Saturday, December 19, 2009

America is no longer a God Fearing Nation

President Obama’s remarks last summer that America is not a Christian nation, brought outrage to many Americans.  I too could not believe he would appear on a worldwide platform and say something like this about the country that has afforded him such a place in our country’s history.  However, if President Obama would have said instead, that “America is no longer a God-fearing nation, I would have had to agree with him.  As I step back from the drama of the day and really look at how we behave as Americans I would have to say that there is an aspect of our character that was once present in America and has been lost.  In the last 50 years, America has gone through a very dramatic transition from being a nation whose God was the LORD, and who lived in the knowledge that God was a powerful and righteous overseer over their lives, to citizens who now believe they can live in any manner they desire. 

This is why we are now witnessing the worst corruption in our government that has ever been witnessed by any other generation.  The policies of Franklin Roosevelt actually signaled a parting of ways from God and to the Constitution of the United States.  Our founding fathers were adamant about the government staying in its place and not becoming a power within itself, being respectfully in submission to the Creator.  However, Franklin Roosevelt began the expansion of government and it has been expanding ever since; undermining our Constitution at each stroke of the pen in the creation of expansion policies. Many decisions that would come afterward further signaled that we were heading in a wrong direction.

I have thought for a long time that the removal of prayer from school was the start of this departure from being a nation of God-fearing people, but the process began many years before.  Still having this decision come to past showed that the leaders of our nation had become arrogant and desired to rule themselves rather than remain God-fearing men who would seek God’s direction.  There was a time in our country’s history when Americans showed their dissatisfaction with policies by rising up in revolt.  However, something about America was gone and it would lead us into the place we are witnessing today.  Our judicial system was already taken over by men who desired their rule and not that of our God or the Constitution He inspired.  What was not obvious was that the citizens of America had also abandoned the principles of our founding fathers. The legalization of abortion should have been the great red flag that would signal the end of America as was once known.  I can not even imagine the heart break God experienced as He watched America begin such a vicious attack against innocent life.  The cries of the many precious little souls that have been murdered goes all the way up to heaven.

Only a rebellious and defiant people could create such a horror in the presence of an Almighty God and have no remorse.  No one stood up in defense of this tragedy, not the church, not other parents, not anyone.  Surely if the fear of God existed even then Americans would have taken to the streets in protest, but instead everyone kept on with life as usual.  Then came the sexual revolution more evidence that the fear of God was absent from the center of American life.  The liberal Left who were the culprits of these acts of rebellion continued behind the scenes taking advantage of the new American attitude that no longer feared God. 

Next was the coming out of homosexuals, where men and women paraded their sexual defiance in the face of God.  Not feeling that God had been radically moved at this point, the radicals begin to change what Americans believed, by creating the concept of political correctness.  Political correctness replaced Americans dependence on God’s Word to instruct and lead their lives.  Everything about this concept is an attack against Biblical teachings.  It impacted how we thought, what we thought was right and wrong and how we viewed others.  It is what caused our public school system to become an institute of indoctrination and anti-God teaching.  It is what brought about the post modern thinking of moral relativism and the corruption and immorality that has destroyed our ability to be God-fearing people. 

So how do we become God fearing people again?  By believing that God is the absolute authority over our lives and by replacing the garbage and polluted thinking of political correctness with the Biblical teachings found in the Word of God and returning to live under God’s rule,  we can experience America again.  Without returning to dependence on God and abiding in His Word we will not ever experience the America our founding fathers established.  Without re-educating ourselves in regards to our founding documents and electing leaders who understand these documents as well, we will not experience the America our founding fathers established.  As I have been pushed into the center of the battle for America, I see a spiritual problem that continues to be neglected and over looked.  So many new groups are focusing on the politics as the center of our issues, but it is not the central problem. 

The work which I believe God called me into and I have began through the Conservative Moms for America group will continue to battle the spiritual issues that have derailed our nation.  Fearing God means that we respect His authority over life and His right to reign over us.  It also means that we fear the consequence of His discipline and power to chastise us.  We understand that there is a final judgment that has an eternal effect over our lives and we fear the consequences of His judgment.  America has become a nation that no longer fears God and it is evident in many ways within American life.  Remember Psalms 14:1, “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”  They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none who does good.” 


  1. I love this post Mary! What a time in our lives, eh? I am still trying to find my "place" in it all. I agree with you that we have let the pc police shape our thinking for too long. It's time for our nation to turn their eyes back on God. This is where I struggle. How do I do my part? What can I do?

    April C.

  2. What you can do is commit to forming a Biblical worldview. That would take you reconnecting in a Bible Study at your local church. God must become an authority figure for your life and His word provides you with conviction, values and beliefs that you will not stray from. Compare your views about certain life issues to what the Bible says and there you will find alignment. I am just hear as a voice. If you have joined conservative moms for America, I hope that you will actively participate in the groups, forums and other manner of conversation. We even have an online Bible study.

  3. Please stop by my blog and read about "mindful meditation." Christians need to know they are sneaking "god" in the back door.

  4. Hey Norma,

    I visited your blog, now this is crazy, but the problem is that parents do not monitor what their children are being taught. It is like these children are handed over to the schools to do with them whatever they wish. It is about time that Christians, stop hiding behind their plush lives and step into the real world, where Jesus lives. It's just appalling to see the attitude of church. It does not even seem like church leadership even cares. But I will keep on challenging those who will heed.

  5. Mary, the entire message I felt as if I had written because it's what I speak of on a daily basis. As one who is standing firm in the areas of the unborn your following words leaped off the page to me:

    "he legalization of abortion should have been the great red flag that would signal the end of America as was once known. I can not even imagine the heart break God experienced as He watched America begin such a vicious attack against innocent life. The cries of the many precious little souls that have been murdered goes all the way up to heaven.

    Only a rebellious and defiant people could create such a horror in the presence of an Almighty God and have no remorse. No one stood up in defense of this tragedy, not the church, not other parents, not anyone. Surely if the fear of God existed even then Americans would have taken to the streets in protest, but instead everyone kept on with life as usual."

    I invite you to visit my blog "His love covers our sins". If you click on my face or name it will take you to my profile and to my two sites.

    Mary, continue to be a voice where you are and I continue to be a voice where I am. If we all would do our part from wherever we are in the nation, then our voices would be united and heard but it's not just about our voices it's also about our lifestyle.

    Sadly, the church (we are the church as the body of Christ) is silent on many issues that we should be voicing including standing up for the voiceless (unborn children). As one who committed the horrific SIN of abortion long ago and had to repent and ultimately received the forgiveness and healing that comes SOLELY through CHRIST, I can tell you that it's my mission to make people more aware that we need to step up and make abortion illegal.

    So much I could say in agreement with EVERYTHING you wrote Mary. I too long ago felt that when prayer was removed from the schools it was the beginning of a spiral downward at rapid speed.

    We are seeing a nation that has become hostile toward GOD. What was once viewed as "freedom of religion etc." we now have only freedom to express yourself is you are NOT a Christian but when you stand for Biblical values you are called a "hater", an "extremist", "ignorant" an dmore.

    Here's what I know for sure. ONE DAY, we will all give an account before GOD. His Word says so and so He will judge and until then we must continue to stand for His principles in our own lives and then share those principles with others.

    God bless you and Merry Christmas. I enjoy your posts on Facebook.

  6. Wow Lisa,

    Thank you so much. I felt your heart as well and I know our spirits are one in Christ that is why we can have such profound impacts on each other when we write spiritually. I too particpated in the horrific acts of abortion, not just once but twice. And the more I think about this the more I hate what is being done to us and to our children. No one should be able to agree with anything just because it has been deemed legal by man, we should always ask, does God view it as legal.

    Another area that we have really dropped the ball is in allow homosexuals to railroad society with their vile and ungodly lifestyles. Many people will say that it is each persons perogative what they do in their bedrooms. But I say, it's God's perogative, because He can see in all of our bedrooms. The sexual acts of homosexual is not hidden from Him, these things disgust Him, but still many Americans have folded to their thinking that they have a right to it. I think that as many more Christians bring their convictions back to the forefront of their lives, they will begin to make an impact. Don't you stop speaking Lisa. We need to be the voice for God again.

    We can either be a vessel for morality by standing up against these abominations are the people of America can continue to live as cowards. Like you said, we will all have to give an account. God will not accept what the government said, what homosexuals said, what the American Medical Association said, or anyone else. We will be judged by what we know is right and wrong. If a man knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. James 4:17

  7. Thank you for your reply Mary. Also, I just listened to your blog talk radio from I believe last night with Debbie Jansen. I enjoyed listening. I was blessed in your opening prayer. Prayer is very important to my life so I appreciated the heart in the LORD of your opening prayer.

    Bless you.

  8. Lisa,

    I must drape everything I do in prayer. Thank you for being such a wonderful sister in the family of Christ. The best thing about last year is that I was able to meet many committed Christians who are willing to speak the truth in love and defend the name of Christ. That is amazing.

  9. Christian GOD IS, not what the Bible says

    Politicians of both parties are destroying our nation. A non-partisan solution to replace them exists. It is simple. We are serious.

    This two minute video should make your blood boil. The plan will work, if you will join us.

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    "God is the power of first cause, nature is the law, and matter is the subject acted upon."

    In addition to motion acting as a perpetual preserver, it also acts as a continual source for the universe's constant expansion. Every second the universe is expanding at the speed of light (186,282 miles per second). According to Astronomy Magazine, 2/14/92, page 49, "Astronomers presently believe there isn't enough mass in the universe, even with dark matter, to stop its expansion." This exciting realization should fill everyone with unlimited appreciation when we realize we are a part of this amazing and spectacular universe! The Creator is immeasurably generous!

    In ATHEISM - THE CASE AGAINST GOD, the author writes, " . . .when I claim not to believe in a god, I mean that I do not believe in anything "above" or "beyond" the natural, knowable universe." Deism teaches that the Creator is knowable and discoverable through the creation itself. It is very understandable how people could be turned off by man-made religions and superstitions with their bombings and financial beg-a-thons, and confuse artificial or revealed religion with God. However, the atheist attitude of accepting things simply as not knowable is dangerous to the progress of humanity. Many things were not knowable in the past that are knowable today. At one time Europeans believed it was impossible to know what was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean: but they were wrong. As we learn more about the sciences, we are learning more about the Power that put those principles in place. An eternal Being, as Thomas Paine said, "whose power is equal to His will."

    Have you had enough of this funhouse we call reality?

    For thousands of years "those that think they rule" have been keeping a secret from you that makes you a powerless slave!

    Ignorance is not bliss and it is very very painful. The people who know the law are the masters and the ignorant are the slaves. The reason I like Deism is I do not like Atheism and I do like what Deism believes , it makes no matter if one calls me one or not , but I do believe Reason and Common Sense.

    I AM what I AM
    I AM what I AM
    Deism vs. Atheism and Christianity

  10. Dear Mary

    I found your article very interesting.

    What realization that I have come to is. That when you find perfection within yourself, you find perfection in every one else...

    May one ask you to go to my web site and one will find many answers to many questions.

    This is given with Gods Love.

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham.

  11. Well as far as I'm concerned as a Christian I am supposed to worship God on God's terms. Not my terms. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I believe all that is written in the bible as God's inspired and written Word. That Word calls homosexuality sin through God's prophets in Leviticus and the Book of Romans. It also says Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Abortion, Same sex marriage and doctor assisted suicide in 5 states America has become separated from God. Noah built an Ark because by faith Noah knew God's punishment and wrath was coming in the form of a flood. Well by faith I believe God's wrath and punishment is coming to us in America. I wonder when I see in parts of America where 70 or 80 tornadoes touched down. Before 9/11 America had never been attacked on her own soil. Hurricane Katrina among others and a failed economy which I don't believe the president when he says it's recovering. Sorry but if America does not repent and turn back to God America is doomed