Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who will Save America? It won't be the Tea Party GOP

Only God can deliver America from her many tyrants and enemies. We are discovering first hand that America has many underlying issues that will not be solved by the change in our political make up. It is not who leads our government but the content of that individuals character and their desire to bring back the God-inspired principles our founding fathers created in establishing this nation. Our current generations have not experience the concept of America designed by our founding fathers. Since the turn of the century America has been hijacked by big-government pundits and the promoters of globalization.

Even within our two party political systems, a Constitutional America is a threat and detriment to the establishments that are. On the one hand, the Constitution of the United States dismantles the big government goals of the Democrat platform and on the other; the Constitution dismantles the path of globalization of the establishment of the GOP. Both sides have everything to lose and so both sides will do whatever they can to totally destroy any movement that threatens their ambitions. The only benefactors of a Constitutional America are the states and the citizens of said states. As Americans have been distracted by the routines of life and the relentless attempts to attain to the American Dream, our political parties have set out to destroy our nation.

The new uprising of candidates who embrace our Constitution, states rights and state sovereignty are no friends to the establishment. We are now seeing the taking over of the once grassroots Tea Party movement by the icons of the GOP. On Thursday a national Tea Party convention was held with national speakers who represented the GOP and in one article it was said that the GOP should absorb what is going on in the Tea Party Movement. however, here in Texas the only grassroots Constitutional activist, Debra Medina has been ignored. First they implore support of grassroots tea party candidates then they at the same time ignore them. Sarah Palin was in Houston this weekend and in viewing a clip of her speech she only gave credence to the two major GOP candidates, the incumbent, Rick Perry and the Washington insider Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. These were the types that the tea partiers were suppose to be banishing from political offices across the country. Ms. Palin made no mention of Debra Medina who is the true grassroots tea party candidate in our Governors race.

So why in one venue the tea party candidates are embellished with praise and in another this same type of candidate is ignored. What is different here is that Debra Medina is not only a tea party candidate but she is also a student of the constitution who embraces states rights and would enforce the constitution in the state of Texas. Mrs. Medina is dangerous and is a threat to the GOP establishment. Most Tea Party candidates are those who desire to stop tax and spend. What is becoming more evident is that there is a new movement that is not a friend to the establishment and threatens the anti-American policies of both parties. At Conservative Moms for America we support candidates who are grassroots in that they desire to bring America back to the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers.

Our candidates are those who support the Constitution of the United States and the enforcing of states rights and state sovereignty. In Nevada, Bill Parson’s is the candidate we have endorsed to replace Harry Reid’s Senate seat, but he has received no coverage from the GOP or so-called “conservative news media”. In Georgia, Michael Frisbee, another Constitutionalist candidate, running for the 13th Congressional District in that state has met with the same disregard. Clayton Thibodeaux of California is looking to replace Barbara Boxer one of the most liberal candidates in the state of California. These are all candidates that hold in common their commitment to governing by the Constitution.
We must now recognize a new division in the uprising of political candidates; the Constitutionalist. We have not heard any of the promoters of the tea party movement talking about bringing America back to her founding principles. These organizations are concerned with being “taxed enough already”, not enforcing the Constitution. In fact, according to an article featured on Fox the main focus of the tea party movement is fiscal responsibility. The Constitution is never even mentioned.

In a panel discussion on our weekly blogtalkradio show we discussed the implication of an America governed by our constitution. Since the early 1900 the Constitution of the United States has be discarded by both parties. Many of the big government programs that foster big bucks for both parties would be abolished by a Constitutional America and the funding of the political campaigns on both sides will seek a distinct decline in campaign contributions. Neither party would be able to continue their underlying goals if power is given to the states. So both parties would do themselves a great disservice to back candidates who wish to bring an end to their big money establishments.

The tea party movement only desires to elect candidates that will stop the big government expansion of the Democrat Party, but who will also continue the globalization of the neocon conservatives. With all the uprising and disdain, discontent and frustrations of America's current government, a viable solution will not be gained through the tea party movement. Rebuilding an America that is governed by the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers will be attained by electing candidates who are committed to the freedoms and liberties of the states forged by the US Constitution. We desire to take America back not put a nice face on the same old GOP.


  1. You speak for me, Mary! I think you are precisely right.

  2. Thanks Kim,

    One must take a step back and look at the big scope of things. Many Conservatives appear to be very shallow in their choose of supporting candidates. We have learn the behavior of supporting candidates endorsed and cherry picked by the establishment. We must reject this type of practice and begin looking at candidates based on our own personal principles and values. We might all come up with something different but at least we are behaving as American's should. We must re-embrace the freedom in America to be an individual and be able to make individual choices. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  3. Mary, this post is RIGHT ON POINT!! What is quickly happening is the GOP establishment is trying to ride the coat tails of the grassroots movement. And, to make matters even worse, some of the supposed Tea Party/grassroots individuals are falling right into the trap.

    Palin is not representative of the true nature of the movement. Palin, despite her protestations to the contrary, embodies the status quo. The echolon at FOX News knows this and with her as a contributor there, watch how this progression takes shape. The true nature of the grassroots movement is above the trivialities of "politics as usual" the same sort of politics as usual that would rather attempt to score political points by suggesting that Obama fire Rahm Emmanuel for using the word "Retarded" as opposed to defending the virtues of the First Amendment regardless of how inapropriate a comment might be.

  4. Mary, I agree with you that Palin should not be endorsing in these controversial races. I was opposed to out-of-New-York involvement in NY23 until the NRSC made a big donation to Scozzafava. Even then, I had my concerns about out of state machines and personas meddling in elections where the people who are eligible to vote there should be the ones to decide for themselves who they want. It's not conservative for outside machines to meddle. I don't know who I would vote for if I were a Texan. I am a Kentuckian. It's Texas who should decide, not me. Arizona should decide if they want McCain or not. That is the conservative way. Many blessings to you, my sister. You were the first person I ever met at SarahPAC. ;-) Love you bunches.


  5. Oops. I meant to write "Team Sarah", not SarahPAC.

  6. Thank you guys for the comments it is so great to see that there are some intellectual voters out there who can step back and call things as they see it. From now on when we see establishment politicians backing these candidates we should think twice. When politician like Sarah Palin begin stepping into these elections it totally defiles the fair process of elections. I know that she may not be saying this, but what this truly says is that I am going to use my clout with the people to get them to vote for who I like.

    This is a seriously bad move and clearly shows the disregard for the individualism of the citizens of each state. I think that this is good because we are wising up to the problems that plague us and many of you are saying no and pushing back great job on that. I think that we must send a clear message to Fox News and the party establishment politicians to tell them to state out of our election races.

    Hey Lisa, its nice to keep contact with my friends from way back. Keep in touch.

  7. I couldn't agree more, and my husband and I are watching Medina's campaign closely. It is so disappointing to see Palin used as the poster-child of the tea party movement when she supports Perry and McCain. This sort of loyalty and "back-scratching" mentality is exactly what we want to leave behind. We need candidates who refer to the Constitution- not their party's platform. We need candidates who understand Austrian economics- not watered-down Keynesian. We are praying God rises up a leader(s) with the heart of a teacher who can frame history (and the Federal Reserve) with the proper perspective and explain why some choices are unpopular, but non-negotiable in deference to the Constitution.

    Keep up the good work, Mary. I love reading your posts.

  8. Thank you so much Lauren. As Americans we have been pacified with party establishment politics now we must wean off the co-dependence of this type of mentality. We must understand our Constitution and demand that we abide by it, because if the people demand it and fight for it we will attain it by the grace of God.