about it. I tell them my feelings when they call or send me a survey. I think the TEA Party is a great movement and wholly support their efforts.

    I completely enjoyed your article, except I do not agree with your premise that Fox News in turning people against the TEA Party - I think it is Sean Hannity that has the problem. I've had a problem with him for awhile now and stopped listening to him. Thanks again for your report. I put a link to your site on my own blog at

  13. Shannan, I agree with you. I would like to quote her comments in my blog. How do I contact her and get her permission? Maybe she will visit my site and leave this same message on my site as well and then I won't have to quote her. I welcome you and any others to visit me at and We need to stick together and combine our efforts. I am just a little fish in the sea but I love the work.

  14. Thanks ladies, great comments. We have to do our own work, I was thinking exactly the same thing you said Grandma Patriot. These people on Fox news are commentators not news journalist. They give their opinion about things that happens in the news but they don't really report the news. We don't need commentators to give us there opinions we need journalist who will report the news and we should be able to draw our own conclusions.

  15. Hannity, to be certain, is a Republican party cheerleader. He'll assert that he's a "Reagan Conservative" until he's blue in the face but the fact of the matter for me is that anyone professing to be a Reagan conservative would have had the objectivity to criticize the wrong doings of his own party BEFORE it merely became opportunistic to do so.

    What's more, Sean has shown his true colors and did so quite well during the 2008 primaries wherein he jumped from candidate to candidate all the while demonizing the candidate of that bunch that was most representative of true Libertarian/Conservatism which was Ron Paul.

  16. I thought that strange as well Soapbox. I can not believe that they nominated John McCain, when there were many other more conservative candidates that could have really did the country good. I am glad this has all been exposed better late than never.

  17. I don't know which is more worrisome; the FOX Pundits turning on the Tea-Party or the Republicans trying to turn
    the Tea-Party into a Campaign Tool for the Republican Party.

    Paula Perry
    Rio Frio Texas

  18. I am with you Paula, we have been attacked from all sides, this reminds me of 2 Corinthians 4:8-11, "We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed— 10 always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. 11 For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh."

    It's a sad site to behold, but there is always The Family Feud and Wheel of fortune.