Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Sarah Palin won't tell you about her friend Rick Perry, We Texans will.

I once thought that people on the left were the koolaide drinkers who were in a trance and suffering from the Obama leg tingle syndrome. However I have found that there are those on the right whose legs tingle just like those on the left. The blogosphere has been buzzing all week with the shock of Governor Palins announcement to endorse Rick Perry and John McCain. In Romans 12:3, Paul gives us this warning:

"For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith."

What is Sarah Palin really saying by coming out for Rick Perry, and of course John McCain, which is the biggest surprise of all? Could she be saying, "Hey don't worry about it fella's, I got the American people tightly wrapped around my little pinky and when I show up on the stomp for you it's all over." Sike! I look at my city and my state and I see the real issues and I realistically look at the people who are in charge and draw my own conclusions about the effectiveness of their leadership. I have two links for those who are reading this to view. The first one is the first Texas Governors Debate.

After looking at this video please tell me your honest views about this debate as far as leadership is concerned: See how our current governor tries to present facts that are totally false at the core. The citizens of Texas just like our fellow citizens throughout the United States are tired of big government spending, cronism, and the elitist attitude that says, "we are too stupid to really see through these politicans". Judge for yourselves if what you hear from this debate shows that Gov. Perry has been true to his supposed conservative values.

Second I am enclosing links from various sources about what Governor Perry has really done for Texas. I live in Houston, and the roads are terrible, they are unbelievable, yet Perry claims that the state had surplus according to the Dallas Morning News. The roads of Texas could really use some of that surplus.

As a Christian Conservative I do not want the government mandating what I must do. And I definitely take issue when these mandates are politically motivated to pad the pockets of lobbyist friends. Remember how Republicans critized Obama. Well here is a link that explains the exact type of "pad my pocket" political posturing.

Let us not forget a problem that is not only one that plagues Texas but the United States as a whole - Texas border security. Like most politicans who now pander for votes, when Gov. Perry ran for re-election four years ago, he promised Texans the sky in securing the Texas border. However, after he was re-elected he quickly reversed his views on Border Security calling the idea of a border fence "preposterous". Well it was not so preposterous when he was begging voters to re-elect him. But in the usual, "suckers", attitude most career politicans have when baiting voters, Rick Perry soon reversed himself. The links that I am posting tonight does not come from Gov. Perry's opponents. They come from people outside of the political circle who give their opinions through the eyes of average Americans. Finally hear are two more links for you to read up on our supposedly true-blue conservative candidate.

Finally what were all the marches around the country for today? Wasn't it to protest the mass murders of millions of United States Citizens. Well in Houston, Texas, we have the second largest abortion clinic in the world. Governor Perry touts his supposedly pro-life guardian. The link below will show you how those who are in bed with politicians deceive their viewing audience. "The title reads "Perry Signs Abortion Marriage bill. However, Governor Perry only signed a parental consent bill. During his speech however, he pushed his commitment to pro-life legislation. In Texas we are led to believe that partial birth abortions are banned under the leadership of Governor Perry, however they are not. This link provides more information on the issue. Hence this is how the monstrosity in Houston is able to take the life of babies through Partial Birth abortions. Now remember, Congress gave the right to the state to regulate the strictness of partial birth abortion. A true conservative would have totally banned the practice. Sarah Palin did not share that bit of information as well.

After viewing the various links you would see why Perry must hide behind Sarah Palin, Perry is not concerned about the future of Texans or the state of Texas, he is afraid that his bid for Governor has suddenly been tarnished and desires to have the negative things he has done suddenly wiped away by the magic wink of Gov. Palin. This I see only as political expediency and political posturing. After witnessing the deception imposed on the people of America by those on the left, I would think that most tried and true conservatives would regurgitate such behavior. But I guess the pot does fall far from the kettle.


  1. Mary -- I see you are not a Perry fan. Fot the record, nor I. I do not like Kay Bailey in the least bit. I want the true conservative Debra Medina @ . She doesn't stand much of a chance, due to we Texans not making enough noise about conservativism. We lead the world in it, yet keep quiet.
    Like I said, her chances are slim, but I for one, will push my vote to her. We have some of the strongest conserves in the country. It is time we put our money where our mouth is. Sending people like Micheal Williams to DC will prove it. Mr. Williams is a true Conservative and a good man with VIRTUE. Something our founding fathers had, and todays leaders lack.

    Mary, I've followed you at your site here for a while and I long to read more from you. I have a post I hope you will like -- -- Your voice is important. We are common people wanting to live a freely together in a world that allows to do so.
    Mary, keep the fight and I will stand with you. Thank you for your virtue you show the world. sharky

  2. Don't know what happened to my response to you LandShark, but I will try again. Debra will win, because Texans will not be treaded upon. We have a mind and can think for ourselves. I really can not believe that these politicans think that we are so gullible that we would vote for a person just because someone we may have admired comes out and stomp for them. You know Sarah Palin has a right to do whatever she wishes. But coming out of support of Perry and McCain says to be that there is something else going on.

    We may never know what that may be, but I am very suspicious of all this. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I noticed today that Sarah Palin has removed all negative comments from her Facebook page. That is another red flag for me. Most people were asking her why she is supporting these men, or asking her to reconsider or just expressing their disappointment and she deletes it. That rings really loud for me. Everyone will not agree with me and if they comments are disrespectful and hateful that I will delete. But I will not delete the comments of those who are genuinely espressing themselves about the things I write, even when the comments are critical.

    The plot thickens.

  3. Palin is the "insiders" plant to lead the tea party and independants toward the establishment, watch out for these types. I like Micheal Williams, he seems good, but he is so warmly embraced by the insiders that it makes me wonder about him too! When you find someone who says all the right things and has a track record to back it up yet the establishment insiders and party heirarchy denegrate and dismiss them, then you know you have a real candidate of the people! Medina and Paul fall into this latter catergory, and should be fully supportted by as many as possible. Vote for principal over popularity!

  4. Mary, I do not know much about Perry as I am not from TX but from reading your blog I am very disappointed in Sarah Palin endorsing Perry and the RINO McCain.

  5. Exactly any time we hear a polished speech and the GOP or DNC is nodding in agreement, we need to scratch that person off the list. Has anyone heard of the Bilderberg Group. A group of our own leaders who are attempting a global take over of the world? Well Rick Perry has attended these events as well. Looking at this situation, I believe that the American people has been (like Redd Foxx use to put it) had-bad, really bad.

    My next task is to also point out how Fox News is a biased to those they favor as the MSM. Look at them they all seem to have this clichish presence about them. What have we don't to ourselves? I believe at this point most people will completely turn away from the GOP because this sends a very bad message.

  6. We have a major who promised us he would do everything he could do to keep the illegals from
    being on the street corners trying to solisit jobs. As soon as he got into office he decided he wouldnt keep that promise. I totally agree with you about Sarah Pallin. It made me sick that she would support John McCain especially after the way he treated her.

  7. I can understand Sarah Palin being forgiven and having no grudges. That is what we should do if we are truly Christians. But it does not mean that we have to let those same people use us over and over again. I really don't like the way this is looking. It appears that Conservatives are now having their Celebrity moments like the Left with Obama. Another thing that really disturbs me is that on Sarah's Facebook page she deleted all of her negative comments and left only the ones that are praising her.

    I was like Wow, what is unfolding does not look pretty for us but it needs to happen now before the elections so that we can see exactly who are the cronies and who are not. God again is saving us from ourselves. Thanks be to God for His lovingkindness and care for us that we not be mislead and that He exposes those that may even be trying to decieve us.

  8. you can be black, you can be conservative in your out look, but there is no reason for a black person to be a republican or a democrat in this country. independent is the way to go.

  9. Black Republican WomenJanuary 24, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    Congradulations on a great blog, It will be my extream pleasure to blogroll you.

  10. Anonymous what you said is really ringing loudly in my ears through what has happened last week. We all need to move out of these two parties. What we have been led to believe is that liberal Democrats are the really bad people who want to take away our rights and that they are elitist. I am finding that it does not matter in which party one affiliates themselves with elitist is alive and well.

    I have been so shocked to see this come to a head now within the Republican party by those who claim themselves conservatives. I am seeing that if the biased media do not consider you viable they will shut you out and silence your voice. I use to call it the liberal bias media but it is just bias on both sides. If you listen to any of the reports from Fox News on the Texas Governors race you will find that they only talk about Gov. Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. They totally leave Debra Medina out. That is wrong, there are three viable candidates in this race and they all should receive equal coverage. And just because Debra Medina is not apart of their select beloved big wigs they shun her.

    But let the liberals do this and they would be hogged tied. Another thing I have found is that their are conservatives just as there are liberals who are elitist and worship at the altar of celebrity politics. If someone has gained notority then that person gets air time, however, no fame, no game. Fox News has totally lost my respect.

    Fox News play us just as CNN and the other government controlled media control their audience. It was Fox News that led the call for everyone to back Scott Brown, they did not give us any other information about Scott Brown except that he was a Republican. Well has posed naked for Cosmotology Magazine.

    Then we have the problem with Neo-conservatives who believe that America should be the world police and bail everyone out of their conflicts. Sarah Palin has now embraced this ideology as well. If we don't begin to educate ourselves we will continue to be used. Debra Medina is a leader of the people. She understands how to lead America back being a republic and to the way in which our founding father's intended. People you have to get you head out the sands, and put down the koolaide cups.

    There is a very dangerous tendency happening in both camps and we better wake up before we are all controlled. Also I have discovered an organization called the Bilderburg Society. It is a society of the rich and well educated who desires to build a one world nation of whom many people who call themselves conservatives are a part of. True conservativism has to do with America and America alone.

    We believe in a strong national defense, not to take over the world but to protect ourselves. We have a long way to go in cleansing ourselves of the deception that is prevalent within politics. I hope you all will go to and check her out.

  11. Black Republican Woman,

    Be my guess. I appreciate you adding me to your blogroll. I am not an appeaser. I love my freedom and independence and see the world through a Biblical set of lenses. I have come to the place now that no one is above reproach and they are all mainly looking out for their own success and wealth. Again thank you for commenting and adding me to your blogroll.

  12. Mary, I so agree with you concerning Fox News. They pick and choose on HOW they want to report the news. I am beginning to understand just a tiny bit of how Moses must have felt. One man against millions. But what Moses knew that the millions of Egyptians didn't know was that GOD was on HIS side.

    GOD is still on our side and the millions don't know it. GOD is on the side of truth, and righteousness, and those that truly love Him and know him.

    Stay encouraged my sister. There are a lot of wolves out there in sheep clothing.

    "My sheep know my voice and they follow me" Jesus said. Look at whose voice Fox and Sarah Palin are following now.

    I agree with your comment on John Mccain and Sarah, he was very distant from her. He so used her. He was so distant from her you could have put the state of Alaska between them.

    Now they "act" like they are best "buds"

    I am for truth and righteousness. "I am on the LORD's side. "

    There are double standards all over the place.

    We truly need to pray and seek GOD's guidance on how to vote.
    I trust no one but my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    We are being led to the slaughter. God help us.
    Mary, I thank GOD for you honey.
    Your sister in Christ,

  13. Thank you so much Linda,

    I am glad to see that you are a woman with a discerning heart. Those who look to man can not understand how we can think the things we think. But you know what it really appears that those who strictly follow the leading of the Spirit has not been swooned over by these events. We can see through the lense of truth and righteousness so we can call right right and wrong wrong.

    Keep up the faith Linda it has been refreshing receiving the comments here. I know however that there are those with eyes who can not see and those with ears who can not hear. Just as the Scriptures tell us. There are some who can not hear the truth of what career politicians are saying. It's really sad, but Scripture tells us in John 17:17 that God's Word is Truth and man it is Truth. Thank you again for your comment.

  14. Mary,
    Glad to see your writings again. I remember you from Team Sarah. I left the other day, I like you can't support her when she is supporting someone as corrupt as governor Perry. I feel as though she showed us her true colors.

    I am glad you are opening people's eyes to what is really going on.
    Bless you,

  15. Hi Mary, This is Linda again. Matthew 7: 15-23 , says by their fruits you shall know them. "Their" (fruits) are being revealed. You and I both know it is up to the Holy Spirit to reveal truth. And I so agree with you that those that are following the leading of the Holy Spirit will not be swooned over by events or people. The Holy Spirit will lead us, teach us, and guide us.

    I want you to know I agree whole-heartedly with your reply to me.

    Honey you too keep the faith and remember not everything is of GOD or from GOD.

    I love your spiritual insights and how GOD has His hand upon you.

    Thank you for your love you have for our LORD and stand you are taking.

    May God continually bless you and yours, I love you my sister, Thank you so much,

  16. Thank you Pat,

    Now more than ever we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and not the praise of man. Since this endorsement has come to pass, I see that on both sides of the political party lines, sheeples abound. It makes one take a step back when Fox News begins making fun of and shutting out other conservative candidates.

    There are three people in the race for Governor of Texas. Fox News continues to only give credit to two, because Sarah Palin has become part of their lineup and she supports Perry the man of the GOP establishment, then they follow suit like little puppies. No one has the right to shut either of them out. They are all entitled to the same treatment and it is obvious that Fox News is playing their own game of bias. Debra Medina is a student of the constitution, what most American's are not aware of is that both radical liberals on the left and neocons on the right both are wrong for this nation.

    We must protect ourselves not take over the world. But I hope that you all would take the time to study about the various positions that lie within Conservatism and what these positions state. Don't believe what everyone says. God has allowed the creation of the Internet, and although it can be used for bad intentions it can also serve for alot of good.

    Use google to research any person or subject because we must now arm ourselves with knowledge. America has a much deeper problem and it will require every American to become a free thinker. We must come back to embracing Truth, which is established through the Word of God. We must measure what people say and the things they do by the Word of Truth.

    We must research what our politicians have done in comparison to what they tell us. For instance, since I have been writing on this subject and have began to research Rick Perry, I have found that although he professes to be pro-life, he really has done nothing to initiate legislation to uphold the sanctity of life. He has signed legislation that the Rep of the Texas House passed. And that legislation being sponsored by a representative and not him.

    Gov. Perry endorsed Rudy Guiliani and pro-choice Republican. Should we through life under the bus for the status quo. Governor Perry also has allowed for late term abortions in Texas how is that pro-life? If I was governor and I had the choice to completely ban late term abortions, there would be no question. Now we have the world's second largest abortion clinic.

    And is everyone going to just turn there heads to this. If so, then we are not very pro-life after all.

  17. Hi Linda,

    Matthew 7:21-23 says, "21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’"

    This has always been a Scripture that has caused me to look closer at the character of a person and not just the things that they say or do. Jesus is condemning these people because all they may have have done and said the right things their hearts were far from him. The motive of our hearts can only be judged by God.

    No one can really say why someone is doing or not doing things. There are people who are deceived and they deceive themselves into thinking that their actions are honorable. They will not hear the admonishment of anyone because they have exalted themselves. We must be really really careful in these days. I have finally had to accept the fact that I am not hear for people to like me or even follow me. I am hear to point people to the Word of Truth and through God, He will open their heart and their eyes.

    I pray that all of those who read my blog would commit to evaluating the process through which they view all things. I hope that it is through the lense of God's Word and not the praise of man.