Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Two Edged Sword

Could liberals have been so conniving that they would use racism as a two-edged sword against the people of America. Tonight while visiting the American Thinker website, I happened upon an article, titled "How to find millions of racist". My first impression was that the liberals were bearing down on the resolve of American as the blows of racism have been posed against white conservatives, especially Christians. Then the thought hit me. Maybe the liberals’ attempt to incite racism has failed so miserably that they must find a different way of utilizing their once-held trump card. It is quite obvious during these last weeks that liberal Democrats need the race card. They need racism to work by sending us back into the racially tense times of the 60's or by calling conservative whites racist so much that they fall into that mindset.

The post on American Thinker verified the latter as the author warned the Left of their effectiveness in using race as a tactic of division. For Americans who have left behind racism, nothing the left says can bring them back to that place again. I left racism behind because it was the wrong path to take. It goes against the very fiber of my faith. It goes against the vision of our founders to see America united. It goes against the pleas of Dr. King, in having us all be able to live together, walking hand in hand. I never knew just how vicious and determined liberals are to destroy the spirit of this country. Is this how they hope to attain to their socialist views? They would at least need those who would benefit from socialism. Without racism, conservatives may begin to open the eyes of those who could benefit from its great principles the most. This is a catastrophe for the left.

For liberals, racism must have an audience. Without one, they will lose their hold on the black community. Blacks have been that audience for liberals to incite racism against white Conservative Christian Evangelicals. But what if blacks discovered that conservatives are the ones who desire to embrace and provide for them a path to a success that is within their grip? What if blacks realized that those agencies that provide the extra resources to help them get by are the same people liberals have accused of being racist? They are the conservatives who give through their churches to support community social programs. The Left could definitely use a few million racists in their camp right now. Since the only group who seems to be racist are in their camp. They could use a couple million racist to help keep blacks and other minority on the attack against conservatives. The left's two-edge sword of racism, attempts to keep both sides wounded. The best remedy to head off the liberals is to allow their name calling to go through one ear and out the other. No one can convince me that I am someone that I am not, unless of course, if I was that someone. As I see the horns of evil rear its ugly head I have taken on the responsibility to sound the alarm and that I will do.

The only individuals impacted by the Left calling Conservative whites racist, are liberal blacks. I would ask what is the Left afraid of? Could it be that the eyes of blacks are opening to their real enemy? I have been privileged to make acquaintances with a great number of black conservatives in the past weeks. Black conservatives are embracing their white brothers and sisters all over this country, and there are many blacks who may not have understood the principles of conservatism who are finding out that there is much to embrace. I do not feel like I am outnumbered any longer as an American conservative who happens to be black. I would like to say to my fellow conservatives who happen to be white, don't take the bait. Race baiting is not only used to stir up liberal blacks but it is also being used as a ploy to recruit non-suspecting conservatives. Be on the look out for trolls sent to draw you in.

Don't take the bait and watch out for the sword.


  1. great post, mary. so many good points made.

    "For liberals racism must have an audience, without one, they will lose their hold on the black community."

    so very true.

    it's amazing how over used the race card has been with a black president in office less than nine months.

  2. Amazing is an understatement, it is totally unbelieveable that at this time in our country we have the worst assault on race relations in 40 years. And it is propagated by the President's Party. He's failing so they have to say it's all the white man's fault I guess. This is just embarassing.

  3. as always, I enjoyed reading your comments.we need more people from all walks of life ,socio-economic groups and races, that are willing to take the time ,do sincere fact-finding and re-evaluate all the positions we have held just because it was repeated so often we have accepted it as truth.

  4. Thanks Jim,

    The people of America has been betrayed by their own government. We trusted them to do the right thing as we go about adding innovation to the workforce, investments to the financial markets, students to the school system and so on and so forth. But we have seen from the actions of this administration and Republicans as well, that they are only interested in their bottom line - power.

  5. The thing that I really don't understand is why they think this is going to work. If you are a racist, you don't care that you are being called one. If you are not a racist, then you really resent being characterized as something that you are not. It won't solve anything except stir up thier own base. Which the die hard liberals have not turned on Obama. At least not yet. So it doesn't make sense; it just makes them look stupid and ignorant.

    As always a great post.

  6. Just a Conservative Girl,

    This is the problem with the Left they can act so foolish. I agree with you 100%, I thought the same thing, they are the ones who love racism, they are only stirring up themselves. Those who are hooked on their sleeze are in it with them. But they are so full of themselves, and have lied to themselves for so long, that they really believe that conservatives are racist.

    I have received some comments that just make me shake my head. What I have received over and over again, is that I can not be black. I am an imposter pretending to be black but I am really white. They don't believe that any black person would have the sense to see right through them, but there are many who now do see through their lies.

    I have met so many conservatives who happen to be black lately. They are really starting to come out. One thing that the Obama Administration is doing is giving us the opportunity to see that there is still an ugly part to America. And we must do everything to stop the ugliness of the liberals.

  7. Fantastic blog, Mary. I hope you don't mind I would like to add this to my Blog list. Please share this blog with your readers- Truth from a Non-Hyphenated American!

    God bless,
    Torrey M Spears

  8. Wow, you wrote exactly what I've been thinking but haven't been able to articulate. Powerful post.

  9. Another outstanding post Mary. I love the line, "No one can convince me that I am something I am not...", realizing that this simply articulates the mindset I carry as I have gained confidence in walking through this crazy world we live in. I too advocate the "in one ear and out the other" approach but one must develop a rather thick skin to navigate through today's climate.

    There is something so fundamentally unjust about suggesting the color of one's skin dictates whether or not they have a right to think for themselves. Keep fighting the good fight.

  10. I have seen you twice on the Glenn Beck Show. You are a great American!

  11. Maybe I hold on to grudges too long, but I can still remember the reshaping of the Republican party that occurred when the "Southern Strategy" was employed to convert millions of whites by playing on their concerns that civil rights for blacks would mean the end of the country as they knew it. I still see plenty of remnants of that same party whenever Republicans dismantle affirmative action, immigration reform, or a woman's ability to sue for gender discrimination in the workplace. It's not a party that makes me feel like everyone is welcome.

    Most rational people agree that racism still exists. Unforunately, there are people who will not like a person of a different race. Even more unfortunately, the racists don't identify themselves as such, which means that we're often left to speculate as to whether a person's motives were racial or not.

    Granted, some people will effectively "cry wolf" by claiming that any slight against someone is racist, which only serves to discredit themselves and those of people who have legitimately been the victims of discrimination. But your dismissal of anybody who claims to have witness racism is equally incredible. Racism still exists. To say that everyone who comes forth to identify it is playing some sort of card only diminishes your credibility as an objective evaluator on the topic.

    So kudos to you for finding kindred spirits who share your political philosophies regardless of race. But don't believe that those of us who don't agree with you are fools who have been manipulated by our party. We simply don't share your ideology.

  12. You go girl. What can I do to help you?

  13. Watched you today on Glenn Beck and had to check out your blog. Thank you for speaking truth to our society. You and the other Moms are great ladies, and clearly able to speak with conviction and clarity those things that need to be said. God bless and keep you, in your going out and your coming in.

  14. "The accuser of the brethern" will be after you; ignore them, because you are Christ's, and in Him there is no white or black; you have helped me more than you can know.
    Thanks, and God bless you,

  15. You are an incredible, strong, American, Christian Mom and I applaud you. Stand tall and follow the path that God has chosen for you. I live in the Conroe area and would love to be a part of this fight. I will not go quietly into the night.

  16. Give me a break! Every comment on this blog is in agreement? I am 40 years old , Business owner , and father of three. One autistic child. Special needs children can accomplish all kinds of things. I consider him a blessing. I have had it with this conservative communism. Look if you want to believe in Jesus , then do it in your church. Don't try to force my children to be exposed to your beliefs as I would not do to you. Schools are for learning. Church is where spiritual developement takes place. Look if you want to be servants of Rush and Glenn great go right ahead and support who you want to. I listen to talk radio all the time, I am always amazed at the success of the right in creating a perception that all liberals and all left leaning people are evil. It is silly to me. See if you are not in lock step with the right you are unamerican , a non believer, and dismissed. Our country was sold out from under The Bush administration! Obama administration is not responsible for the mess.
    This notion that Obama is this evil entity is just BS. The guy is thoughtful and pensive. He has been demonized and we are worse off for it.
    You do not have to agree, but when I saw you Mrs Baker ...I saw the future. I saw my sons asking me why Fox News has nothing positive to say about anything Obama does, but seems to relish in anything and everything negative. I am an American. I started with nothing just like Obama. My father left our family when I was 3 years old. My mother worked three jobs and raised us in Mclean , VA (Not the Ghetto) She always told us that we could accomplish anything. My oldest brother is a Navy Commander, my second brother is a Commander in the Coast Guard, and I am a Federal contractor. And Yes we are all African Americans , we love our country , and we all think ...Fox News , Glenn Beck are BS. I love my country enough not to tell anyone that my religion is better than theirs, or that I have the right to tell you whether or not to have an abortion. Stop projecting your beliefs into the public realm.

    Oh yeah ...I have white , black , and asian, liberal , neo con, and christian friends. (Just in case you were going to make me out to be one of those black radicals)

    Here is an idea...instead of home schooling why don't homeschoolers come back to public school and contribute to making schools better.

    Good luck to you Mrs. Baker, maybe next time your on you can speak about how to help young kids of all colors growing up in impoverished neighborhoods...oh yeah that would'nt go over to well with Sean Hannity. But Jesus would probably smile upon you for it.

    I would never make you think like me, that is unamerican. Christians used to be humble...what has happened. When politics and religion become bedfellows out something bad is coming.

    Enjoy your new affiliation with Glenn Beck, he will use to his benefit I hope you are able to use it for yours. And you are right you are not a sell out! That's just stupid. You are a willing pawn , in order to allow conservatives to hold you up and say that they have a black friend

  17. That gave me goosebumps. I live in Massachusetts and constantly hear the racist label thrown around by liberals. I used to get so frustrated trying to explain that conservatism is not racism, its the opposite. Now I smile because I know what they are doing. As a lesbian and a recovering liberal I can recognize what as you said is language intended to bait. Fortunately with the recognition of this tactic comes the affirmation of our Christian, patriotic, conservative values. Speak out often and with pride.
    God Bless....

  18. Mary, I think you are correct that people who aren't racist just against the President's policies are finally mad enough to say, you know what go ahead and throw that stone because those who matter to me and those who KNOW me know who I am and what I stand for and I will NOT be silenced by that anymore. I was so thrilled to see you and the other ladies on the Glenn Beck Show the other day. Was so glad I set my DVR. I too am a stay at home mom, just now looking to re-enter the workforce and the three of you really SPOKE to me. Thanks for putting into words what my friends and I have felt for years and giving us a voice. What a blessing to have found you and your blog.


  19. Mary, there is a small number of women of whom I've come to admire. One is Starr Parker of the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education, Angela McGlowan the political commentator and you. You're a force to be reckoned with. God bless you!

  20. Wow....just read the comment from jack hate-filled.

    I think you are an awesome american and you are proving the point that it's not what color you are that determines whether you are conservative or liberal. I find it interesting that if you disagreed with Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice, you were not a racist but if you disagree with Obama, it is all about race. That's just silly talk.

    I think you are an intelligent mom, doing what you believe is right for your children! I am about to be a first time grandmother and I am so encouraged by moms like you!

    Keep up the great work! Us conservative moms need to stick together and show diversity in our genetics but not in our values! God Bless you!

  21. Hi thanks to all of you for taking the time to stop by and share your responses. I am just amazed at how obsessed the left is with Obama. If liberals would just listen sometime it would go along way. I am amazed that I did not even mention Obama yet, a statement in disagreement with the general left viewpoints is automatically credit to a disagreement with Obama. I have decided that there no dialoging with those on the left. If I say that I don't believe in global warming their reaction, is "why do you hate Obama because he is black?", If I say that in the public school system the only people who are outcast and not allowed to enjoy their freedom to worship. Their response would be "Why do you hate Obama because he's black", if I say, I don't like Chicago, they will say, "why do you hate Obama, because he's black?"

    So since they seemingly appear to be some sort of preprogrammed robot, I would rather not jump on a circle to know where. Thank all of you for your time in visiting my site.