Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Return of the Christian Conservative

Today I spent over 2 hours on the telephone with the IRS.  I was amazed at how disorganized this agency still is.  You would think that after all these years someone would know something about their jobs at the IRS.  I had only one question, “How do I file my taxes for an organization that is both Christian and political?”  Now I had no idea I was putting forth to those at the IRS, the most difficult question of the past 50 years.  It was as if I spoke words that discombobulated their whole system of thinking and caused the IRS to experience a meltdown of some sort.  I was transferred back in forth about 6 times.  If you think I caused a meltdown of the system by putting forth that question.  I then told them that my non profit organization would be non-tax exempt.  Man do I need to get out into the world of government more.  Making this statement really caused the wiring in the thinking of those at the IRS to go completely haywire.  It was as if I entered a foreign land and asked a question in a language no one understood. 

One thing I learned by my two hour and 15 minute conversation with the on-hold music, was that there is no such thing as an organization that is both Christian and Political.  If anyone wishes to receive tax exempt status they must adhere to the government’s new standard of separation of church and state.  Either you are a Christian organization or you are a political organization.  But you can not put Christianity and politics together.  Well that is until God through me into this movement to save our country.  Today, Conservative Moms for America established one of a rare few if not, the first Christian Political organization of our anti-God era.  The reason why there is so few or no such organizations that exist today is because the government has used their "golden entitlement bait" to cause organizations to become dependent on their handouts.  This has also eliminated the influential impacts of the once power movement formerly known as the "Christian Conservative".  I am amazed at how dependent Americans have become of our government.  I would rather pay taxes on my donations than to allow the government to control me through tax exempt entitlements. 

Conservative Moms for America can now accept donations.  However, those donations will not be able to be used as charitable deductions for tax purposes by those who give.  And I will gladly pay taxes on those donations if it allows me the freedom to bring back to this country a voice and a place for the Christian Conservative.  There was a time in our country when the Christian Conservative was a viable watchdog in maintaining morality and accountability within the culture of American life.  However, progressives conjured up an entitlement that would soon quiet them just as they have, minorities, corporate America, the financial market, the housing industry and everyone else that salivates at the site of a government handout. 

There is a manner in which we can still enjoy the freedom our founding fathers fought for us to enjoy as Americans.  It does come at a cost, and is every bit worth that cost.   As I look at this metaphorically, I see so many who have voluntarily bowed down and allowed the voice of the Christian Conservative to be sealed by the millions of dollars that have been received through tax-exempt entitlements.  Are our Christian principles worth more than a tax exempt?   I have heard so many times Christians scoff at those who live off government entitlements, but are they not doing the same thing?  If the thought of not getting to write a donation off, causes grief to a tax payer, isn’t that a handout as well? Today, the voice of the Christian Conservative has returned.  Conservative Moms for will be a place where Christians can speak boldly about their faith, express their views about government and politics and endorse the candidates they believe can represent their values all at the same time.  And I hope that our members will do so with great honor and pride for our God who deserves it and our country that can not survive without Him.  

Saying that the last two months of getting pushed into this battle to take our country back has been an "eye-opener", would truly be an understatement, it has been more like being awakened from a nightmare, that well, is not a nightmare.  We are excited about the New Year and all the great things that await us as we champion the cause for freedom.  This will be my final blog of the year and I am happy to write this with excitement as the New Year roles in.  I believe that in 2010, America will witness the return of the Christian Conservative and that this return will bring about great opportunities for the futures of our children.   I am so thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have met during my first year of blogging and I pray that all of you enjoy a great Christmas with your loved ones and family and that the New Year will bring you a renewed love for God, your family and your country.  May you all be blessed!  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years. 


  1. Merry Christmas to you Mary, and thanks for all you do to bring about change that is for the good of our country and is for the glory of God!

  2. Blessed Christmas to you and yours Mary. I hope that you enjoy your holiday as much as I have enjoyed mine!!!

  3. While I am not a Christian Consevative, I must say good for you.
    Good for you for taking a real stand and not deleting your religious morals from your political ones for the sake of money.
    Good for you for confusing a couple of IRS hacks and making them actually think instead of just spewing tax.

  4. Thank you all,

    Every day that I enter into this "battle" for America, I see more and more of how Americans do not want change. Instead they really like the entitlement handouts that the government provides. What I have realized is that each group has their own handout category, the church and other charities call it tax exemptions, minorities call it welfare, businesses and the rich call it tax credits, and so forth and so on. The longer the hands hang out for whatever one's government entitlement is called, the bigger our government will become. The new slogan for Americans should be, "Just say no to government entitlements".

  5. Mary,
    Good for you! I was just having this conversation a few weeks back. Before the gov't came in and started blatantly violating our Constitution and exerting control over matters that do not belong to them, they used other, more covert methods to get their agendas met. Most often, this has been done through the tax code or handouts given to states for complying with their goals. We've allowed the Federal government to control us in this way for far too long. It is time to send the message that they do not control us any longer. We are in charge of our ourselves. No more tax "bribes," which is really what they are. No more FEDERAL tax dollars given to individual states. States have the authority to collect their own taxes and should use federal money for those things outlined in the Constitution, and nothing more. Our lives are our own and we need to stop playing by their rules.

  6. Mary, let me first say thank god for you!! I have an idea, and want your thoughts on it. Glenn Beck is doing his part, but he cant fight the battle alone. He needs all of us! The one thing the government has is the main stream media. The one thing main stream media has is money from sponsors. Lets boycott the advertisers!! Lets take away the media from the government!!!! We can do this.

  7. Yes we can take away the media from the government especially if we did like they did to Glenn Beck and stop shopping with their adverstisers. That would wake them up.

  8. The answer to your problem is: The Fair Tax

    If we had that, we would not have the IRS and a ton of tax issues could be solved.

  9. Frankly I'm tired of it all. I am neither Conservative nor Liberal. I neither support all of Obama’s policies nor do I support conservative policies of do nothing. Just turn up the volume louder and hope that the American people will believe we're working for them. In the case of President Obama not responding to the terrorist in my hometown, President Bush of whom I voted for took three days longer before he responded to the shoe bomber. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And as a retired military vet it saddens me to come home from fighting for mine and your freedom to see that my own country is divided on such trivial issues. God has it all under control and this country has had worse. We will overcome this and 10 years from now...heck 10 months from now it will be as if it never happened. The only ones that will be talking about it will be those that are consistently in the problems our great nation instead of the solution. God bless you all and I hope you find what you're looking for in life because it's not in the Limbaugh’s nor the Hannity's or the Olberman's, Maddows, And O'Reilly's. Don't listen to someone who makes more than you'll ever make in a lifetime and who could careless about you or your children’s future.