Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Backwardness of Liberal Progressivism

Hello everyone, my sabbatical has been a good one. Life is still as busy as ever but I believe that I am back in a place where I can make time for one of my most favorite pass times. I have not totally set aside my blogging interest as I have taken part in the local Houston blogosphere. I have found that a liberal, is a liberal no matter where you are. The election of President Obama brought progressivism to the forefront of American life. Now that the progressives have had a full blown fĂȘte, with their chosen one, and a free-for-all in forging their socialist policies, American’s are beginning to realize that drinking at the fountain of progressivism has a rather sour taste to it. The pathway of progressivism in America is not something that happened with the election of President Obama. Since the days of FDR and various progressive movements since that time, many progressive policies have been woven into the fabric of American life. These new policies of progressivism promised American’s better and brighter days ahead.

Progressivism infected every major institution in American life. Like an oversized octopus nothing was immune from the suction of its tentacles. It infected religion, public school, government, family life, economics, medicine, law, the environment and even food and drug regulations. The government would serve as the conduit of this new deal with American idealism and progressivism was well on its way. Everyone fell for this new way of thinking that would make America a more civilized and intellectual society. Fast forward to 2009 and as I take time to assess the condition of our country, our regard for faith, our state of being, our moral compass, the state of the family, our education systems, our economy and the impact of progressivism, it does not appear that we as a nation has done much progressing. In fact, in my view American has gone backwards in the worst way.

Progressivism had at its core the vision of an America free from God and His principles. Even worst is the tendency to separate man from His creator, as if mankind created itself. Each decade since the 1960’s has brought forth both restrictions of religious freedoms and a rejection of core Biblical principles by the hands of liberal progressives. The striking down of prayer in school, the legalization of abortion, the sexual freedom movement, woman’s liberation and gay rights agenda’s are all tenants of the liberal progressive movement. The framers of our nation envisioned a very different America; one that would progress by the good hand of her Creator. One in which its citizens respected each individual because they were divinely created with certain inalienable right. One in which each person would assess his or her moral attitude to promote a more perfect union. The progressives saw this dependence on God and religion as creating a backwards way of living for the citizens of America. After dismantling the religious nature of our country the progressives turned to destroying the family structure and then finally indoctrination through the various school systems.

According to Divorce Magazine,, the divorce rate in the US has increase steadily in the last 4 decades, subsiding only in 2005. This can be traced back to the liberal ideologies of feminism and their attitudes towards a women’s role in the family and the workplace. Since the legalization of abortions in America over 43 million children has lost their lives.( Before the 1966’s there were no cases of school shootings by youth in the United States. ( Before June of 1981, there were no reports of aids in the United States, (, since that time there has been over 700,000 cases of AIDS reported in the US of which, over 400,000 have died. The first five cases were those of homosexual men.

Liberals like to equate conservative principles with backwardness. But these statistics show that America has certainly gone backwards in embracing the liberal policies of the left. Is it progressive to transition from being a country that once held to high moral standards and reverence to God to one where God is no longer welcome? It is progressive to go from a country of freedom to one that is ruled by the iron first of its dictator? I would think that progression involves a constant path in becoming better and not worst. The nationalization of our American institutions and the fall of the free market as we have known it do not portray a nation of progress. Socialism is the most backward process for a nation that once thrived on free market capitalism. So what do you think? Has liberal progressivism benefited America? Do you think that America will ever regain it’s power in the free market again? I would like to hear what you think.

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