Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas

This morning I find myself a little perturbed by the recent news of Sarah Palin choice to campaign for Rick Perry for Governor of Texas. At first I thought, “What?” But quickly I understood how someone who presented themselves as Sarah did can become an endorser of someone like Rick Perry. Now I live in Houston, Texas the largest city in Texas and I know what living in Texas is like. In Houston we have as the monument of Texas the “worlds” second largest abortion super clinic. When I discovered this atrocity was being constructed here, I was at a lost for words. Many see Texas as the stronghold for fundamentalist Baptist teaching and the center of the Bible belt and we have the world’s second largest abortion center? This is the second largest in the entire world. Think about that for a minute.

My question is this. Who are the gatekeepers of Texas? This is not a Houston thing, this is a Texas thing and for our government’s administration and our Senators to allow such funding to enter Texas, someone has not been doing their jobs. The lives of future little Texans hangs in the balance and we must have leaders who truly uphold life and not just do lip service. As a Christian Conservative I believe in upholding Godly principles. And life is a principle that God holds dear. As a voter I choose those who I will support and endorse by the content of a candidates character, not by whether they can bring tears to my eyes in a speech. Our current sitting Governor is a run of the mill GOP good ole boy, the kind Sarah Palin use to work against. Now I know that I am going to make a lot of people mad, but because I am a person of deep conviction and principle, in a nation that is grossly lacking in this type of character, it is expected. From the election of President Obama, I thought that maybe Americans would run from their embracing of “cult politics”, supporting people because of who they are and what they can do to stroke one’s emotions. I was afforded the opportunity to attend the KERA debates in Denton, Texas where Debra Medina, current Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson attended. It was embarrassing to see this man get on national TV and act like a kindergartener, then think that anyone would actually vote for him to be re-elected. And Kay showed the classic case of jumping around the issues.

The Tea Party movement also heavily embraces Rick Perry. The Tea Party groups once identified themselves as the engine behind promoting grassroots candidates who were God-fearing and principled. At the debate Rick Perry would not own up to the fact that Texas has lost over 300,000 jobs. He boasted of creating 150,000 jobs, of which all came from the government sector. The property taxes in Texas have risen by 49% and the border problems here are still a joke. These are real issues that Texans must face and find effective solutions to. The only thing Perry did in the debate is showed that he like other career politicians don’t believe that American’s are paying any attention and could care less about the future of their states or nation.

There was at one point in this debate where a student asked a question about an “in of life” law that was imposed in healthcare practices. Neither Rick Perry nor Kay Bailey Hutchinson knew that this law existed. The only person who had a clue was Debra Medina. When I first met Debra I liked her because she has a genuine personality. I first discovered her through a Tea Party meeting that I attended, I immediately requested that she complete our “Mommy Approved Candidates Survey” and she did. I know Debra personally and thought that she would be the kind of candidate Sarah Palin would stand behind and support. I am deeply disappointed in Sarah Palins decision to endorse Rick Perry, however it is her decision to make. I hold dear our freedom to be able to make whatever choices we desire as Americans and I respect that in Sarah Palin’s case as well. I would hope that Texans reject Rick Perry regardless of what big ticket name puts their support behind him. We Texans and we American’s need to return to the God-inspired principles of our founding fathers, a subject Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchinson appear to know little of. Debra Medina is a student of the constitution and understands the working of the Republic that God inspired to be created through our founding fathers.

Conservative Moms for America endorses Debra Medina as Governor of the State of Texas. Being a mom, I desire someone who understands and embraces the concerns I have. Debra is a registered nurse who understands the problems that exist in our current healthcare system and will allow Texas to become a leader in quality healthcare. She home schooled both her children and for me that speaks volumes. She understands “mom politics” and will be a leader in issues that are of concern to moms and the future of our children in issues pertaining to life, education, healthcare and economics. We can not allow Texas to go down the road of electing status quo politicians. Texans deserve better, and so does America. It will be up to the voters of Texas to follow the examples of the voters of Massachusetts, and reject the status quo and elect a candidate that will bring the leadership and quality representation and send a message that our states will be a government established by “we the people” and the confines of our US Constitution and the Declaration of Independents. It bothers me when any outsider try to ram the status quo down the throats of Texans. Don’t tread on us and please “don’t mess with Texas.


  1. I check my blogger dashboard everyday waiting for another post. I know that you are a busy wife and mother, but I sure miss it when you don't post. I live in SW Arkansas near Texarkana, but I'm not fully aware of Texas politics. People here are crazy for Sarah Palin. I like her too but there's something I can't quite put my finger on... maybe this was it. I don't really know. I'm getting ready to read her book. As Glenn [I'm on a first-name basis with him, he just doesn't know it. ;)]said during his interview with Sarah: he doesn't know how one can enter into politics and not lose their soul. I hope she somehow manages to keep hers. Hope to hear from you again very soon!

  2. She is also stumping for McCain. She is not standing by her "true conservative" label. I did a post on her choices as well.

    I don't know very much about Rick Perry, except that he is strong believer in the 10th ammendment, at least in front of the cameras. You would know what his motives may be better than I.

    I understand why she chose Michele Bachman, but McCain is mistake.

    Mary, I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas. I am looking forward to posts this year.

  3. Thanks Ladies,

    After seeing Sarah's news yesterday, I had to get back into the blogging saddle for Debra Medina. I just got an email about how libertarians especially Ron Paul support pro-choice this is such a lie. He was an adamant pro-life person. I was totally shocked in her decision to go out for both candidates myself. It seems as though she is becoming more progressive. Politicans will believe whatever a candidate tells them in most cases. I too Lisa, felt that something was not quite right after the elections. It appeared that Sarah was changing. However, American's are so into "Cult Politics" liking a candidate because he or she makes one feel good. I thought we learned our lesson with Obama. For me, it's about Jesus. Either we are going to become God-fearing principled people ourselves,or as Americans we will continued to be conned by politican jargon.

  4. I live in the Houston area, and I am also a Medina supporter, thanks for posting this!

    I also like your writing style. :)

  5. I don't know who Deborah Medina is, nor am I even from Texas, so I don't know what kind of governor Rick Perry has been, but if Palin is stumping for him, she must have a good reason.

  6. Respectfully to "the Constitutional Crusader,"

    That type of reasoning is exactly how the progressives have taken over! We MUST inform ourselves on those we choose to lead us and stop taking anything they do for granted. No person is immune to corruption and so we have to continually ask the hard questions, and expect answers, to keep those we elect in line.

  7. Thanks Lindy, however, you are so right on. So just say, Sarah Palin comes out for Barack Obama. Then everyone will mysterious forget all the garbage this man did just become someone they admire comes out to stomp for them. This is so tragic. Just over a year ago, conservatives were saying what a flop John McCain was, now because Sarah Palin says so, he is a tried and true conservative. What? No, he is the same John McCain with the same principles and just because he wants to win in November he is using the same old political games as all of them use. So I guest celebrity voting is only a bad thing if its a liberal candidate? No. What I see happening here is the same thing that happened on the left, and I could see this coming to past a long time ago. It's now the Republicans turn to act just like the Liberals and allow their love childs to push whatever they like on them just because they can draw a crowd and make good speeches. Debra Medina is a student of the Constitution, she knows the concept of states rights. She is a Christian Conservative leader, and in fact Sarah Palin of all people should that as a Christian she can not favor one person over the other. It goes totally against Christian principles. Remember, "show partially to no man", maybe that does not include politics.

  8. Dear Mary,
    I hear and feel your frustrations, hurt and disappointment.I too do not know anything about the Candidates in Texas. But I truly feel in my heart that YOU are a christian, one that truly loves the LORD and seeks to put Him first in your life.

    I too am disappointed in Sarah in many ways. I am not sure of her either. Look at how Oprah distant herself from Sarah and she was on her show today. I don't get it. I think Sarah is a liberal christian. Not judging, just making an assessment from some of the things she has said on TV.

    Mary, if you have the time maybe you can post a link to where we can read up on Rick Perry or maybe you can post a few things yourself.

    I would like to know more about the man that Sarah is campaigning for.

    Your sister in Christ,

  9. I am definitely planning on doing that so that others will get to know the Rick Perry Texans know. I am glad that there are others out there that are not Koolaide drinkers for neither the liberal elitist Democrats or the liberal elitist Republicans.

    Thanks Linda.

  10. Hi Mary,

    I continue to pray and stand for that which is in line with the WORD OF GOD. Thank you for sharing His Truths with all of your readers.

    May we pray for each one of them in that their hearts, thoughts, behavior and decisions would be inline with the WORD OF GOD and let us pray the same for one another.

    Love and blessings.

  11. Thank you so much Lisa,

    You are such a blessing. Keep praying for me and I will definitely continue to pray for you and all the wonderful people God has placed in my life in cyberspace.

  12. I'm looking for Jennifer Asper,and she knows why & how to contact me. I'm waiting.