Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glenn Beck exposes himself as a plant for the GOP in interview with Debra Medina

This morning I awoke to a rushed day of early meetings in the morning and a host of other appointments throughout the day. But my hurried scheduled did not diminish the excitement and anticipating of listening to the Glenn Beck show. Glenn had finally agreed to have one of the candidates who is running for Governor of Texas on his radio show.Debra Medina the grassroots conservative candidate in Texas would finally get her opportunity to tell the people of America her vision for the state of Texas. I was surprised that Glenn Beck had all of a sudden changed his mind about interviewing her, but "oh well", it was an opportunity for Debra. I was to be on the road traveling to a meeting at the time the radio interview was supposed to be aired, so the first thing I did as I started my van, was to turn my radio on. The show was in the middle of a commerical so I waited with excitement as we were nearing the top of the hour, when Debra would be on. It was a very wet day here in Houston, and so I was both distracted by the weather, the drivers in the weather, and the soon appearance of Debra Medina on the Glenn Beck Show.

Well after a brief news update, the time had come and sure enough, Glenn Beck starts the segment by talking up candidates who had come from no where. My excitement turned to smiling as I heard Mr. Beck slowly ease into the Texas Governors race what I heard actually surprised me as he was totally denouncing Rick Perry the current Governor of Texas. The stage had been perfectly set for the introduction of Debra Medina the come from behind candidate in our Governors race.

So Mr. Beck introduces Debra and then starts with his first interview question which was "Who is Debra Medina?". I could sense tension in his voice as if he was annoyed or irritated, but I awaited Debra's answer and out came her firm strong response. "Good job", I thought. "You tell him", Debra, was more like it. The next question was the property tax question, and again she sailed through that answer as well. Then all of a sudden came the 9/11 truther question. And I thought, "what's that about?" I really did not know what a "truthers" was but after hearing Glenn Beck explain I was not phased by it or Debra's answer. However, what happened next was totally unexpected.

My very first thought after he rushed her off the phone, and then began ridiculing her was that this was a classic setup. He totally staged everything perfectly and then attempted to destroy her bid for Governor, just by labeling her a truther. I actually laughed at the obvious ploy of this so-called interview and though nothing of it. After hanging up with Debra he and Pat Gray his co-host laughed about how he wanted to french kiss Rick Perry, I was totally surprised by his jollying with this being that he confesses to be a Christian. Insinuating homosexual pleasures is not something I would think that a Christian man would take so haphazardly. But it seemed like child's play for Glenn Beck. When I arrived at my meeting the look on my friends face was like total horror. My first thought was, "what happened? what's wrong?", then they relayed to me the dimise Debra faced with her inteview with Glenn Beck.

Just last night as my family and I were out grocery shopping I saw Rick Perry on the cover of a Texas magazine, showcasing his bid for the 2012 Presidential election. Of course this would be news here but maybe not in New York, or California or in another state where this would not have any relevance. So then I remembered the article, I remembered Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rick Perry, I remembered Glenn Becks sudden disdain for Rick Perry and then his all of sudden admiration for him again. There it was. I knew right then what this was all about and it became as laughable as watching an episode of "Word Girl" with my daughter. Does Glenn Beck think that the people of Texas is that naive and gullible that we would not see through his little ploy today?

After appearing on the Glenn Beck show and deciding not to play by his rules, I too discovered a different side of Mr. Beck. One of the things that came to my mind is the fact that Glenn Beck ridicules Debra Medina, while he holds to beliefs that many of us may deem unusual as well. As a Mormon, there are many doctrines and teachings that those in the Christian faith would deem just as unusual as Glenn Beck finds as to the beliefs of "truthers". First of all Debra Medina is not a truther, yet, he displays that she is a truther on his website at This is dishonest at best and I am sure Mr. Beck would not appreciate anyone making a claim that he believes something that he does not. However, Glenn Beck showed up today as a plant for the GOP, one who has disdain for those who "question their government with boldness", as he once called the American people to do, and not the so called independent thinker he positions himself to be when he wants to stir up the American people.

Americans should have no more patience for dirty politics and the antics of the party machine that only wishes to use the American voter as pawns for their future careers. I use to think that Glenn Beck was a person for the people. But now when he desires to push on the people of Texas a career politicians who has his eyes not on governing Texas but running for President, I see him as just another plant for the party establishment.


  1. Would lovvvve to know the story behind you and Glenn Beck, you and Fox News and you and 9/11 Moms. So anytime you want to fill me in feel free to email me -

    Just curious about all the sudden dislike of those three groups/people.

  2. I thought his surprise at her answer was genuine.

  3. So did I, Beth. From the point of view of someone who does not have a horse in that race, she came off as totally unprepared as a candidate and her answer to the 'truther' question shocked me. (And no, I did not become shocked as Glenn challenged her, I was shocked as the words came out of her mouth).

    I admit I was surprised at Glenn's raging reaction, but honestly, not at his response.

  4. I also would be very interested in your experience with Glenn. From your earlier blog post it seemed positive.

    I dreamt about Glenn and Debra all night! My sub-conscious continued to try to work it out. On Wednesday I was struck with fear about Iran. We were supposed to fly to DC on Thursday (yesterday) and Iran had announced multiple times they would *shock the west* on that day. I had a minor melt-down and was covered with prayer before I recommitted myself to the fact that NOTHING is greater than God's Love for us and NOTHING can separate us from that. I was NOT expecting to apply this statement to Debra yesterday!

    Like you, I was excited about the interview. I did not hear the interview live, but saw a friend's negative comment on facebook, which immediately led to a google search. The first clip I heard was JUST the question and I was shocked. I was shocked at Debra's answer, then I was shocked at Glenn's response. In a world where there are so few people you can trust politically, I felt so let down by Debra. What did this mean? Four more years of Perry? The loss of a state that would stand up to the National (not Federal) government? The loss of a Nation?

    I started investigating more and found the whole clip. I could not believe how RUDE Glenn was the entire time. I came to the same conclusion as you- that it was a set-up. HOW I WISH she'd just answered the question, "NO". But a couple of points on her answer:

    1) Glenn prefaced the question by saying he'd received tons of mail about this rumor. WHAT RUMOR?! I've studied Debra closely and NEVER heard this. In her first answer she agrees- she'd never heard that either. If only he could have left it at that.

    2) Her second answer basically said, 'You should be able to question your government.' Yes- a NO would have been SO much easier and would have avoided all this drama- it was a mistake that could cost her the campaign- but I completely agree that we MUST be able to question our government. Question with boldness, some would say. But now GLENN is accusing her of conspiracy??? Oh the irony...

    I felt so disheartened by the entire situation yesterday. For the first time in a long time, we didn't watch Glenn last night. As I said, in a world with so few people you can trust- I thought Glenn was one of the good guys. I didn't agree with everything he said and felt he missed some major points- but I thought he was sincere. I'm appalled at the way he treated Debra Medina yesterday. I'm very disappointed in the character displayed in Glenn yesterday.

    Thanks for the post. I was looking forward to your reply. So few people *get* what a big deal this was.

  5. Oh man...I didn't realize I'd written so much! Thanks for letting me vent!!

  6. I must ask you; would you feel the same way if he had gone off on Perry over the border issues? Or would you be glad he pushed him to reveal his true self?

    Glenn was entirely consistent. The 'truther' issue is not insignificant.

  7. First of all, I have been following your blog since seeing you on the Glen Beck show, so you actually owe him some thanks because I know there are many like me out there.

    I had agreed with you on many things but since going so rabid on the Texas governor's race, it has gotten to be much like what you are complaining about. I am not sticking up for Glen Beck, because I agree with much of what you said. The thing is that we should watch those in the media to shape our own opinions, not because we agree with them. "Good guys" have nothing to do with politics really. Through this whole blog I kept thinking that you were not giving your reasons for things but rather attacking, which is what I've seen a lot lately. Some of the attacks were a tad over the top as well, which made them look legalistic.

    To be fair, there was one blog where you gave a few reasons why you liked Medina and why the criticisms weren't constitutionally sound. That is something I can respect and see as a Christian way of doing things. I would have liked to have seen this blog take that approach. For the first time, I am truly disappointed in you for allowing others to move you into behavior that you are claiming to loathe. I would have liked to see you illustrate how she is not a "truther" and more about the reality of her position on those questions. The key to fighting the dirty politics is to not participate in it. I'm sorry that you chose to ignore that.

    Finally, just because someone is conservative and doesn't agree with you doesn't make them a partner of the GOP. It makes them an individual.

  8. Thank you for all your response. I was surprised when I saw that I had so many comments and so I always want to take the time to respond back. I think I need the clarify why I have taken the position I have taken. It has nothing at all to do with my support of Debra Medina. My issue is not even with anything he asked her, he should be free to ask his guest any question he desires.

    Like Lauren said she should have stuck with a yes or no. The other comments just gave Glenn Beck an open door. My issue comes from the position that when I met Glenn Beck he professed to be a deep person of faith who loved the LORD and his country. He seemed very sincere, and encouraged the ladies on the show to get out and do something to rally the moms across America.

    Before this I was a stay a home mom minding my business, I did not call him and ask to be on his show he called me. He told us to go out and do something for other moms, so I did. Then when I did not do it his way, he takes issue with it. I believe that the ultimate reason this all happened is because God wanted me to be here so I am going to do what God leads me to do as I pray and seek His will. Glenn Beck's 9/11 principles puts country first, I put God first and that totally was a no, no to him. So I put the principles up on our site, with God first. After that he totally broke off all communications. That was fine with me, but God is not going to be second in my life for nobody. God is the one who gave us this country and then I am going to insult Him by putting this country first? Think again.

    But anyway, I shared that for those inquiring minds who wanted to know. Back to Debra Medina. As I previously said, I had no problem with the interview at all. My issue is how he treated her and the things he said like wanting to french kiss Perry. That is wrong and does not constitute the actions of someone who profess to be this deep committed Christian. I could NEVER say something like that about any one.

    Just last week Glenn Beck was all for Perry and then out the blue he starts to rag on Perry. First his producer says that Debra was not national news and would not allow her to be on the show. Then all of a sudden Glenn Beck has disdain for Perry and guess who he now wants on the show? What he said after the show is my issue, he labeled her a truther. Debra Medina never said she was a "truther", therefore Glenn Beck or no one else can say that she is a "truther". That is wrong. But I am sure since moral relativism is the current mindset it may not be wrong to some.

    He not only labeled her a "truther", but he then makes the comment, "then either he or Pat Gray says, there goes back to 4 %." Who says? What makes Glenn Beck think that he has the authority to crush peoples work. Just because Glenn Beck says, that Debra Medina is a "truther", everyone is suppose to label her that? Would any of you want someone to do this to you?

    Everyone is missing my point. You don't do this to people. If she said she was a "truther", then find call her a "truther", but just because shse did not answer the question the way he felt she should, does not give him the right or authority to then, label her a "truther". That is dishonest. But because he knows he has followers and idolizers who will fall at his word he felt calling her a "truther" and then implying that her poll numbers would fall to 4%" would make it so.

    Not when people can think for themselves it does not. I guarantee you that if he would have just did an interview and left it as that. I would have nothing to say, because I saw no problem with the interview itself. He was dishonest and I know that I am not the only one who can discern dishonest behavior just on the premise that it was dishonest regardless of who the person was. I would not have liked it if he would have done the exact same thing to Rick Perry or Kay. So I hope all minds are clear now.

  9. Thank you for clarifying. That was much more the type of response I had expected from you in the first place. I agree with most of what you said. Again though, we need to watch these people as a means to figure out our own positions and not take their opinion as our own.

  10. This is the best article I've seen regarding this situation and Glenn's motives. and this one from the Tenth Amendment Center.

  11. I always try to be objective and unbiased in what I say. I must assess myself as to the reasons I am saying what I am saying and if it is just because I am upset that someone is saying something about someone I like then I have to step back and calm down. However, when something is just plain wrong its wrong regardless of who it is and that is what I was talking about. It was only his downgrading and pious, ridiculing that took placed immediately after he hung up the call. Thanks for being fair Jeannie. I appreciate it. Thanks for the links Lauren I have to check them out.

  12. Mary:
    I will tell you that I heard the truther rumor about her about a month ago. He really didn't pull the question out of the air. The way she was described to me was the very technical term "kook".

    Her campaign staff is made up of great deal of Paulites. She once worked for Paul's foundation. Some of the Paulites are truthers. Now, that doesn't mean her staff feels that way nor does it mean that she is. But it does beg for the question to be asked.

    Her answer was poor at best, downright stupid at worst. She should have just said no, the responsiblity for this lies on her shoulders.

    As far as his reaction, well it was a little over the top, but he is a comedian/entertainer by trade. He really only got into the political stuff after 9.11

    I admire that you have put your belief system out there and are living by your principles. Sadly, when you start adding strict Christian beliefs to politics it sometimes blows up. So we need you people like you out there who will stand by that no matter what.

    have a blessed day

  13. Thanks just a Conservative Girl for taking the time to comment. At this point as I see how this is working out, this happens to have been a really good thing for Debra. God can always do great things even in situations where we think all was lost. Yesterday alone after the show Debra's campaign received $50000 in donations. Also someone else reminded me, what if this would have happened the day before the elections. It would have been devastating. So now it's out in the open, Debra is not a truther and if she was, that would not change my support for her.

    A "truther" is not someone who is unpatriotic, they are people that holds the government accountable. Glenn Beck showed the utmost of hypocrisy on yesterday. He associates himself with people who are so called "truthers" then he ridicules Debra and unfairly attaches that label to her.

    At this time in our nation we need a new breed of leadership. I am concerned about the office of the Governor of Texas and in that Debra Medina is the only that can serve the people of Texas. Rick Perry will begin campaigning for the Presidency in 2011 and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, is trying to seal her political career with an impressive office like the Governor of Texas. We were all lamented about incumbents and career politicians and we here in Texas is trying to rid ourselves of this very thing and we have people like Glenn Beck trying to push the establishment on us.

    Her answer was first that she did not have a position on this again, I know Debra personally so I know the kind of person she is. This was a very valuable learning experience for her so although I totally against how Glenn Beck treated her at this time, I appreciate the great things that have come out of it. So I am more thankful now than I am upset at this incident.

    Thank you again for posting.

  14. Mary, I just read the transcript of that interview on, and I don't think you're being very fair. Debra clearly did not answer the question adequately when Glenn tried to clear the air. She didn't give a definite "no", which is what I would have done were I in her shoes. I don't live in Texas so I don't know much about your gubernatorial candidates, but I do know that if she dodges questions that are that important. Why, if she truly wasn't a truther, would she have dodged at all?

  15. Thank you for this article, Mary. I prefer Glenn Beck to most other commentators, but I agree he doesn't always get it all right. It has always rubbed me the wrong way that he takes such a stance on 9/11 truthers, like it's a bad thing. If you can think your governmental leaders are capable of leading us down the path of socialism, then what's stopping them from doing other heinous things to get there? I liked Debra's answer, and if I lived in Texas, it would only strengthen my resolve to vote for her.
    I appreciate your insights on current events. Keep it up!

  16. Mary,

    Something else is really bothering me. When someone puts a hyperlink in a post, (say, to Glenn Beck's website) I think it is dishonest to redirect all the links to Medina's website.

    You say that your first consideration is your Christian faith and that Americans should have no more patience with dirty politics, and yet you misdirect the links. Seems like a double standard to me.

  17. This comment actually has to do with a previous post which I can't access right now.

    I'm reminded also of a quote by Benjamin Franklin. "God helps those who help themselves." God gave us the power to shape our own destinies when he gave us free will. The 9/12 project, whose principals put both God AND country first (the second principal is "I believe in God and he is the center of my life") is a manifestation of that. There are many God fearing people in that movement, including myself. Perhaps the Tea Party movement is God's way of helping us get back on track as a country and a people.

  18. Don't write off Glen Beck so fast. I read the transcript of the interview and a follow up as well. An endorsement from Glenn Beck is a powerful thing. It also will reflect on him if a candidate turns out to be a wacko. He questioned her about being a truther and she sounded like she was willing to believe it if she looked into it more. That means she would consider believing that our federal government was willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people who were in those buildings. We don't want candidates like that vulnerable to crucifixion by the media or the opposing party.

    As for the French kissing remark, good grief, it was just a funny way to make a point. He was not endorsing homosexuality.

    It's hard to find a perfect candidate who represents everything you believe in, but some issues are so important they can't be ignored. Abortion is one. For Glen Beck, being a truther is one. He is doing so much to educate people about history and what's going on in our government today, inspiring people to ask bold questions and get involved; dislike of one particular candidate should not disqualify him from further viewing.

  19. Hello everyone, and Happy Valentines to you all. Like I have said previously, I don't have an issue at all with the interview. I had a problem with how Glenn Beck behaved after the interview. Kim putting the links to Debra's site is the same thing as using tags. When we use tags as descriptors we are doing the exact same thing. This way instead of writing in tags for the web search engines to crawl, you put a direct link to the website you want the traffic to be directed to. It's about adding traffic just like any other tool we use on the internet.

    I really don't care if Debra Medina is a "truther", I can not believe that people have become so trusting of our government all of a sudden. Our government is not made up of men and women of integrity. And of course the statement about the government not killing their own people, is an insult. How many black American slaves died at the hands of the government? How many Native American's died at the hands of the government? Unless in your eyes these people were not important then I can see how you can say that our government would never kill its own people. The government is capable of anything so the "truther" thing to me is irrelevent.

    Americans are too easily distracted. Texas needs to elect a Governor who will lead us to stability and growth. Rick Perry is not that person, even if Debra Medina is a truther, Kay Bailey Hutchinson is not that person, even if Debra Medina is a truther. We must become more alert as voters. Rick Perry will be campaigning for the Presidency beginning in 2011, how can he run the state of Texas?

    Kay Bailey Hutchinson is on her way out to retirement and is a progessive. Wrong answer. Debra Medina wants to be Governor because she wants to govern the state. She is the ONLY one that has the heart of a governor in this race and I am voting for her because I want a governor and that is the bottom line. We are too careless as voters.

    Who in their right minds would vote for someone who will be running for President and will never be available to govern. This is why America is tanking. We have people voting for those who have no business being elected. I don't care if Debra Medina believe in UFO's. That is a non-issue to her role as Governor of the State of Texas.

    Have we all forgotten why we were given the right to vote? What Glenn Beck did was wrong it was wrong if he did it to anyone? Can anyone tell me how someone who is a "truther" not be able to fulfill a role as Governor? I would like to here some sensible answers. This country was established to be a Republic where individual states rights was the mode of governance. What does being a truther, affect this?

    Debra did not answer the question is not my concern either. It is her understanding of government and the manner in which government is suppose to run that leads me to support her. She has fresh ideas that would grow Texas and when Texas grows we all grow. Rick Perry will do nothing if elect and shame on the people who would vote for him, and have this state neglected and abandoned. Unless Debra Medina does something that leads me to believe that she could not effectively lead this state, on Tuesday I will be voting for her.

  20. Tags are only tags if the link truthfully reflects the tag. Links that are incorrectly labeled are misdirected links, not tags, Mary.

    Maybe you didn't know this but it is common internet etiquette.

  21. If I was convicted that redirecting a link to another website was being deceptive I would by all means remove all the links immediately. If you are convicted by putting redirecting links then please do not set up your blogs to redirect links. I don't believe that Christians should drink. But that is my conviction and unless a Christian has their own convictions about drinking I can "not like it" all I want they are free because their conscience does not convict them. I just don't see this as being deceptive for the purpose of being deceptive. I always keep myself open to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and I just don't feel convicted. I am not stealing information, I am just redirecting internet traffic to Debra Medina's site using names that are associated with her are similiar to her. That is the concept of tags. However, for the minds of those who are having issue with it, I do care about how my actions impact others so in the future, I will not use redirect links. Now back to discussing the issue at hand. Debra Medina is the only viable candidate to serve as Governor of Texas for the reasons I have given before. Her stumbling during the interview, or her not answering the question as others thinks she should is not something I will hold against her. So that is a done deal. I love Sunday's and it was really nice to have time in House of the LORD today, because what is really needed in this is grace. Grace for Glenn Beck and grace for Debra Medina. I am not perfect and I don't expect anyone else to be perfect. However, I do expect those who profess faith in Christ to live at a higher standard. And that was my issue with Glenn Beck. And even though he deserves grace and forgiveness, his actions still needs to be called to the carpet. His actions have consequences, I no longer view him as the person he once was. Giving forgiveness and providing grace does not mean that one must continue in a relationship, it means that the penalty of the offense has been removed and instead of allowing bitterness and unforgiveness to set in, freedom is provided. Thank you all for allowing me to express my opinion in this and for those of you who shared your opinions, it's great to know that there are still alot of wonderful people out there who can still communicate with respect and courtesy.